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According to Forbes and CNN, women make up 50% of the population and control 80% of consumer purchasing decisions. More importantly, women now own 30% of all businesses in the United States, and this number is growing. Women directly control over $7 trillion dollars. By the year 2010, it is predicted that women will control private wealth in the amount of $13 trillion. This fantastic growth in income is changing the face of marketing. Women are being targeted. Charles Schwab, Citibank and Merrill Lynch now have marketing aimed specifically at women.

Although married couples lead the way in home buying, the number two-position is held by single women. Women buy homes. Women invest their money. Women take luxury vacations. Women buy investment properties. Ignoring the affluent female customer is a mistake that no seller can afford to make.

The psychology of affluent female customers is different than that of affluent male customers. Now do not interpret that statement to mean anything more than what it says. For ultimately, affluent men and women purchase luxury goods and services for the same reasons, which will be discussed later. What is different between men and women is the way their brains actually function. Newsweek reported that brain-imaging technology has demonstrated definite distinctions between the functioning of male and female brains. Here are some of the distinctions:

– When asked to think about nothing, women think about the word “nothing.” Men think about sex or sports.
– Men are more adept at reading road maps than women.
– Women are more adept at perceiving emotions in people’s faces.
– Women’s brains are more flexible than men’s brains. Which means that women are better at multi-tasking because they are less channeled into one way of thinking than men. Leer más “Branding & Women By Randal Radic |” | Top stories

To Create an Enduring Vision, Values Must Support Purpose

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Values must support your organization’s purpose and desired future. Ask first, “What are our values?” Then ask, “Do our values enable us to fulfill our purpose and our potential?

“Vision is a clearly articulated, results-oriented picture of a future you intend to create. It is a dream with direction.” In short, vision is a combination of three basic elements: 1) a significant purpose, reason for existence, 2) a clear picture of the future, and 3) the underlying core values.

In my last two posts, I discussed the elements of purpose and picture of the future. This post focuses on the third element – values.

Our values are our deeply held beliefs about what is right and good, evoking standards that we care deeply about. They drive our behaviors and decisions, trigger our emotions, and can fuel a passion that drives commitment, even in the face of obstacles and change.

An engaging vision, one that captures our hearts, does so because it clearly resonates with our core values. When a group of people discover they share the same values, there is a significant increase in energy, commitment and trust.

Values must support purpose…   Leer más “To Create an Enduring Vision, Values Must Support Purpose”

How To Watch The U.S. Presidential Debates Online

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We’ve come a long way since 1960. That was the year of the first televised debate between two U.S. presidential candidates. Fifty-two years after Kennedy and Nixon verbally sparred onstage, this political traditional continues, but with more ways of watching than ever before.

Much has changed even in the last four years. In 2008, watching the debates without a cable subscription involved streaming them from a clunky player on CNN’s website, which could kinda-sorta be full-screened to fit onto your television, if you were so ambitious as to plug your laptop into your HDTV. Good news: This year, things are going to be much easier. (And not just for watching online, but also for interacting with other political junkies.)

On October 3, October 16, and October 22, CNN will stream presidential debates between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney live on its website, just as it did last time around.

In a new interactive twist, the network’s Web interface will allow viewers to select specific clips from the debates and share them over Facebook and Twitter.CNN’s livestreams will also be available on many of the connected gadgets we’ve all spent the last four years purchasing.

Most live feeds in CNN’s mobile apps require a cable subscription to access, but the debates will be freely available on iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

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Sully Sullenberger talks about patient safety

Who could forget the live pictures on CNN? A US Airways passenger plane floating majestically on the Hudson. It looked like some giant bird, wings spread, just effortlessly ambling along. But it was far from that. Nearly four minutes after take-off as the aircraft climbed to 3,000 feet, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger had radioed the LaGuardia tower announcing that he had hit a flock of birds, “lost thrust on both engines” and was heading back to the airport. We all know what happened next. Sullenberger, unable to make it back to field, ditched the Airbus 320 into the Hudson. Miraculously, all 150 passengers aboard survived. Leer más “Sully Sullenberger talks about patient safety”

Schoolkid’s pizza plan for euro rescue earns Wolfson plaudits

London (CNN) — Jurre Hermans, the 11-year-old Dutch boy who entered the £250,000 ($400,000) Wolfson Economics Prize with a pizza-based plan for saving the eurozone, did so because he had an idea and the winnings sounded “very attractive,” he told CNN.

Jurre received a €100 ($131) gift voucher and special mention when the prize shortlist was announced Tuesday for his detailed entry — including a picture, below — showing how debt can be exchanged for slices of pizza.
Schoolboy's drawing of how to fix the european single currency

Exiting the euro: As easy as pizza?

The competition was launched in October by Simon Wolfson, the man behind British retail chain Next, to try and find ways to deal with a collapse of the euro — the currency tying together 17 European countries. The euro has been under intense pressure since Greece was forced to take a bail-out from its eurozone peers and the International Monetary Fund almost two years ago.

Through his father Julius, Jurre told CNN he had an idea to solve the euro crisis and also thought the prize money sounded “attractive.” Leer más “Schoolkid’s pizza plan for euro rescue earns Wolfson plaudits”

El deshielo en Groenlandia ha elevado el mar siete centímetros

Una de las leyes de Newton establece que la gravedad de un objeto depende directamente de su masa: “cuando cambió la masa de hielo de Groenlandia, lo mismo ocurrió con la gravedad”, explica el doctor Frank Flechtner, del Centro de Investigación Alemán de Geociencias GFZ, quien explica que “las mediciones sobre la gravedad, realizadas por GRACE, nos dan información sobre los cambios en la masa, incluyendo los relacionados con el clima”.

Por otro lado, la distribución desigual de la masa en el planeta, causa –debido a la variabilidad resultante de la gravedad– que la Tierra posea una forma irregular, que se aparta significativamente de la esfericidad. Conocido como ‘patata de la gravedad de Postdam’, el geoide ha alcanzado notoriedad mundial. Sin embargo, esta forma de patata se encuentra sometida, igualmente, a cambios temporales.

Durante la última Edad de Hielo, una capa de hielo de kilómetros de espesor cubría América del Norte y Escandinavia. Desde que este hielo se derritió, la corteza, ahora liberada de su carga, sigue en aumento hasta nuestros días, lo que ha causado que el flujo de materiales en el interior de la Tierra, en el manto, tenga que reponerse. Con GRACE, pudo detectarse, por primera vez, este ajuste isostático glacial, como un cambio en la altura del geoide: así, la Edad de Hielo sigue teniendo efecto en el planeta, lo cual es especialmente evidente en América del Norte y Escandinavia.

El principal objetivo científico de la misión de GRACE consistía en medir el campo gravitatorio de la Tierra, y sus cambios con el tiempo a escala mundial, con una precisión sin precedentes. Si la Tierra fuera una esfera homogénea, los dos satélites en órbita realizarían órbitas elípticas exactas, alrededor de ésta; sin embargo, la distribución desigual de la masa ocasiona perturbaciones en la trayectoria.

Los satélites gemelos GRACE revelan que esta región danesa perdió 240 gigatoneladas de masa entre 2002 y 2011 

Los satélites del Experimento de Recuperación Gravitatoria y Clima (GRACE, por sus siglas en inglés) han conseguido medir con precisión desde el espacio el derretimiento de los glaciares de Groenlandia. Según los datos obtenidos en estas mediciones, revelados el pasado 16 de marzo por el Centro de Investigación Alemán de Geociencias (GFZ), Groenlandia perdió 240 gigatoneladas de masa entre 2002 y 2011, lo que se correspondió con un aumento del nivel del mar de alrededor de 0,7 mm por año, es decir, siete centímetros en el conjunto del periodo.


Los satélites del Experimento de Recuperación Gravitatoria y Clima (GRACE) han conseguido medir con precisión desde el espacio el derretimiento de los glaciares de Groenlandia, según los datos revelados este viernes por el Centro de Investigación Alemán de Geociencias (GFZ) justo cuando se celebra el décimo aniversario de estos satélites gemelos, según informa este centro en un comunicado, del que se hace eco Europa Press. 

El pasado sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012, los dos satélites gemelos GRACE, cumplieron 10 años en órbita. Los científicos los llaman “Tom y Jerry”, porque se persiguen el uno al otro, trazando, exactamente, la misma órbita alrededor de la tierra. 
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