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>Another week and another set of brilliant viral videos that people have been talking about in huge numbers. Rather than sifting through the billions of videos that people have uploaded we share the 10 best virals every week form the world of marketing and advertising. This week we have a couple of classics from brands like Coca Cola and Old Spice as well as one of the best bits of marketing we have ever seen from a Belgian bank. Sit back and enjoy the best virals from the past week…

Call Me Maybe – for Choir and Orchestra

Just when we though we were all bored of “Call Me Maybe” cover versions and the whole marketing world had moved onto “Gangham Style” videos, along comes what is probably one of the best cover versions of this year’s most talked about song!

The Wrong Way To Save The Rainforest

Feeling guilty about not getting behind good or worthy causes? Don’t worry as The Rainforest Alliance created this slick vid which shows how easy it is to help its cause, with particular emphasis on what you shouldn’t do. It creates a brilliant narrative about the things you shouldn’t do to save this ecosystem, mainly leave your job, travel to the Amazon and use your knowledge of Hollywood movies to stage a revolution.

Coca-Cola Launch The “Happiness Table”

Coca Cola is known for marketing that aims to make people “happy” all over the world. We’ve covered its campaigns on numerous occasions as it is a theme that they love to share in different countries around the world. The latest is Italy where, as you might have guessed, the focus is all on food. Leer más “This Week’s 10 Most Talked About Viral Videos | Simply Zesty”