¿Cómo se comportan los argentinos en Internet?

Una radiografía de los 17 millones de usuarios locales refleja que pasan unas 22 horas mensuales on line, en su gran mayoría desde una computadora personal, según un informe de la consultora comScore

Con unos 17 millones de usuarios de Internet, Argentina se posiciona como el tercer país con más presencia digital en América latina, detrás de México con 24 millones y Brasil con 64 millones, de acuerdo al reporte Futuro Digital Argentina 2013, realizado por la consultora comScore .

El sector de mayor peso dentro de la población on line está comprendido en el grupo de 15 a 24 años, con el 29,2 por ciento, seguido del de 25 a 34 años, con el 27,4 por ciento y luego, con 18,9% el de 35 a 44 años. Sin embargo, en una vista general, sobre el total los mayores de 45 años se posicionan como el 25 por cierto de los usuarios on line de la Argentina.

Los argentinos están unas 22 horas mensuales conectados a Internet, y son las mujeres mayores de 55 años las que pasan más tiempo on line, con un promedio mensual de 25,5 horas, el segundo valor más alto de la región en esa franja etaria, detrás de las brasileñas, que tienen un promedio de 28 horas mensuales.

Asimismo, los usuarios argentinos tienden a estar entre los países más involucrados en las redes sociales , al registrar unas 9,1 horas mensuales en las redes sociales, detrás de Brasil e Italia, con unas 13,1 y 9,5 horas mensuales, respectivamente. Aquí, toda la atención se la lleva Facebook, con el 94 por ciento, seguido por Twitter con el 1,3 por ciento. Continuar leyendo «¿Cómo se comportan los argentinos en Internet?»

Reach, Relevance and Trust – vía @adwords

According to comScore, 210 million unique visitors see ads served by the Google Display Network each month in the US alone.

That’s as many viewers as all of the Emmy-nominated dramas put together! It’s hard to visualize the full Google Display ecosystem in terms of numbers alone, so we’ve created an infographic to show some of our great partner sites and the metrics (like the 1 trillion monthly impressions) they generate:

Reach | Relevance | Trust

Even given those big numbers, though, marketers know that sheer volume isn’t where successful ads start. The real magic lies in the connection one ad makes with one consumer at a moment that counts. That’s why the place where the brand meets the consumer is so important. When a publisher has a close relationship with users, it’s like the ad is being introduced by a trusted friend.

Reach Continuar leyendo «Reach, Relevance and Trust – vía @adwords»

A personalized video experience creates a more engaged viewer(?) – vía @FastCompany CC /@comScoreLATAM



Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase


Trying to sift through YouTube on your own would be a monumental task. With more than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, the amount of new content that’s published in a single week is longer than your entire lifetime.

That’s where discovery comes into play. To help viewers find videos that are relevant and interesting to them, YouTube (and practically every video, set-top box, and TV company) is investing heavily in video personalization. The idea is twofold: A personalized video experience creates a more engaged viewer, who will, in turn, sit through more ads and help the platform’s bottom line.

On Sunday, the Emmy Awards will honor the best TV has to offer, but the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hasn’t forgotten about Silicon Valley, recognizing YouTube, Amazon, Adobe, Netflix, and TiVo for their work in video personalization. While these companies landed Emmy statues–to be presented January at the International Consumer Electronics Show–for their advancements in video technology, overall the industry recognizes there’s no clear

YouTube used to measure its success by counting video clicks, but the focus now is on increasing total view time. The site now streams 6 billion hours a month–an hour for every person on Earth–up from 4 billion within the last year. Google doesn’t break out advertising revenue for YouTube, but the video site consistently tops video rankings in the U.S., with 167 million watching 17.4 billion videos in August, the most recent data available from.
– See + http://www.fastcompany.com/3017012/tech-forecast/youtube-is-winning-an-emmy-but-video-recommendation-still-has-a-long-way-to-go

comScore Releases ‘2013 Brazil Digital Future in Focus’ – thnxz to @comScoreLATAM


“The Brazilian digital landscape saw significant change in 2012 led by the strong emergence of Social Networking, in addition to increasing media consumption in terms of online video and display advertising,” said Alex Banks, comScore managing director for Brazil & VP Latin America. “As these media vehicles continue to grow, they are providing new and exciting opportunities for publishers hoping to attract audiences and marketers seeking to reach consumers.”

comScore, Inc.

Ful article and live webinar on Thursday, March 14 + Info + Register  (You must!!) 🙂

Key insights from the 2013 Brazil Digital Future in Focus (#FiFBrasil) report include:

  • Consumers in Brazil spent more than 27 hours per month online on their desktop computers, representing the highest average engagement of all 8 Latin American markets analyzed. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • The Brazilian internet audience is very young on average, with 18 percent of users age 18-24 and 30 percent of all users age 25-34. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • Mobile phones and tablets are becoming more important to the Brazilian internet landscape. Page views from Non-PC devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets) reached an all-time high at nearly 6 percent. (Source: comScore Device Essentials)
  • Online Retail continues to grow in Brazil with the total number of category page views up 9 percent during 2012. Mercado Livre remains the top Retail property, reaching more than 14 million visitors in December. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • Online Advertising is on the rise, with more than 789 billion display ad impressions delivered in 2012. Portals and Social Networking are the two largest content categories for delivery of these ads, representing a combined 45 percent of the market. Dafiti.com.br was the largest display advertiser in Brazil with more than 25 billion ad impressions in 2012. (Source: comScore Ad Metrix)
  • Social Media sites capture the largest percentage of consumers’ time in Brazil at 36 percent. Facebook has emerged as a strong leader in the category with nearly 44 million unique visitors in December 2012, up 22 percent vs. year ago. (Source: comScore Media Metrix)
  • Online video consumption in Brazil grew 18 percent in 2012. Google Sites (YouTube) remains the top video property, while VEVO ranks second. Facebook was one of the fastest-growing online video properties with a gain in its video-viewing audience of more than 400 percent. (Source: comScore Video Metrix)


by Victoria Austin | Latest Facebook-comScore Report Touts Benefit of Paid + Earned


Following Facebook’s promising Q3 earnings call last week, the company released a report in conjunction with comScore to emphasize the growing importance of an integrated paid and earned media strategy. [Editor’s note: For more information, read 360i’s report on the same subject.]

Understanding Paid and Earned Reach on Facebook seeks to answer the million-dollar question on the minds of marketers: just how valuable are Facebook fans? This topic has been heavily debated since the fan/Like capability was first featured on Facebook, and while no monetary value can be assigned to a fan, it is clear that social communities – like those on Facebook – are important to brands.

Facebook’s prior study, Power of a Like II (published in June 2012), was designed to determine whether branded social media exposure – including posts published by a brand and ads served by a brand – has an effect on consumer buying behavior.

As a follow-up to that study, this latest whitepaper from Facebook and comScore centers on understanding how paid and earned media can work together to help brands navigate the cluttered Facebook community – and engage both fans and non-fans in the best way possible.

3 Major Findings for Marketers— >   Continuar leyendo «by Victoria Austin | Latest Facebook-comScore Report Touts Benefit of Paid + Earned»

23 Amazing Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

When you go on Pinterest, you may find yourself sucked into an endless universe of beautiful images. Minutes turn to hours, hours into days, and before you know it – you’re in a Pinterest limbo, unable to stop browsing and pinning.

Pinterest really does offer an immense variety of gorgeous visuals, and it’s sometimes a bit hard to sift the great from the avaerage. That’s why we’re offering our readers a curated list of highly recommended Pinterest boards that are just filled with inspiring and gorgeous images. Some of these boards showcase one cool theme, like green shades or coffee-related pics. Others feature creative ideas for decorations and design. Of course, some are just randomly cute and addictive. Either way, get ready to repin.

Coolest Pinterest Boards - Hand-drawn Type

Coolest Pinterest Boards: Colors in new ways

Coolest Pinterest Boards: Green

Coolest Pinterest Boards: Killer Wix HTML5 Websites

Coolest Pinterest Boards: Hair

Coolest Pinterest Boards: Signage

Coolest Pinterest Boards: Carolina Santos

Coolest Pinterest Boards: Food Art

Coolest Pinterest Boards: cats dogs....

Coolest Pinterest Boards: Coffee

Coolest Pinterest Boards: Flowers Continuar leyendo «23 Amazing Pinterest Boards You Should Follow»

Mobile Phones and Tablets Now Account for 1 in 8 U.S. Internet Page Views


comScore, Inc.

The wide adoption of smartphones and rapid uptake of tablets are drastically shifting how Americans consume content online.

According to comScore Device Essentials, mobile phones and tablets accounted for a combined 13.3 percent of total Internet page views in August 2012, nearly doubling their share of traffic in just one year. Mobile phones drove 9 percent of page views during the month, while tablets accounted for nearly half of that at 4.3 percent share of page views. Continuar leyendo «Mobile Phones and Tablets Now Account for 1 in 8 U.S. Internet Page Views»

¿Eres adicto a tu smartphone? [Infografía]



Los smartphones son lo máximo. Nos mantienen en contacto con los amigos, socorro con las direcciones cuando estamos perdidos y acceso a las infinitas maravillas de Internet. Pero qué pasa cuando tanta maravilla es demasiado, ¿cuándo la apreciación por algo se convierte en una adicción?

Considera esto: hace un par de meses te contamos sobre una encuesta que decía que un 15% de los usuarios prefieren renunciar al sexo, antes que a sus iPhones. Y un 4 % de las personas había usado su celular mientras tenían sexo. El 65% dijo que no podía vivir sin su dispositivo de confianza. El cuarenta por ciento de los encuestados dijeron que prefieren vivir sin bañarse que sin su iPhone.

El portal educativo en Internet OnlineCollegesContinuar leyendo «¿Eres adicto a tu smartphone? [Infografía]»

Our Top 5 Weird and Wacky QR Codes

QR codes on top of Cupcakes

QR Codes seem to be popping up everywhere these days, compelling passerby’s to whip out their phones and scan. As the QR code becomes more commonplace, we’ve also been seeing them pop up in some not so common places. We wanted to share our top picks for the wackiest QR codes we’ve came across.

1.  QR Codes on Tombstones…

This is about as strange as it gets. For $10,000 the Japanese company Ishinokoe will sell you a tombstone with a QR code that when scanned can connect family members and visitors to photos and other content about the deceased. Check out the content from this code:

QR code on tomb stone

2.  It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… QR code?!

This may be the most absurd QR code in existence simply because it’s the most difficult to scan. What were these marketers thinking? You can’t even tell who paid for the absurdity:

Airplane towing QR code

3.  QR Code Crochet Continuar leyendo «Our Top 5 Weird and Wacky QR Codes»

Optimize video through google and youtube [Infographic]

More than 150 million people view videos online every year, most of them eager to hear your business’s pitch if you create and market your video effectively. Online videos nowadays have become a popular source for sharing information. YouTube, from Google, is the largest and the most popular video sharing website on the internet. Millions of people watch YouTube Videos everyday and share it on Face Book or Twitter every minute. Online videos will soon be able to attract 90% of the online traffic. “Go Viral with Video” With the people across the world moving online, now is the time to optimize your videos on web. This infographic will show you about Optimize video through google and youtube.

 Optimize video through google and youtube infographic



Google+ use skyrockets, says report

U.S. visitors to Google+ jump 82%, while global use goes up 66%

Computerworld – Social network Google+, which turned a year old at the end of June, has seen its user base take a dramatic jump in the past six to seven months, according to comScore, an Internet traffic monitor.

According to comScore, total unique visitors to Google+ in the U.S. went from 15.2 million in November 2011 to 27.7 million in June of this year. That’s a jump of 82%.

Worldwide, Google+ visitors jumped from 66.7 million to 110.7 million in the same time period, marking a 66% increase, comScore reported.

«That’s impressive,» said Zeus Kerravala, an analyst with ZK Research. «I guess there is room for an alternative social networking vendor.» Continuar leyendo «Google+ use skyrockets, says report»

How To Facebook ‘Like’ Your Google Search | by Jeff Bullas


 The web becomes more social every week as Google continues to evolve its search engine byrolling out  a new +1 button that attempts to play catchup with Facebook’s social proof  efforts and Bing displaying search results with links that have been Facebook “liked” by your friends.

How To Facebook Like Your Google Search

The Facebook ‘like’ button has only been around 12 months and just announced its first birthday that has seen millions of blogs and websites integrate the Facebook ‘like’ button into their online DNA.

According to Facebook’s own statistics.

More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook, including over 80 of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites and over half of comScore’s Global Top 100 websites

An enterprising developer, Crossrider.com has now come up with a simple plugin that adds a Facebook ‘like’ button to every Google search result that shows

  • How many people liked each of the results
  • Who from your friends already have recommended it

How To Facebook Like Your Google Search

I have been trialling it over the past few days and it appears to work well and very easily.

The Top 4 Features(…) Continuar leyendo «How To Facebook ‘Like’ Your Google Search | by Jeff Bullas»

Despite Its Reputation for Referring Traffic, Pinterest Is Blocking All Sorts of Links


Liz Gannes

 | http://allthingsd.com

In its short life as a top-tier Web site, Pinterest has earned much acclaim for sending gobs of good traffic to other sites. People see pretty pictures on Pinterest, and they click to buy things on other sites.


But Pinterest — which had 31.9 million global unique visitors in May, per comScore – has actually taken steps to disable sharing links, as part of its broader efforts to fight off spam.

Where many user-generated content sites have embraced their roles as distribution tools, Pinterest is hindering some of the common methods used by brands and marketers to track traffic referrals.

Specifically, Pinterest is blocking or stripping three types of links, when they are “pinned” by any user:

  • The service mark affiliate links from sites such as Amazon; Pinterest treats them as spam and has been doing so since April. Affiliate links help the original poster get a cut of sales from purchases made by people who click on the link. It’s actually atechnique Pinterest itself tested without telling users, making some of them quite upset.
  • Pinterest is also now flagging links posted with URL shorteners. So if you want to post something using an analytics service like Bitly or Awe.sm that redirects to the actual site, anyone who clicks on the link will see a Pinterest roadblock sign warning them not to proceed.
  • The site is stripping information added to the end of a URL, another common analytics technique. So if you use links generated with something like Google’s URL builder in order to track click-throughs, Pinterest will delete the additional information from the end of the link before making it public. This has been happening for about a month, according to sources in the e-commerce space.

To be sure… Continuar leyendo «Despite Its Reputation for Referring Traffic, Pinterest Is Blocking All Sorts of Links»

¿Cuál es el verdadero impacto publicitario de Facebook?

facebook tienda


Nadie cuestiona que las redes sociales han trastocado nuestra forma de comunicarnos y de socializarnos: compartimos estados de ánimo, vídeos, fotos y comentarios en dosis mucho más generosas para nuestros cientos o miles de contactos online que para nuestros amigos 1.0. Una tendencia en la que Facebook es el líder con 900 millones de usuarios en todo el mundo y un valor de 82.000 millones de euros. Con estos datos surge la interrogante respecto de la utilidad de Facebook como herramienta comercial. En definitiva si, de verdad, vende.

La duda se desprende de la contradicción de los datos de diversas investigaciones publicadas durante las últimas semanas. La más reciente difundida por la propia compañía: Facebook y Comscore afirman que  ‘Facebook vende’

Facebook, afirma en un estudio sobre su ROI –el retorno de su inversión- que, de las 60 campañas analizadas, el 70% obtuvo un retorno del triple o más de la cifra invertida en anuncios pagados o patrocinados. Y detalla más aún: el 49% multiplicó la cantidad por cinco.

Una tendencia que comScore también secunda por segundo año consecutivo en su informe ‘Power of Like’ –El poder del ‘Me gusta’– asegurando que hay una relación entre ser fan de una marca o amigo de un fan y ser comprador de esa marca. Así –señala este segundo informe-, los fans de Best Buy en Facebook pasan un 131% más de tiempo en las tiendas de Best Buy -y en online- que el usuario medio de Internet.

Este nuevo informe ‘Power of Like II muestra algo muy novedoso: ser fan o amigo de un fan de una marca hace que se compre más esa marca, tanto en las tiendas físicas como online. Una afirmación que se apoya en datos como que cuatro semanas después de ver mensajes de Starbucks en Facebook, los fans y todos sus amigos compraron en Starbucks con un 38% más de frecuencia (earn media) o como el que refleja que cuatro semanas después de ver mensajes de las tiendas Target en Facebook, los fans de la marca y todos sus amigos compraron en Target con un 21% más de frecuencia (earn media).  Además –apunta comScore- utilizar anuncios para aumentar la conexión fan-marca conlleva ventas adicionales, como refleja el estudio: cuatro semanas después de ver un anuncio en Facebook de unos grandes almacenes de EEUU, los fans y sus amigos compraron con un 16% más de frecuencia en las tiendas offline  (Paid media)  y compraron con un 56% más de frecuencia en las tiendas online (Paid media).

Reuters/Ipsos y Emarketer aseguran que ‘Facebook no vende’ Continuar leyendo «¿Cuál es el verdadero impacto publicitario de Facebook?»

YouTube Advertising | nerdgraph.com


Ever wonder how YouTube started, and how much advertising revenue it generates? Check out this YouTube Advertising infographic!

Via: Mashable


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