20 Useful Free Photoshop Patterns

20 Useful Free Photoshop Patterns

Patterns actually can be found almost everywhere in print design, web design, graphic design etc. For example if you use pattern in web design, just set CSS repeat-x-y and you’ll get beautiful background, but image will be very small and page load time will be much faster. There are very big varieties how you can use and implement patterns, but the fact is free resources like patterns, brushes, shapes are big time savers. Of course it’s better to create your own stuff, but sometimes you receive project with fast deadline and you need everything to do fast and this is one of the solutions.

This list just features 20 useful free photoshop patterns collections, it was very interesting for me to write this article, I am hoping it will be interesting reading and useful resource for bookmarking.

8 Seamless “Dark Metal Grid” Patterns

Grunge Patterns

Micro Patterns

Pixel Art Patterns 1

20 Seamless Photoshop Grid Patterns

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The Red Flags Which Indicate A Bad Web Design Client

The Red Flags Which Indicate A Bad Web Design Client

The Red Flags Which Indicate A Bad Web Design Client
photo credit: EveBB

If you asked someone who works in web design what the hardest part of their job is, it’s likely that most of them will say “working with clients”. Whilst some clients are great – they’re organized, they’re always on time for meetings and delivering information – others leave web designers with considerably less hair and sleep at the end of a project. It can, however, help to be prepared to deal with bad clients and, by looking out for these red flags, you can ensure that you know exactly what’s coming:

  • “Can we make this a little cheaper?”
    This is one of the most common indicators that you have a bad client on your hands, as someone who wants you to lower your prices does not respect, understand or value web design work in the slightest. You should also be wary of clients who don’t want to pay a deposit before work on their project begins and who want you to sign a payment clause (one that, for example, requires their website to receive X amount of traffic for you to get paid the final sum).
  • “I need it done yesterday”
    After clients who want to tamper with your prices, the second most common indicator of a bad client is one who demands that a project be finished yesterday. These people have absolutely no understanding about how long theweb design process actually is – and nor do they care. These clients are likely to set impossible deadlines, which even the most basic of websites would not be completed by. Leer más “The Red Flags Which Indicate A Bad Web Design Client”

Free Script for Adobe Illustrator – Random Order

Free Script for Adobe Illustrator – Random Order

Today we present you some useful script for Adobe Illustrator. These scripts have been designed by a talented Ukrainian developer and a friend of mine – Yemz, who is also known as the developer of the Free Mesh Tormentor Plugin. The Random Order script places the selected objects in random order in the Layers panel.

You can download Random Order script by clicking the Download button on this page.

Install the scripts into the following folder:

  • For Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Presets\en_GB\Scripts
  • For Mac: Applications / Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5\Presets\en_GB\Scripts

To demonstrate the work of the script we take any symbol from the Symbol library and using the Symbol Sprayer Tool splash it on our Artboard.

Now select other symbols and repeat the action couple of times.

Select all the Symbol Sets and go to the Object > Expand and then ungroup the received groups (Object > Ungroup). Leer más “Free Script for Adobe Illustrator – Random Order”

20 Killer Sites To Download Photoshop Brushes.

20 Killer Sites To Download Photoshop Brushes.

Hi friends, here in today’s post you can browse for the best ’20 Killer Sites To Download Photoshop Brushes’. When it comes to Photoshop Brushes, there is no limit to it, you have variety and variety of Photoshop Brushes lying around in the web. I came up with the top 20 killer sites to download Photoshop brushes. Talking about the brushes, they are must and should for an artist who is well versed in artworks, drawings and paintings, these 20 killer sites will help them to browse and download their favourite brushes and beautify the artwork.

Here are the list of websites.






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45 Extremely High Quality Free PSD Website Templates

45 Extremely High Quality Free PSD Website Templates

Creating a website from scratch could be a lot of hard work and creative thoughts. Designers like to fire up Photoshop and start to craft ideas. The different settings of layers, gradients, etc may vary from designers but beginner could learn how to best configure them from high quality templates. We collected 45 free PSD website templates from recent months and share with you. Thanks to all the designers and communities that create and share these high quality templates.

More Useful PSD Files: 

Retro Style

Fox Free PSD Website Templates








Creative Free PSD Website Template

Free business portfolio template psd







17 Stunning Pure CSS3 Menu Techniques

17 Stunning Pure CSS3 Menu Techniques

Menu is probably the most important part on many websites. It’s sitting there for merely one single purpose: easy for you to navigate through all the pages. Before CSS3, the background images of each menu item can bring you a heck load of pain, as well as the javascript powered drop-down items and sub-sub menu . Now we are able to create stunning menus only using pure CSS, even including awesome animations. The following pure CSS3 menu techniques and tutorials are for you to experiment and get a hang of it. Let’s get started.

More CSS Techniques from Previous Articles: 

Pure CSS Drop-down Menu

Pure CSS Drop down Menu


Stunning Menu in CSS3

Stunning Menu in CSS3


Code a Responsive Navigation Menu

Code a Responsive Navigation Menu

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

via http://design-newz.com/2012/08/24/adobe-photoshop-cs6-keyboard-shortcuts-for-windows-and-mac/

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and Mac