How to Setup a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

I started my blog using WordPress and I have found it a platform that makes it easy to own and publish your own content online.How to Setup a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes

It is the foundation to the success of this blog which currently receives over 300,000 hits per month.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a web presence and start sharing your ideas online, the best way to do this is to create a blog. Millions of users around the world already express themselves and share their thoughts by means of their personal blogs.

The advantage of having your own WordPress blog that is self-hosted is that you own it.

It is good to have a Facebook “page” or a Tumblr blog but they are owned by someone else and you can have a web presence there but under their “Terms and Conditions” It is basically a rental.

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10 Must Have WordPress Plugins Of 2012 Every Blogger Should Know About | Uff los q me faltan!

Written by Leo Widrich |

How can you wow your readers when they visit your blog, so that they never want to leave again?10 Must Have WordPress Plugins Of 2012 Every Blogger Should Know About

With over 900,000 new blogposts that are freshly published every day, the competition is fierce for each and every author.

Yet, making your articles the ones that readers want to come back to check out isn’t so hard. On each and every occasion I would argue that providing amazing content is absolutely key.

For this post though, I want to focus on how you can greatly improve the number of shares and awesomeness of your blog, with some of the latest WordPress Plugins.

Here are my top 10 picks for you, to increase Social Media sharing of your articles and blog performance:

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Communities are Bullsh*t

Posted by: Andy Gonzalez 

Communities are Bullsh*t

Communities are bullsh*t. That’s right, I said it. Go ahead … think about that Twitter page you manage. Consider the amount of time it took you to build your first 100 followers, let alone your first 1,000. You are feeling pretty high about your ability to grow a “community”, aren’t you? I hate to burst your bubble, but for all your efforts (I know the hard work firsthand) how much is that “community” affecting your brand’s bottom line? Chances are, not a whole lot.

For most Social Media professionals, the dreaded words “Return On Investment” are difficult to explain. Time-and-time again, I’ve read blogs and watched videos of people talking above the clouds with fluffy words like “brand awareness,” “community,” “curate” and “conversation.”

A popular response to people requesting the ROI of a community management campaign is, “it’s difficult to show the ROI of a conversation.” I completely agree with that statement, because there is none.

Recently, Mashable posted an article that stated 51% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that they follow / like. Well duh! Was that really news to any of you? If you like or follow Subway, it is likely because you first tried a Subway sandwich – not the other way around. Seguir leyendo “Communities are Bullsh*t”

Internet 2010 in numbers

Internet 2010 in numbers

What happened with the Internet in 2010?

How many websites were added? How many emails were sent? How many Internet users were there? This post will answer all of those questions and many, many more. If it’s stats you want, you’ve come to the right place.

We used a wide variety of sources from around the Web to put this post together. You can find the full list of source references at the bottom of the post if you’re interested. We here at Pingdom also did some additional calculations to get you even more numbers to chew on.

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5 Website Essentials for Most Effective SEO

SEO is an essential tool for the success of your website (unless you’re Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg!). Yet while SEO ‘gets them there’, your website has to ‘keep them there’. If your ultimate goal in undertaking an SEO strategy is to make more money for your business, make sure that your site has these five essentials in place while you’re undertaking your SEO campaign! Seguir leyendo “5 Website Essentials for Most Effective SEO”

Los blogs seguirán creciendo, a pesar de los nuevos social media


Las redes sociales y los microblogs han logrado sacar a los blogs del panorama de los social media y muchos consumidores han logrado encontrar en Facebook y Twitter el canal de comunicación real que antes les ofrecían los blogs. Pero a pesar de esto, los blogs siguen siendo importantes. Este año, más de la mitad de los usuarios de internet leerán algún blog al menos una vez al mes, y en 2014, el número de lectores crecerá hasta los 150 millones de norteamericanos, un 60% de la población de Estados Unidos, según las últimas estimaciones de eMarketer.

Una de las razones principales por las que el consumo de blogs aumentará es que cada vez son más aceptados como medio online. “Las tendencias en la lectura de blogs se mantendrán al alza a medida que los blogs sigan ganando influencia en los medios generales”, declaró Paul Verna, analista de eMarketer. Reconoce además que “con el tiempo, los blogs se distinguirán cada vez menos de los otros canales mediáticos”. Seguir leyendo “Los blogs seguirán creciendo, a pesar de los nuevos social media”

Blogging gets new life

Social media like Twitter and Facebook aren’t killing blogging. Social media make blogging stronger.

Cory Doctorow writes that blogging isn’t dying, “it’s just that other social media have taken over many of its functions.”

When blogging was the easiest, most prominent way to produce short, informal, thinking-aloud pieces for the net, we all blogged. Now that we have Twitter, social media platforms and all the other tools that continue to emerge, many of us are finding that the material we used to save for our blogs has a better home somewhere else. And some of us are discovering that we weren’t bloggers after all – but blogging was good enough until something more suited to us came along.

That’s true for me. I’ve always found blogging to be cumbersome, requiring commitment to blog every day, and fiddling around with blogging software and blog design. As a result, I only keep it up if someone pays me to. Otherwise, my personal blog moves in fits and starts. And blogging in fits and starts is a recipe for failure; you need to keep a regular posting schedule to keep people coming back. Seguir leyendo “Blogging gets new life”

5 Ways Tumblr is Tapping Global Bloggers

Posted by Katy Gathright


Multimedia blogging platform Tumblr became a Top 50 Website for U.S. traffic this month, but the site’s most exciting growth is happening on the global stage. The proof? Tumblr has 6.25 million users, half of which are international. Here are five things Tumblr is doing to keep up its reputation around the world.

New language themes

As of this week, Tumblr is offering its themes in five languages: English, German, Japanese, French, and Italian. The 3.1 million global page visitors that flock to the site each day will likely appreciate this development — Tumblr makes no small deal out of all its featured and premium designs for blog pages. The site even has compiled these designs into a “theme garden” where you can choose from almost 500 templates. The “Bus Full of Hippies” theme, for example, has drawn 46,560 users. Theme designers can also translate their text strings into any of these five languages on the site. Seguir leyendo “5 Ways Tumblr is Tapping Global Bloggers”

11 Ways to Speed Up WordPress

Cyrus Patten is the editor of, a blog about everything WordPress. He specializes in the role of technology in community organizing.

WordPress (WordPress) is inherently fast, and that’s why so many professional bloggers call it their choice platform.

Like many new bloggers, I used to think that until I had enough traffic to make a difference, I’d worry about the bandwidth and site speed later. But that’s not thinking ahead considering that today social media can drive an overwhelming amount of traffic in a very short period of time; you don’t want to get caught with a crashed site.

When you’re not prepared for lots of traffic, it’s common for a web host to suspend your account temporarily, and that’s something you don’t want. If your writing is decent and you’ve been doing some minimal promotion, then it could happen to you. Think positively and prepare your blog as though it’s going to be a huge success. To do that, here is a tutorial on how to speed up your WordPress site.

Note: As always, with everything, you should backup your WordPress installation before making any code changes. Seguir leyendo “11 Ways to Speed Up WordPress”

Teenagers Sick Of Blogging & Tweeting

A new study by Pew Internet found that there is a decline in blogging and an increase in the usage of social networking sites, with the exception of Twitter, amongst teenagers and young adults. The decline in blogging and blog commenting have been going since 2006.

Pew Internet found that 73% of 12-17 year olds are avid social networkers; which is very high. On these sites, they were found to be posting pictures, commenting on status updates and even using it as another form of Instant Messengers. Seguir leyendo “Teenagers Sick Of Blogging & Tweeting”