How To Reorganize Your Blog Categories

Using the filter criteria in this plug-in, you can go through your existing posts and shuffle them into your new category structure as you see fit. It is pretty convenient, actually. For example, select a category you are going to delete to pull up all the posts in that category. Then, under “Actions”, you’ll choose the category you want to add things to. Below, check off the posts you want to move over and press the “Add Selected Posts” button. Then, to remove those same posts from the old category location, you select the old category and hit “Remove Selected Posts”.

Wordpress Template Hierarchy.
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If you’re anything like me, your blog’s category structure was evolved over time and got to be a bit of a mess.

You write a new post and think, “Well, this doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, so I’ll just make a new category.” Next thing you know, you’ve got an unwieldy list of categories. Some are too general and are loaded with posts while others have barely anything to them.

The solution is to reorganize. But, how? Leer más “How To Reorganize Your Blog Categories”