Google Talk vía SMS en Personal

Todos sabemos que Google Talk puede comunicarse con cualquier servidor Jabber, lo que no sabía es que Personal había habilitado un server para poder usar Google Talk con SMS en 4 clics. A ver, no es tan en 4 clics porque hay que registrarse, ingresar el número, confirmar la titularidad del teléfono y luego agendar un número para asociarlo a tus contactos de GTalk. Seguir leyendo “Google Talk vía SMS en Personal”

CrossTalk IM client for Windows Phone 7: coming soon

by Malatesta

The need for a good, robust IM client for Windows Phone 7 will be one of the first things consumers look for when launching that Marketplace.

If all goes to plan, Blue Planet Apps will have their ‘CrossTalk’ IM client ready to go by the time WP7 launches.

CrossTalk‘, available soon for Android and Blackberry, supports GoogleTalk, AIM, MSN, Facebook and even Blackberry Messenger (BBM). That last one is pretty huge in our book and could go a long way to woo Crackberry addicts from their devices. Talk to any Blackberry user and they’ll tell you BBM is one of the reasons why they stay with the aging platform. Seguir leyendo “CrossTalk IM client for Windows Phone 7: coming soon”