Why we do what we do?



I often wonder what inspires a small group of people that, for the most part, didn’t really know each other, to hang out and try to create something new.

As a leader of this beloved team, I come and go from our offices in Calgary, Canada, to other destinations and back, only to return and be completely mesmerized.  I’m amazed by the diversity of our nimble team; the age, gender, experiences, backgrounds, and interests of our crew all contribute to a talented group of people. I love their brains, minds and entrepreneurial souls. There are no two of us alike and because of that debate and thinking is alive and well.

Every start-up team is unique, whether mission, values and culture… and I am continually impressed with how our team wears the badge of our cause.  A cause that wasn’t always that well defined.  We are not normal – normal people have jobs that take them to and from their place of work with a fairly good idea about what will make up their day.

We, on the other hand, drive our own vision, passion and commitment to creating something new; we are forging a new path together.  Our team is developing a differentiated product strategy, a proven methodology and a sustainable business model.  Through experience, practice and putting our theories to the test, we are breaking through. We recognize we still have a long way to go and, for the most part, our nights are still sleepless… working, thinking, worrying and, most importantly, scheming… Seguir leyendo “Why we do what we do?”

Making sense of crowdsourced data

Claudia Moore | http://www.chaordix.com

Is it true? Do I understand it? Is it data I can apply to perform better, right now?

Turns out crowdsourcing has a lot in common with information governance.

This week at a beautiful desert oasis in New Mexico, Chaordix participated on IBM’s Data Governance Council Forum to work on strengthening and modernizing the Maturity Model that sets out best practices for information governance that distinguish leading organizations. Among an elite of IT, governance and finance professionals for some of the world’s largest organizations in health, banking, utility sector and the US Army, I began feeling an outsider to the scope and scale of information management challenges that these organizations face.

But when asked what they wanted to talk about, it turned out their top 3 interests were the same as top concerns enterprises have about data that is…crowdsourced! Seguir leyendo “Making sense of crowdsourced data”

When Crowdsourcing Goes Wrong

The crowdsourcing process in eight steps.
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Randy Corke

There are lots of success stories about crowdsourcing out there, but unfortunately, there are also a fair number about crowdsourcing failures.   Recently I’ve read about or heard about some perceived failures, in particular the Pepsi Refresh Challenge and the Mad Men Casting Call, which have motivated me to write about why some crowdsourcing goes wrong.  Naturally, we don’t like to talk about the failures; we’d much rather say all crowdsourcing projects provide benefit… Seguir leyendo “When Crowdsourcing Goes Wrong”

Moderation – Mandatory for Crowdsourcing Success

Claudia Moore

Chaordix at Grow  2010

Out at the GROW2010 conference in Vancouver (not to be confused with grow events of the horticulture variety), we got to hear from Lane Becker, Co-founder and VP Strategy of Get Satisfaction talked about “well that didn’t work – startup lessons learned.”

He talked about Adaptive Path, MeasureMap (acquired by Google … Inspired GoogleAnalytics), and Get Satisfaction all with cheery cynicism.

Get Satisfaction is a peer to us – as Lane described they offer “Customer service communities online – getting customers to engage with and support each other.” Chaordix has a different focus on innovation and insight communities. Our members through crowdsourcing are collaborating with each other, but also with the company personally and via our moderation team. We generate innovation and insight for companies, where Get Satisfaction offloads work from companies, reducing customer support costs. Seguir leyendo “Moderation – Mandatory for Crowdsourcing Success”

Top 5 Open Innovation Companies – July

Stefan Lindegaard

Here comes a list of my current favorite open innovation companies.

The list is by no means based on in-depth research. It is based on actions, initiatives or shared insights of these companies over the last month or so – and thus what I believe should inspire other companies.

1. GE – for leading the way with a $200 million challenge

GE shows us the future of innovation by assembling a great team of partners as well as the rest of us as they work to solve some critical issues. Their challenge is a great initiative that I will write more about in a separate post.

2. P&G – for addressing language barriers on their Connect+Develop platform

The more time I spent in places such as Brazil and China, I begin to understand the importance of having multi-language versions of open innovation initiatives. It is simply not good enough that companies with plenty of resources for unknown reasons decide not to address language issues. They miss out on interesting opportunities.

By adding Spanish and Portuguese versions to their Connect+Develop platform, which already had a Chinese version, P&G once again leads the way.

3. Siemens – for a report that provides great insights into b2b open innovation

Granted, the report is a few months old, but I still think it is an impressive presentation of open innovation initiatives in a large b2b-focused company… Seguir leyendo “Top 5 Open Innovation Companies – July”