Form Optimization: 3 case studies to help convince your boss (and Sales) to reduce form fields


So your boss still thinks that “optimization” means making your site load faster.

We get it.

Marketers are constantly battling the highest paid person’s opinion (HiPPO) in favor of real conversion response optimization tactics based on a sound methodology.

And they usually lose because they don’t have a testing program with real results to show those misguided HiPPOs (and Sales leaders) that they’re wrong.

So to help you win your HiPPO/Sales battles, we’ve created a deck with three case studies highlighting the importance of that most basic of optimization principles:

Se Buscan: Las mejores aplicaciones móviles de America Latina

PulsoSocial sigue muy de cerca las historias de los emprendedores de América Latina, sea su lanzamiento, rondas de inversión o mejoras de productos, siempre estamos dando cuenta del proceso y momentos clave de cada nueva StarUp

El proceso de elección de aplicaciones representantes a los Mobile Premier Award se realiza a través del ecosistema de concursos AppCircus, que justamente inicia sus actividades en VillaHermosa, México este 26 de abril . Las inscripciones para enviar tu aplicación ya están abiertas hasta el 6 de abril.

El evento se realizará en el clúster de tecnología CITI Tabasco , en el marco del seminario ”Introducción al desarrollo para BlackBerry Playbook en Adobe Air”, de inscripción gratuita.

Por:  Maca Lara-Dillon |

Ya se lo contamos previamente ahora les enseñamos, cómo fue la participación de las mejores aplicaciones móviles de América Latina durante los Mobile Premier Award  realizado en Barcelona.  Ahora les compartimos  el video que realizamos con  nuestro equipo Melk, conformado por Giuliana Reggiardo y Susana Taranco

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Sorry, RIM: The Playbook Still Sucks

You have non-threaded conversations for each account. This means that you see separate messages in your thread, which is something that Gmail had oh, six years ago. And if you want to group delete messages? Can’t do it. Strike two: the various accounts are segregated by their component features, so that you read your LinkedIn or Twitter Inbox in the Messaging client, you see your Gmail Calendar in the Calendar client, and see your contacts for everyone in the Contacts client. You can’t view your complete Twitter stream or see any of your LinkedIn discussions in anything but their respective Web clients, which means using two or three or even four different interfaces as you move around one of your services. That is progress?

Strike three: Missing apps. There isn’t any Blackberry IM client for the Playbook. Ironic, when this is one of the compelling reasons that people use the original Blackberry smartphones. Ditto on a Kindle app. Strike four: That darn power button. I had forgotten in the ensuing months where my Playbook was gathering dust on my shelf how annoying it was. At least the Fire’s on/off button is big enough and protrudes far enough to operate!

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I updated my Blackberry Playbook yesterday to the new OS, and I was struck with a confluence of ironies when it comes to the current crop of tablet computers: We have a company that made its name in messaging (RIM) that took a year to deliver a substandard email app to its tablet. We have a company that made its name in graphical interfaces (Apple) that doesn’t support many graphical websites on its tablet. And we have a company that made its name in online ecommerce (Amazon) that delivers a substandard Web browsing experience on its tablet.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the best of all three rolled up into one? Yes it would. But we aren’t going to see that anytime soon. I am not alone: our story yesterday about common tablet gripes can be found here.

I like some of the features from each of the tablet trio of iPad/Fire/Playbook. But each of them also infuriates me for different reasons. Since the new Playbook OS has just arrived, let’s pick on it first.

RIM has made it easier to connect the Playbook to your email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. That should be impressive, but the way they have gone about doing this is so wrong-headed. Strike one: their messaging client is sub-par... Leer más “Sorry, RIM: The Playbook Still Sucks”