Argentina está entre los 50 países más innovadores del mundo // Via

Un relevamiento que buscaba a los 50 países más innovadores del mundo destacó que sólo la Argentina aparece como representante de América latina, ubicada en el puesto 45.

Si bien este ránking solo posiciona a la Argentina como país innovador en la región, en el Ránking Global de Innovación 2012 Chile se ubica en el puesto 39 y la Argentina mucho más relegada, en el 70.

El estudio realizado entre más de 200 estados arrojó cuáles son los más avanzados en materia de I+D. Quiénes ocupan el top 10. Leer más “Argentina está entre los 50 países más innovadores del mundo // Via”

Billionaire Rankings: Bloomberg Launches Daily List of the World’s Richest People

Most of the news this year, however, appears to be good for the world’s richest — perhaps a sign of a perkier global economy in 2012. Seventeen of the 20 billionaires on the list have added to their net worth year-to-date. The only three losers were Walmart heirs Christy, Jim and Samuel Robson Walton, likely reflecting the fact that Walmart stock has lost ground in 2012.

Charting the wealth of the world’s most outrageously wealthy used to be strictly the purview of Forbes magazine, whose own billionaires list is published each March and is due out later today Wednesday. But this year the magazine has been scooped by the upstart Bloomberg News organization, whose daily list attempts to make the Forbes version obsolete. According to the New York Post, however, Forbes will come out with its own daily rankings later this month.

Bloomberg fired the opening salvo in this war for wealth coverage last winter when it announced it would be producing its own global rich list and was hiring Forbes magazine veteran Matthew Miller to head up the project. Miller spent seven years at Forbes and was the editor of the America-focused Forbes 400, as well as the co-editor of the Forbes World’s Billionaires list.

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One blind spot to Bloomberg’s coverage, however, will be the company’s majority owner and erstwhile CEO, and New York City’s mayor. According to Forbes, Michael Bloomberg is America’s 12th richest man and the world’s 30th. He won’t be appearing in any of Bloomberg News’ coverage, however, as it is the company’s editorial policy not to cover Bloomberg LP.

From batting averages to polling numbers, we live in an age of real-time data. Now, thanks to Bloomberg News, you can add billionaires’ net worth to the list of statistics you can look up day to day. Bloomberg News launched its Bloomberg Billionaires Index yesterday, a daily ranking of the world’s 20 wealthiest people. The list will be updated daily based on “market and economic changes and Bloomberg News reporting.” It will also include a yearly and daily accounting of how much these tycoons’ holdings have fluctuated.


Let’s just say these numbers trump whatever you won or lost at the roulette table in Atlantic City, N.J., last weekend. On the day of its launch, the index estimated that the world’s wealthiest man, Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim Helú, lost nearly half a billion dollars in the previous 24 hours. The No. 2 richest man, Bill Gates, saw his net worth tumble by $102 million in the same time span. Leer más “Billionaire Rankings: Bloomberg Launches Daily List of the World’s Richest People”

Obama: “No estamos ni estaremos nunca en guerra contra el Islam”

Torre Picasso - Picasso Tower

Nueva York recuerda el trágico atentado de Al Qaeda contra el World Trade Center.

Los vecinos de la ciudad Nueva York conmemoran hoy el noveno aniversario del ataque terrorista a las Torres Gemelas, ocurrido el 11 de septiembre de 2001. En una solemne ceremonia realizada en la llamada “Zona Cero”, el alcalde de la ciudad, Michael Bloomberg, recordó a las más de 2.700 personas que perdieron la vida al estrellarse dos aviones de línea contra el World Trade Center.

“Ninguna otra tragedia pública rasgó nuestra ciudad de una forma tan profunda. Ningún otro lugar está tan lleno de compasión, amor y solidaridad”, expresó Bloomberg, durante el acto, realizado en el lugar donde antes se erigían las torres, en plena isla de Manhattan. El alcalde aseguró que “es con la fuerza de estas emociones, y con el cemento, cristal y metal que se trae (a la zona cero) día tras día, con los que construiremos sobre las huellas del pasado las bases del futuro”.

A su vez, el presidente de los Estados Unidos, Barak Obama, expresó esta mañana durante un acto en la capital del país, Washington, que esta fecha es “una pausa para recordar un día que sometió al país a prueba”. El presidente se unió al minuto de silencio que se realizó a las 8.46 de la mañana, hora en que se estrellaron los aviones contra las Torres Gemelas. Leer más “Obama: “No estamos ni estaremos nunca en guerra contra el Islam””

Why Analysts Don’t Want to Say ‘Buy’

The caution extends beyond the U.S. More than 54 percent of ratings for companies in the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Brazil are “holds,” the highest level since Bloomberg began tracking the data in 1997. While the proportion of “sell” ratings in the U.S. has fallen to 5.1 percent, half the level of 2003, the total combined with “holds” reached a record 71 percent last month, the data show.

While pessimism is increasing, analysts say profits for companies in the MSCI World Index of 24 developed nations will gain 28 percent in the next year. The MSCI index trades at 11.4 times forecast profit, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Except for the six months starting October 2008, the index has never traded below 12.5 times annual earnings.

Shields says his biggest concern is that joblessness will weaken consumer spending, which accounts for 70 percent of the U.S. economy. “Employment is much worse than what people have anticipated,” he says. “If I had to pick one single factor that underlies our negativity, that’s what it is.”

They’re turning more pessimistic even as they push up profit growth estimates. How joblessness will affect consumer spending is a big worry

By Rita Nazareth and Lynn Thomasson

Meyer Shields says earnings at Warren Buffett‘s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) will increase the most since 2006 this year. He’s also telling investors to sell the shares because the economic recovery is weakening.

When it comes to sending mixed messages, the Stifel Nicolaus analyst has plenty of company. For the first time since at least 1997, fewer than 29 percent of ratings on stocks covered by brokerages worldwide are “buys,” according to 159,919 recommendations compiled and tracked by Bloomberg. Analysts are turning more pessimistic even as they push up profit-growth estimates among Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index companies to 36 percent, the highest since 1988.

“People are sitting on a fence,” says Paul Zemsky, the New York-based head of asset allocation for ING Investment Management, which oversees $550 billion.

“When I go and talk to our equity analysts, they look at the companies and say, ‘Boy, these companies look pretty good, earnings are O.K., they have plenty of cash. What if there’s a double dip?'” Leer más “Why Analysts Don’t Want to Say ‘Buy’”

CHART OF THE DAY: How Google Invests Its Cash

Google (GOOG) has an astounding $26 billion in cash. Brent Callinicos is the guy responsible for investing it.

Brent runs a 30-person trading operation at Google and is developing a more agressive trading strategy by the day, reports Douglas MacMillan at Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Google (GOOG) has an astounding $26 billion in cash. Brent Callinicos is the guy responsible for investing it.

Brent runs a 30-person trading operation at Google and is developing a more agressive trading strategy by the day, reports Douglas MacMillan at Bloomberg BusinessWeek.