Inspiring Drinks Labels: Positive Reasons for Turning to The Bottle

By: John Cowen

It makes sense that if you’re designing a website, you take inspiration from other websites. This explains the popularity of so many web design and CSS galleries. Sometimes though, getting inspiration from the same sources can get a bit … uninspiring.

It can be well worth looking beyond our own industry for new ideas. This article takes a look at sources of possible inspiration from drink labels. Drink manufacturers know that when scanning labels in the supermarket aisle or bottles lined up along a bar, the average customer doesn’t know the difference between one bottle of wine and another. Very often the decision on which bottle to buy is based on the label.

Inspiring Drinks Labels: Positive Reasons for Turning to The Bottle

Drink companies know the importance of their labelling and the work put into branding of alcoholic drinks is probably greater than any other food or drink labels. This makes them a great source of inspiration for designers.

These are big generalisations, but over the years alcohol has played a significant part in historical events and shaping current thinking and opinions. These historical associations continue to be used in many drinks labels to identify their drink within a particular genre and encourage drinkers to buy into the lifestyle suggested by their branding. The history and public awareness of drinks labelling makes them a great resource for designers.

Note: Links have been provided wherever possible to the website for each drink, but if you’re under the legal drinking age in your country you might not be allowed to access them. Seguir leyendo “Inspiring Drinks Labels: Positive Reasons for Turning to The Bottle”