CanvasPop Lets You Print Out Your Facebook Photos & Hang Them As Art

While smartphone users take millions of photos, how many times do we seen them outside a smartphone or computer screen.

CanvasPop prints out images and frames ranging from 8×10 to 24×72 with prices ranging from $30 to $419. On top of that, you can either print out the image on a regular page or get a frame included with it with white wood and espresso wood frames available as choices.

If you regularly upload photos onto Facebook, chances are you’ve a number of photos that you feel are impressive enough to be displayed on your wall. If that’s the case, a U.S. company called CanvasPop, a company that prints out uploaded and Instagram photos, have expanded their service so that you can blow up and print out your own Facebook photos.

That means that any photo taken with a digital camera or smartphone can be blown up. One of the immediate problems with such a service is that if you blow up a photo that’s both small and stored on low resolution, than blowing it up will make it look pixelated and blurry. The company has solved that by developing a process over the last two years which allow them to upsize images, which they’ve been doing for Instagram users over the last six months.

Also the company centres around artistic photography (the inclusion of the word ‘canvas’ hints towards this), allowing you to choose between various filters – similar to what you would see on Instagram – before printing them out for you >>>> Leer más “CanvasPop Lets You Print Out Your Facebook Photos & Hang Them As Art”