Best Of 2012: Google Analytics, Big Data & Visualizations

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This week Adam Singer, Product Marketing Manager at Google, posted a call for people to create “wrap-up” posts for 2012. When I read the call I immediately went to Google Analytics to check Online Behavior account to find out which posts got the most pageviews during the year.

Since I was a bit surprised with the results, I decided to share the numbers. But first a few words on why I was surprised and what I intend to do with this information, after all, analysis without action is not worth sharing!

My biggest surprise was to find no videos in the final list. The site has a section packed with amazing videos from the GAUGE Conference and from the eMetrics Summit. Since filming those videos take a considerable amount of resources and time, I won’t be posting new videos in the coming year.

Another surprise was that there were no cartoons in the list. Our cartoons section is really awesome, and I would expect them to be more popular. But since they take less time and resources to produce, and since I really love them, they will keep being updated frequently.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Online Behavior posts on 2012, in order of pages viewed. I have normalized their pageviews into a 10 point scale, where 10 is the most viewed and 1 is the less viewed.

1. Google Analytics Content Experiments – A Guide To Creating A/B Tests – Grade 10

In this post I go over the new Google Analytics Content Experiments, a tool that can be used to create A/B tests from inside Google Analytics. This tool has several advantages over the old Google Website Optimizer, especially if you are just starting the website testing journey. Content Experiments provide a quick way to test your main pages (landing pages, homepages, category pages) and it requires very few code implementations.

2. The Definitive Guide to Google+ Analytics – Grade 9 Leer más “Best Of 2012: Google Analytics, Big Data & Visualizations”