Business Intelligence Tools for Marketing Your Services

Ever wonder how those savvy though somewhat annoying know-it-all’s can always quote the latest statistics or tell you exactly which color converts a sale and why your email newsletter template simply won’t do?

Well I won’t tell you to join the ranks of the snobby-but-accurate, but I will share with you some business intelligence tools to get the inside scoop on what works when marketing your services, not to mention a great method for reverse engineering the competition and showing your client how what you do will help them dominate their industry.

Websites for Spying on the Competition

Whether you’re researching what leaders in your (or your client’s) industry are doing to win market share or you’re interested in felling the guards at their gates to gain insider knowledge on their marketing strategy, these business intelligence solutions will help you spy on the competition and gain priceless knowledge on how to do them one better, or at least get a solid foothold in the game.


I love this site for digging into a website’s pay-per-click strategy. Imagine what it would be worth to your client (regardless of the services you’re offering) to know how much money his top competitor spends each day on paid search traffic, or the other top competitors in the space he may not have been aware of that spyfu ingeniously reveals. Find out what top PPC advertisers are bidding on – because those keywords are obviously making them money if they’ve been bidding on them for four months or longer (and top bidders are usually paying close attention and analyzing their campaigns – they don’t just let them run and hope it’s working).

What if you offer graphics design? How would this be useful to you? Well if I were you, I’d use this site to study my prospect’s competition, then see what their PPC landing pages look like, what types of graphics they use, where they’re placed, how they fit in to the overall strategy. If they’re good, you can get some great ideas to present to your prospect. If they’re bad you can now tell your prospect that their formidable opponent has a clear kink in their armor and like Achilles’ heel, you’ll help your prospect laser-focus their own graphics strategy to strike right at the heel and take over. Seguir leyendo “Business Intelligence Tools for Marketing Your Services”