Doing That Crap Is Going to Cost You

Crappy work can suck the life out of an agency and the money out of a client’s budget.

What is this “crappy work” of which I speak? That’s the hard part — defining it. I have struggled with coming up with a solid definition for crappy work. It isn’t any one type of account or job. Most of us really don’t know if an assignment is crappy until we’re handed the brief or attend a meeting. Generally speaking, we’re talking about assignments with so many restrictions and mandates that there’s no room for anything except to execute the client’s directions — in other words, the agency becomes no more than set of hands. We’re talking assignments where there’s no room for developing an insight or understanding that will deliver for clients the results they want and deserve.

Agencies (and Clients) Pay More for Shoddy Work

Posted by Derek Walker

Derek  Walker
Derek Walker

Paying more doesn’t get a client better work. In reality, crappy work tends to cost both the agency and the client more, a lot more than anyone realizes.

Oops. Uh … Attention all clients!! Please stop reading, and proceed to another post or article. This is insider information — agency eyes only! Please come back next post.

OK now that the clients are gone, let’s talk about one of the greatest lies in advertising — that great work costs more to come up with than crappy work. Leer más “Doing That Crap Is Going to Cost You”

Ford Ka lanza una edición limitada que integra Windows Live Messenger

David Garcia


¿Cuántas personas caben en un Ford Ka? La incógnita de la capacidad de un Ford Ka no se ha despejado aún. Eso sí, lo más probable es que no vaya a tardar mucho en resolverse aunque sea de manera virtual. Ford se ha unido a Windows Live Messenger para crear una edición limitada de 500 unidades de Ford Ka, en el que se integrará un móvil HTC con el popular cliente de mensajería instantánea. Para dar a conocer el Ford Ka Windows Live Messenger Edition, han pedido a los usuario que llenen un Ka con el mayor número posible de amigos en

Y es de suponer que son muchos los contactos que los usuarios van a intentar calzar en el pequeño coche. La cosa no va a ser sencilla, ya que más de 13.000 personas se han registrado durante los primeros días para hacerse con el utilitario.

Con esta campaña, Ford y Microsoft celebran el lanzamiento de este modelo exclusivo, Leer más “Ford Ka lanza una edición limitada que integra Windows Live Messenger”

Reeling in Clients: Hook, Line and Sinker

Written by: Mike

Any freelancer would know that the art of building a client base can be very tricky. It is a skill that takes a while to master. Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about building up your clientele on top of continuing to win new clients and securing repeat business. In fact, I’ve got it down to a science. Three key steps are all it takes.

Reeling in Clients
Image from: caranxcaranx

If you are a freelancer who’s just starting out, and even if you’ve been freelancing for a while now but just can’t seem to maintain a steady flow of clients, I believe that this article is perfect for you. Hold on to your fishing hats as we go over each of these steps I’ve created to help you reel in clients – hook, line and sinker.

Reeling in Clients

The Hook: Get Noticed Leer más “Reeling in Clients: Hook, Line and Sinker”