David Schlesinger las reglas del periodismo en un cambio constante

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Habla David Schlesinger, Editor Jefe de la legendaria agencia de noticias Reuters

Cambiando el periodismo, cambiando a Reuters.
David Schlesinger, Editor Jefe de Reuters News

Estas son las reglas del periodismo hoy

1. Conocer la historia que cuentas no es suficiente.

2. Contar la noticia es sólo el principio.

3. La conversación sobre la historia es tan importante como la noticia misma. Seguir leyendo “David Schlesinger las reglas del periodismo en un cambio constante”

What Are BP, Apple, Amazon, and Others Spending on Google Advertising?

BY Dan Nosowitz

Google is typically very secretive about the specifics of its search revenue. I can’t actually recall any other leak quite like this one, in which the budgets of specific companies are laid out–kudos to AdAge for snagging the internal document with such rarely seen information.

Much of the list, which covers the month of June 2010, will be of no surprise to anyone that uses Google Search regularly (which is pretty much everyone): AT&T spends ridiculous amounts of money, as do Apollo Group (which owns the University of Phoenix), Amazon, and Expedia. It’s worthwhile to note that some of AT&T’s $8.08 million budget was probably due to the launch of the wireless carrier’s biggest product of the year, the Apple iPhone 4.

Apple itself spent slightly less than $1 million, which puts the company in the upper echelon of Google spending but not all that close to the top. 47 companies spent over $1 million, so Apple was, at best, in the top 50. That’s indicative one of the more interesting revelations in the report: Google’s search ads revenue is the product of dozens of different advertisers, none of whom dominate. The top ten advertisers only accounted for about 5% of Google’s total revenue, and the biggest spender, AT&T, didn’t even snag 1% by itself. Seguir leyendo “What Are BP, Apple, Amazon, and Others Spending on Google Advertising?”

iFive: Google History, TV Tablet, Flickr Makeover, BP Progress, Tree Fight

BY Jenara Nerenberg

1. Google news dump! The search giant is letting all of us forgetful people now rely less on our memories to recall recently searched items and websites. “History” is the tab to look out for. Plus, Google’s keywords business opens up copyright restrictions to allow competitors’ results in searches. (Looking for Chevy info? Expect ads for Ford to pop up, too.) And finally, you can sign into multiple Google accounts at the same time in the same browser. Seguir leyendo “iFive: Google History, TV Tablet, Flickr Makeover, BP Progress, Tree Fight”

5 ways NOT to handle reputation management


The big BP oil spill has me thinking a lot about reputation management. British Petroleum handled things well, responding fast, expressing dismay, forking over cash, etc..

Then the finger pointing began: The feds point at BP. BP points at the oil rig owner. The rig owner points at Halliburton (remember them?). The installer points at the cook. And so on. BP could have taken the high road, but as the blame game goes on they sound more and more defensive.

So, when your company starts gushing oil into the ocean, or sewage onto the internet, and you need to deal with it, here’s what not to do:


First reflex of any corporate executive, upon seeing negative press on the web, is to start posting angry responses. Everywhere. On your blog, in letters to the editor, doesn’t matter. They’re going to get their point of view heard, dammit!

Please stop. The best case is that everyone ignores your spluttering. The worst case is that even your most eloquent defense makes you look like a whiner.

Result: You look like a defensive blowhard with too much time on your hands.

Alternative: Shut up. Wait a while. See if other people who aren’t connected with your company jump in to defend you. If they do, thank them. That’s it.

Alternative 2: Express chagrin. If you just can’t be quiet, write something like “I’m sorry about the oil slick you can see from space. BP is dedicated to improving the environment, and will be using some of our newest technologies to help rehabilitate the Gulf Coast.” I will still hate you, but with some small bit of sympathy, or at least a diminished desire to dump 5,000 oil-soaked oil company execs in front of Congress. Seguir leyendo “5 ways NOT to handle reputation management”

The Growth and Impact of Social Media

What the F**k is Social Media NOW?

View more presentations from Espresso’s Infiltrators.

Social Media is now too big to ignore.

This presentation looks at the growth of social media in the last few year and it also shares some important episodes from the social world that made an impact whether it’s Nestle caving to pressure on Palm Oil to elections in Iran or that fake BP PR account that won more followers than BP’s official twitter account.

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Top 5 Open Innovation Companies – July

Stefan Lindegaard

Here comes a list of my current favorite open innovation companies.

The list is by no means based on in-depth research. It is based on actions, initiatives or shared insights of these companies over the last month or so – and thus what I believe should inspire other companies.

1. GE – for leading the way with a $200 million challenge

GE shows us the future of innovation by assembling a great team of partners as well as the rest of us as they work to solve some critical issues. Their challenge is a great initiative that I will write more about in a separate post.

2. P&G – for addressing language barriers on their Connect+Develop platform

The more time I spent in places such as Brazil and China, I begin to understand the importance of having multi-language versions of open innovation initiatives. It is simply not good enough that companies with plenty of resources for unknown reasons decide not to address language issues. They miss out on interesting opportunities.

By adding Spanish and Portuguese versions to their Connect+Develop platform, which already had a Chinese version, P&G once again leads the way.

3. Siemens – for a report that provides great insights into b2b open innovation

Granted, the report is a few months old, but I still think it is an impressive presentation of open innovation initiatives in a large b2b-focused company… Seguir leyendo “Top 5 Open Innovation Companies – July”