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We constantly showcase different icon designs here in NaldzGraphics which are definitely useful in all types of your application and web designing needs. Today, we would like to share another compilation of attractive icons we have gathered from around the web which are perfect for WordPress fans out there – the WordPress icon.

These icons are available in various sizes and file formats thus there is no need for you to rescale the icons for them to look great on your web and print projects. Please be reminded to read the license agreement indicated by the creator of the icon that you want to use for commercial purposes to avoid conflicts in the future. Have fun browsing!

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Forbes Names 10 IAB Members to Its List of Most Promising Companies in America // Via iab.net

Forbes just released its second annual list of America’s Most Promising Companies and technology is an overall theme this year.The world is clearly being dominated by more tech and digital companies. No surprise, then, that the IAB had two members in the top 10, seven in the top 50, and ten in the top 100.

By Jeff Fryer (@jfryer2000)

Their list also clearly demonstrates the link between digital, innovation, and the economic contribution of the ad-supported Internet on the U.S. economy – confirming a study which we released last October with the Harvard Business School.


Please join us in congratulating Rocket Fuel (#4), OpenX (#7), AdRoll (#30), ShareThis (#35), Mixpo (#39), Rubicon Project (#40), BlueKai (#50), Bizo (#62), LocalResponse (#67), and Media6Degrees (#71). We’d like to recognize each of them as a testament to the energy of American entrepreneurship and the role that it plays in driving innovation and the U.S. economy forward. 

It’s also a wonderful reminder of the impact and leadership our membership has each day. We salute you! See the full Forbes

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Facebook and Twitter: “are NOT most INNOVATIVE companies” & Top 10 Most INNOVATIVE // @FastCompany


The simplest reason Facebook andTwitter are not on this year’s Most Innovative Companies list: Neither produced innovations worth celebrating. A spot on MIC, as we call it, is not a tenured position. Every year, we assess innovation and the impact of those initiatives. In the history of our list, fewer than one-third of the companies return from one year to the next. This year, only seven are consecutive honorees, an indication of how more companies in more corners of the world are innovating to seek a competitive edge, with the stakes only getting higher.

BY: DAVID LIDSKY | fastcompany.com

Illustration by Adam Simpson

Facebook and Twitter deserve special comment because they have been among the rare perennials, and their recent moves reveal two companies engaging in innovation’s evil twin: short-term thinking at the expense of long-term value. Facebook’s most notable product achievement in 2012 was Poke, a facsimile of Snapchat, the trendy-with-teens (and sexters) photo app. Poke stumbled almost immediately. In fact, Facebook has made a cottage industry out of chasing hot Internet services (Pinterest and Yelp included), instead of developing new ideas to delight its billion users. Similarly, Twitter’s product strategy feels wholly defensive. Its most notable new feature is photo filters, a plainly unoriginal addition.

Both companies have turned their focus away from users and toward shareholders to get bigger, not better. Revenue is great, but not at the expense of the product. Twitter’s focus on improving ad revenue requires a consistent experience across the web, smartphones, and tablets, so it forced its once-elegant mobile apps to conform to a clunky desktop look, because that model works best for advertisers. That’s the exact opposite of how product development is supposed to go.

Facebook, facing the strain of a tumbling stock price last summer, has transformed the implicit understanding of the site–my posts will be seen by those who want to see them–into an advertising opportunity. It freely admits that only a small percentage of posts make it to friends and fans, but it can fix that if you buy ads. To compound matters, Facebook’s aggressive mucking with its privacy policies has bred a deep distrust of how the company uses the content shared on Facebook (and Instagram) among a significant, vocal segment of its users.

Neither service is a lost cause. Yet. But both would be well served to revisit what made them special in the first place: engaging with peers, not merely consuming content from brands and celebrities; being a creative platform for developers; and championing social media where users, not advertisers, call the shots.


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Esa desconocida llamada radioactividad // via @YorokobuMag


El día que el mar se abalanzó sobre la tierra y una ola gigante arreó a la central nuclear de Fukushima, la vida de Japón, y del mundo entero, volvió a cambiar. El terremoto dejó un agujero al descubierto. Un pozo de información y desinformación que ha podido causar, quizá, más daño aún que el propio desastre nuclear. Este es el mayor descubrimiento de algunas personas que, cada mes, van a Fukushima a medir la radiación. No tienen miedo. Lo que les asusta es el desconocimiento. Porque sus investigaciones, ante todo, eso es lo que muestran. Que la ignorancia y la desinformación solo lleva a tomar decisiones desafortunadas.

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Argentina está entre los 50 países más innovadores del mundo // Via apertura.com

Un relevamiento que buscaba a los 50 países más innovadores del mundo destacó que sólo la Argentina aparece como representante de América latina, ubicada en el puesto 45.

Si bien este ránking solo posiciona a la Argentina como país innovador en la región, en el Ránking Global de Innovación 2012 Chile se ubica en el puesto 39 y la Argentina mucho más relegada, en el 70.

El estudio realizado entre más de 200 estados arrojó cuáles son los más avanzados en materia de I+D. Quiénes ocupan el top 10. Leer más “Argentina está entre los 50 países más innovadores del mundo // Via apertura.com”

A Brief History Of YouTube [INFOGRAPHIC] // shortymedia.co.uk

It’s been eight years (as of February 14th) since the creators of YouTube officially founded the site and if you’re anything like us, you probably can’t remember what the world was like without it (and nor would you want to).


Algunos errores evitables de tu Social Media Marketing // socialpanty.es

La gestion de redes sociales como Facebook, Twitter y LinkedIn, puede ser muy desalentador si no se consiguen los resultados deseados. Antes de tirar la toalla en señal de frustración y renunciar a todo, es posible que te sorprendas al saber que estás haciendo algunos de los errores en redes sociales más comunes. A continuación vamos a contarte en este post los principales errores que se cometen en las redes sociales…
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