How to work when you’re tired



Woman asleep on laptop.Coping with little sleep … There are strategies you can put in place to get through the working day.

All the tools you need to stay focused throughout the day.

Up late last night? Couldn’t get to sleep, or woke up just to stare at the ceiling for hours in the middle of the night? Or are you just plain tired?

We all have days when we just don’t feel energetic and with it. But when you’ve got work to do-whether in your job, building your own business or around the house-you can’t simply go back to bed. You need to stay alert, make the most of your day and avoid getting distracted or making silly mistakes.

Here’s how to work when you’re tired:

Be clear about what you want to accomplish

It’s always a good idea to have a clear goal in mind, but especially when you’re feeling tired or otherwise sub-par. Sit down and think about what you need to get done today. If you’re working on a big project, what exactly are you going to get done? The next chapter? That section with the statistics you need to look up? Even if you’re spring cleaning, don’t just do whatever catches your eye-make a plan.

It’s very easy to start meandering into lots of unrelated tasks, if you don’t have a clear focus on what you want to accomplish. I’m sure you’ve had days where you’ve looked back and wondered where your time went-well, this is how to make sure you spend your time on something worthwhile. Leer más “How to work when you’re tired”