Devil in the details

Going over your CV with a fine-tooth comb might land you that dream job, writes Jim Bright.

Heather writes from Canberra seeking advice about her cover letter and CV. As a recent graduate, she has been frustrated in her attempts to secure a position. She hopes for a management or public service role but has been offered only retail positions.

“What am I doing wrong?” she asks.

Well, having reviewed the email, cover letter and CV, there are plenty of areas in which Heather can improve her application.

Firstly, there is a discrepancy between her claim that she has “an eye for detail” and some of her content. For instance, the cover letter includes the sentence: “I am very thorough and precise, without overlooking the finer points.” Here, the word “without” is misused. Seguir leyendo “Devil in the details”

Looking for a job? Don’t send out CVs before you read this!

So you’ve got the education that you needed, the knowledge that you wanted, and the position that you are interested in. Time to send out your well-structured and perfect written cover letters and CVs. Wait, have you Googled yourself yet? Seguir leyendo “Looking for a job? Don’t send out CVs before you read this!”