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1. What’s the difference between a Product brand and a Service brand?

Product brands are about products. Mars, a classic Product brand, doesn’t answer back, doesn’t get tired, isn’t anxious, is always ready to perform and always tastes the same. Every experience with a Product brand is/should be identical. Service brands aren’t like that. Service brands are about people. People who represent the organization lose their tempers, get tired and anxious, and sometimes have just had enough that day. Every experience with a Service brand is therefore different. 


Whatever you feel the Starbucks brand stands for, one thing all Starbucks customers can agree upon is that the chain has elevated the ubiquitous coffee house to much more than a commodity by making it a special, customer oriented experience, it’s become a Service Brand.

Similarly, Virgin has done the same with everything from air and space travel to music festivals.

The Virgin ‘Service’ brand revolves around delivering value pricing, high quality, fun, innovation, while being authentic, people-oriented, hip, and associated with Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson and his personal reputation. Not to mention – great customer service.

Many of the people who are in charge of managing Service brands (CMO’s, MD’s, Call Centre Directors, Customer Service Directors) have been trained in the traditional school of creating great consumer product brands. Their attempt to manage Service brands as though they are Product brands has created vast problems.

Virgin Sir Richard Branson

For the customer, the person who represents the brand is the brand.

If the person representing the brand doesn’t perform properly, the relationship between the brand and the customer may collapse.
The implication of this is that service-based organizations have to focus on their internal employees to a far greater extent than product-based organizations.

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philip kotler marketingPhilip Kotler nos habla en su libro “Los 10 Pecados Capitales del Marketing” de las problemáticas más comunes en el marketing moderno. Nuestro gurú favorito del marketing nos devela en su libro los 10 pecados del marketing que llevan al fracaso 75% de los productos y servicios nuevos que desarrollan las empresas.

Segun Kotler el marketing a nivel práctico pasa por malos tiempos, ya que sus funciones se han ido reduciendo a la mera Promoción, adelgazando sustancialmente o incluso desapareciendo del departamento de marketing en 3 de las 4P’s del Marketing Mix: Producto, Promoción y Punto de Venta. Sin embargo, sigue siendo el primer departamento a la hora de pedir responsabilidades cuando fallan las ventas y el primero en recortar gastos cuando llega la crisis. Seguir leyendo “Philip Kotler: Los 10 Pecados Capitales del Marketing”