10 Questions to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

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For companies considering Social Media Marketing (SMM) many have yet to develop a clear process of how to get started or even execute a program. From my experience, many marketing departments have simply jumped straight in to developing fan pages and requiting social media contributors (often interns that are commandeered to make posts to facebook/linkedin/Kaixin etc but this is a long way from having a social media program.

So given so many of our clients in China face challengers in starting a social media program, I wanted to outline some questions to prompt ones marketers into formulating a more structured approach. For example,when we look at starting a SMM campaign, look at the clients business (the value proposition and the markets needs), their customers (where and who they are), the competition (who, what they are doing and how/where are they doing it), their web presence (traffic, content,  use of social technology and design), their online marketing activities (what are they doing, what is the outcome, how long have they been doing it) their employees activity on the web (company sponsored or not, any negitive/damaging social media posts) and last – the clients views on what and why the market is or is not responding to their value proposition and how is it being marketed. Seguir leyendo “10 Questions to Get Started with Social Media Marketing”