Report: No Deal After Samsung, Apple Patent Talks |

Samsung Galaxy S II

Not surprisingly, settlement talks between Apple and Samsung over their patent dispute have reportedly not resulted in any agreement.
Instead, both sides are back in court arguing over proposed sanctions.

According to a report from The Korea Times, Apple’s Tim Cook and Samsung’s Choi Gee-Sung failed to agree on a settlement that would have ended the companies’ year-long patent fight.

According to court documents, the executives and their legal teams met in a San Francisco courtroom for nine hours on Monday and seven hours on Tuesday. Samsung and Apple have not yet filed documents about what was discussed.

A Samsung spokesman said the company is “unable to provide any details of the meeting.” Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Highlighting the lack of an agreement is a Wednesday filing from Samsung that accuses Apple of concealing evidence. Specifically, “Apple withheld 283 relevant deposition transcripts (totaling more than 34,000 pages of testimony) throughout the discovery period, and indeed for six weeks thereafter, preventing Samsung from using these materials during discovery, in expert reports, and in dispositive briefing.” Leer más “Report: No Deal After Samsung, Apple Patent Talks”