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Incursionar en el mercado de café soluble le dará la oportunidad a la cadena de extender su mercado y seguir captando consumidores en México, donde siete de cada diez tazas de café que se consumen son solubles. Starbucks ahora venderá café soluble

Saraí Jiménez Además, la subdirectora de Comunicación de Starbucks Coffee, dijo en entrevista para Notimex que su objetivo no es entrar como un competidor del café soluble, sino extender la experiencia Starbucks a otros espacios, como a las oficinas u hogares de las personas y de esta manera ofrecer un producto de gran calidad. Leer más “Tu propia taza de café de Starbucks en casa – thnz @Biz_Tec”

Logo Starbucks


RoastbriefCualquiera que haya vivido lo que Howard Schultz (CEO de Starbucks) describe como la “experiencia Starbucks” sin duda es capaz de identificar el logotipo sin la menor dificultad. Esto se debe a que, como digno representante de la marca, lo vemos por todos lados; afuera de la tienda, en los uniformes, en los vasos y hasta en las servilletas. Sin embargo ¿Cuántos de nosotros realmente nos hemos detenido a observar el logotipo?

Según sus fundadores, la historia de este logo comenzó en 1971 con la inauguración de la primera cafetería Starbucks en la ciudad de Seattle, Estados Unidos. El diseño a cargo de Terry Heckler está basado en la xilografía nórdica del siglo XVI y muestra

una sirena de doble cola con el pecho descubierto. En la imagen se puede apreciar cierta textura y ambas colas se muestran en su totalidad. El ícono es de color café y se encuentra rodeado por el nombre del establecimiento que en aquel entonces era: Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spices. Éste diseño permaneció en uso hasta 1987.

En 1987 Starbucks fue comprado por el empresario Howard Schultz quien ya era dueño de su propia cadena de cafeterías llamadas Il Giornale (El Periódico). El logotipo que utilizaba Il Giornale consistía de un circulo color verde con el nombre del establecimiento escrito alrededor de la cabeza de Mercurio. Utilizaban al mensajero de los dioses como una analogía de la velocidad con la que preparaban las bebidas.

Nuevamente corrió a manos de Terry Heckler diseñar un (…) Leer más “Logo Starbucks”

10 Coffee Myths You Think Are True

10 Coffee Myths You Think Are True


Wherever there are great things there are people out there who are set to ruin them, and coffee is no exception. From coffee connoisseurs to Starbucks sippers, coffee lovers everywhere are having their shots of espresso and morning cappuccinos ruined by rumours.

The myths surrounding the world’s day-starter have put the bean in a bad light and there are some misconceptions that need to be debunked. From what good coffee should look like to how much you should drink, there are a few things we need to set straight… so it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee and find out which ‘facts’ about coffee simply aren’t true.

It’s a diuretic

According to studies reviewed in 2007, people who drank beverages containing up to 550 milligrams of caffeine produced the same amount of urine as when drinking drinks free of caffeine. It is true however, that caffeinated beverages containing 575 milligrams of caffeine or more is a diuretic, but when a large sized coffee at most coffee shops contains about 330 milligrams of caffeine, you’re far more likely to be hydrated from your daily dose of caffeine than not.

It helps with weight loss

Apologies in advance if your weight lose regime is about to be flawed, but coffee does not help you lose weight. The sad truth is that although caffeine gives your metabolism a little boost (helping you burn up to an extra 100 calories), studies showed that both men and women who drank more java gained more weight than those who did not.

It causes heart disease Leer más “10 Coffee Myths You Think Are True”

40+ Coffee/Espresso Logo Designs for Inspiration

By Ainsley

Here’s a collection of fantastic Coffee/Espresso Logo Designs for inspiration! These logos are highly detailed and have been designed with high standards in mind. Coffee themed logos often use coffee cups & coffee beans to depict Coffee Brands.

Barista Brothers


Zebra Coffee



Boya caffee

Coffee Shop

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Finally, an Espresso Machine for the Car

The invention frees caffeine lovers from the tyranny of the clunky, immobile espresso machine. The company draws its unofficial motto, “Liberté, qualité, mobilité” from the French Revolution slogan, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.”

Some might consider front-seat brewing an accident waiting to happen. No laws prohibit this kind of drinking and driving, but the company encourages users to stop their cars to savor the espresso, says spokeswoman Catherine Nielsen, also the wife of Handpresso inventor Henrik Nielsen, who passed away three months ago, before this product hit the market.

Handpresso Auto started selling in France last month for €149—the first shipments go out in April—and the company will make a big push at the Paris Motor Show in September. As part of a viral marketing strategy, samples have also been distributed to cab drivers, who have received positive feedback from passengers so far.

By  and 

0326_handpresso_630x420It’s 8:45 a.m. and you’re just getting into your car to leave for work. There’s no time for coffee—but you’ve never needed it more. A new espresso machine that plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter socket aims to give French drivers a cup of espresso wherever they are.

The Handpresso Auto is the newest addition to Fontainebleau-based Handpresso’s line of portable, hand-held espresso makers. Users plug the machine, about the size of a flashlight, into a cigarette lighter, add water, pop in a pod of espresso grounds (any brand is fine), and press a button. Water is pumped through the grounds at 16 bars of pressure—nine bars is typically considered the minimum—and the drink is ready in two minutes (click to see a video). Leer más “Finally, an Espresso Machine for the Car”

36 Creative & Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs

by lava360

36 Creative & Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs

Lets look at these beautiful and professional logo designs based on coffee. The Coffee itself a very rich source to be active and make your mind healthy to be more creative and innovative. These logos are professionally designed and give you a brilliant look and feel like you are taking a good cup of coffee. Lets have a look.


36 Creative & Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs

36 Creative & Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs

36 Creative & Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs

36 Creative & Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs

36 Creative & Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs Leer más “36 Creative & Beautiful Coffee Logo Designs”

Beyond Foursquare: The Next Generation of Customer Loyalty – Michael Schneider and Anne Mai Bertelsen – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review

Today, loyalty programs are often siloed and limited to the interactions between two axes: the customer and spending. In the best of these programs, a brand knows exactly what the customer is spending and how frequently. On the other hand, while brands have spending data across their own locations, they lack knowledge of what kind of business the customer is giving competitors.

If location-based services began collecting the size and frequency of purchases across all locations and mining the data of check-ins (including likes and dislikes), they could begin to build the next generation of loyalty rewards programs comprised of customer, spending, location, and sentiment. Such a program would benefit location-based service providers, brands, and customers alike.

Take this example: if every day a consumer purchases a latte from Starbucks and then walks across the street to Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up a turkey sausage flatbread, both companies could benefit from that information. If many customers display similar habits, Starbucks could add a similar breakfast sandwich to their menu or even discontinue their current breakfast fare at that location.

That level of data provides a more holistic view of consumer behavior, and could ultimately help brands become more relevant and timely. In the example above, in addition to knowing consumers’ breakfast sandwich habits, Starbucks could also learn whether individuals go to Starbucks all or most of the time for coffee. The company could then use that market insight to offer coffee-consumers individual promotions to try their food items, instead of promotions for coffee which the consumer already gladly purchases at full price.

Beyond Foursquare: The Next Generation of Customer Loyalty – Michael Schneider and Anne Mai Bertelsen – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review.

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