QR used on toilet paper to promote HIV awareness – thnxz @qrcodepress

An Italian charity is using the quick response barcodes for education in public restrooms.

 QR codes toilet paper HIV charity

Sieropositivo, a charity in Italy that works to promote HIV awareness, is using QR codes printed on toilet paper in public restrooms to help to spread the word about the disease and increase the knowledge that women have about the way that it is spread.

Women who visit those lavatories can use their smartphones to scan the barcode.

The toilet paper with the QR codes is being used in women’s public washrooms in trendy clubs located in Milan and Rome. The women who actually visit those bathrooms will notice that the toilet paper rolls have a question printed upon them, as well. It asks:

“When you use a public restroom do you fear diseases? What about when you have sex?”

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QR codes can be highly practical when you know how to use them


QR codes

Though marketers continually debate their value, these barcodes can be very useful.

This year has seen a massive use of QR codes by marketers, but consumers have been slow to catch on to what these digital barcodes are and how they can be used.

While some say the technology’s time is up, others say it is just about to take off.

The reason that there are so many marketers, brands, and companies still hanging on to the hope that QR codes will soon become commonly used among consumers, is that they are exceptionally inexpensive and simple to produce, and can be highly practical when they have been properly implemented.

QR codes have already been shown to be useful for brands and consumers alike.

Some examples of situations where this technology has been successfully used and where consumers have consistently participated include the following:• Temporary tattoos for children – Parents are always concerned about having their children go missing when they are out in public. Whether they are at the mall or at a busy theme park or festival, it can be very easy for a child to wander off within a matter of seconds. When the child has temporary tattoos of QR codes, it means that they can provide good Samaritans and staffers with the ability to scan the code and obtain the parents’ contact information, such as a cell phone number. Seguir leyendo “QR codes can be highly practical when you know how to use them”

Our Top 5 Weird and Wacky QR Codes

QR codes on top of Cupcakes

QR Codes seem to be popping up everywhere these days, compelling passerby’s to whip out their phones and scan. As the QR code becomes more commonplace, we’ve also been seeing them pop up in some not so common places. We wanted to share our top picks for the wackiest QR codes we’ve came across.

1.  QR Codes on Tombstones…

This is about as strange as it gets. For $10,000 the Japanese company Ishinokoe will sell you a tombstone with a QR code that when scanned can connect family members and visitors to photos and other content about the deceased. Check out the content from this code:

QR code on tomb stone

2.  It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… QR code?!

This may be the most absurd QR code in existence simply because it’s the most difficult to scan. What were these marketers thinking? You can’t even tell who paid for the absurdity:

Airplane towing QR code

3.  QR Code Crochet Seguir leyendo “Our Top 5 Weird and Wacky QR Codes”

Italian QR code stickers bring watermelons into mobile commerce



This quick response barcode fruit label provides consumers with a wealth of information.

Malvasi Agostino, an Italian fruit producer, is adding QR code stickers to its baby watermelons called Cuoredolce, in an effort to provide consumers with more information about the product and encourage them to make more informed decisions.

These barcodes can be scanned with smartphones to discover more about the fruit (…)

The company is based in Poggio Rusco, whichis located in the Mantova, Italy area and produces a number of different watermelon varieties. It is the Cuoredolce baby watermelon that features the new QR code stickers, however. Against the green of the melon’s rind, these black and quite squares are made to stand out quite nicely, hanging below a bright red heart upon which the fruit’s name and the Italian flag are displayed. Seguir leyendo “Italian QR code stickers bring watermelons into mobile commerce”

Briggs & Stratton unveils its new QR code-based operator manuals

QR Code Manualqrcodepress.com

Industry first missing guidebook solution based on mobile technology for ease of finding engine information.

Briggs & Stratton has just launched a new solution involving serialized QR code labels that will provide a first-ever opportunity for individuals to obtain the information in their misplaced operator’s manuals for everything from lawnmowers to snow blowers.

Their hope is to use mobile technology to end the frustration of the missing documents… Seguir leyendo “Briggs & Stratton unveils its new QR code-based operator manuals”

Quick Response Code

QR codes are growing popularity as a result of their flexibility, data capacity and the explosion in the number of smart phones available
By John R Joyce, Ph.D
http://www.scientificcomputing.comThe Quick Response Code was created by Denso-Wave Incorporated,1 a subsidiary of Toyota, in 1994 and is a two-dimensional bar code. I mention it because it has rapidly become one of the most commonly publicly used matrix codes, though you might be more familiar with it under the Denso-Wave trademark of QR Code. If you were in attendance at Pittcon 2012, despite a tweet from someone saying that they hadn’t seen a QR code anywhere, you will no doubt have noticed that they were everywhere! You could find them on everything; including business cards, programs, part of exhibit booths, and even printed on T-shirts.This growing popularity is a result of their flexibility, data capacity and the explosion in the number of smart phones available. While the use of QR codes in the United States has grown rapidly, we are well behind their use in Japan, where it is found everywhere, with places such as the Netherlands and South Korea only a little behind.

QR codes come in a variety of versions with different data capacities, but always appear in a square pattern containing a number of fixed data elements. These are illustrated in th embedded Wikipedia graphic in Figure 1.2Because of the encoding used, the capacity for a given version varies with the specific data to be stored in it. For example, Version 1 consists of a 21 by 21 matrix and can hold between 10 and 25 characters. Version 4 consists of a 33 by 33 matrix and can hold between 67 and 114 characters. By the time you reach Version 40, with a 177 by 177 matrix, the code can contain between 1852 to 4296 characters. If you are only encoding numbers, instead of alpha-numeric characters, the maximum number of digits that can be encoded rises to 7,089. This gives you the ability to encode a great deal of information, but the numbers above only tell part of the story.

Customized QR Code from 360i
Figure 2: Customized QR Code from 360i

Using Reed–Solomon error correction, damaged codes still can be read. How much damage can be absorbed depends on the level of error correction used. For example, Level L error correction allows seven percent of the code words to be restored, while Level H error correction allows 30 percent of the code words to be restored.

However, this code restoration capability does come at a price. For code restoration to work, redundant data must be included in the code, meaning that fewer data characters can be encoded. The bottom line is that how much you can actually store in this code, as with so many things in life, is a trade-off. The full description of version 2 of this code can be found in standard ISO/IEC 18004:2006.3 Seguir leyendo “Quick Response Code”

55 generadores en línea de código QR

Hector Russo | http://geeksroom.com

A medida que pasa el tiempo los códigos QR se van haciendo más y más populares.  Es cosa de todos los días, la gente los escanea en línea, en publicaciones impresas y en muchos otros sitios, ya que existen escáners para cualquier plataforma de móviles con cámara.  Una forma muy fácil de obtener información y dependiendo de la aplicación,  podemos guardar esos datos, ordenarlos y muchas otras cosas más.

Pero les hago una pregunta ¿ustedes tienen SU código QR?

Si no lo tienen, pueden crearlo pues son muy prácticos como por ejemplo para intercambiar su información con otras personas, en lugar de andar llevando un tarjeta de presentación (business card).  También lo pueden aplicar en muchos otros elementos para promocionar un evento, un blog, un producto.

El código QR lo pueden generar con cualquiera de sus datos como por ejemplo nombre, dirección, email, sitio web y muchos otros más.   Además no es ninguna ciencia, hoy en día cualquier persona puede generar su código, aún sin tener ninguna experiencia y no es necesario instalar software en su sistema, ya que existen muchos servicios gratuitos en línea, que ofrecen la posibilidad de generar código QR.

Aquí tienen una lista que llevé a cabo con 55 aplicaciones en línea para generar código QR.  Algunos son muy simples y otros más avanzados, con más opciones.

  1. 2D Code Me
  2. AC QR Code
  3. Azonmedia
  4. Batch QR Code
  5. BeQRious
  6. Bee Tagg
  7. Bosq web
  8. ConnectMe QR
  9. Create-A-Code
  10. Delivr Seguir leyendo “55 generadores en línea de código QR”

Put Your Best Foot Forward With Mobile Barcode Best Practices

By Laura Marriott (@kanadawomaninus) | http://www.iab.net/iablog

When one considers the current economic climate, there is little doubt we are becoming a global community defined by constant connectivity and ultra-convenience. Mobile devices are a major factor in this as they are now ubiquitous and one’s device fulfils a multitude of requirements, connecting them to a plethora of information and facilitating all types of interactions. Mobile marketing custom barcodesand more specifically, mobile barcodes play a pivotal role in this new world of enhanced communications and on-demand information.

As the IAB’s Mobile Buyer’s Guide points out, mobile barcodes are an important way of activating traditional media, furthermore they can help boost sales, increase customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and educate an audience. These small black and white squares, reminiscent of ink blots, represent a great opportunity for marketers to bring traditionally static marketing and advertising to life so brands can instantly engage with their target audience. For example, adding a mobile barcode to a print or outdoor advertisement, on pack or at shelf that links to a discount, sweepstakes or provides additional information on a product or service provides an opportunity for the brand to engage with their target consumers 24/7/365.  Seguir leyendo “Put Your Best Foot Forward With Mobile Barcode Best Practices”

Locos por los Códigos QR: 30 usos y aplicaciones que no te dejarán indiferente


Como hemos podido comprobar en multitud de ocasiones, los Códigos QR, se han convertido en toda una revolución de la tecnología móvil al servicio de la mercadotecnia. Así lo recogimos en nuestroespecial sobre Códigos QR donde descubrimos algunos ejemplos creativos y usos aplicados de este tipo de códigos, así como los mejores consejos para utilizarlos en nuestro negocio.

Sin embargo, en muchos países, los códigos QR han desatado una auténtica locura. Toda una tendencia convertida en más que una moda o herramienta de marketing, que ha originado y dado pie a sorprendentes ejemplos e inusuales propuestas y aplicaciones inspiradas en este tipo de códigos.  Como prueba de ello, hemos recogido una selección de algunos de estos ejemplos que sin duda no te dejarán indiferente. Así son los ‘locos por los Códigos QR!’


QR Codes – Smart Technology Or A Marketing Fad?

On the way to work today I counted 6 QR codes. I saw a couple in my morning newspaper, some on billboards and and one outside a shop. It’s clear that this relatively new technology is being embraced in marketing circles with some gusto but I wanted to ask are QR codes a useful technology that will be around for a generation or are they a passing fad? We have written about some fairly innovative ways in which QR codes are being used here in the past but are they actually working and does the man in the street understand the technology? Are we seeing a new trend emerge that will be around for generations to come on lots of physical products or is this a fad that will be gone this time next year?

Proliferation Of Smart Phones

The main reason that we are all starting to use QR codes is because so many more of us now have smart phones that are able to read the QR codes. The technology is hardly Seguir leyendo “QR Codes – Smart Technology Or A Marketing Fad?”

5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now

What’s the first thing young women do when they wake up? Check Facebook. How do enterprise employees pass the time at work? With social media. With so many studies highlighting ever-accelerating social media usage rates, the conclusion is obvious — social media is everywhere.

What follows are five of the hottest social media trends right now. Each are influencing our social, online and mobile behaviors in significant ways.

Entertainment checkin services are changing the way we watch television. Mobile loyalty applications are helping us connect the dots between our real-world shopping behaviors and digital rewards. A new breed of Q&A services are changing the way we search. Barcode scanning applications are making products social, and deal-of-the-day sites are giving us ways to save by recruiting our friends to the party.

1. Social Scanning

Smartphone owners have the world at their fingertips. As grandiose as that may sound, advances in mobile barcode scanning technology have given rise to applications that allow for comparison shopping, QR code place checkins and ultimately a social experience around product barcodes.

What this means is that at any given moment, any smartphone owner can pull out their device, fire up a barcode scanning application, scan a code and complete activities or gain access to a wealth of immediately relevant information. Really, what we’re seeing is the convergence of social media and barcode scanning to create “social scanning.”

The consumer’s scanning behavior is so significant that location-sharing checkin services such as SCVNGR are giving away QR code decals to retailers free of charge. Even Google is sending their own QR code decals out to small businesses with popular Place Pages. What makes the scan so significant? It is a tangible connection between the physical and digital world. For Google, SCVNGR, and the businesses they serve, it’s about access to measurable offline behavior.

These scans aren’t inherently social in nature, but because they can double as verifiable place checkins, they can also possess the social properties of a checkin: location-sharing with friends on the same service or via social network distribution.

Services such as Stickybits and Bakodo are taking the social scanning experience beyond the checkin and creating product-driven communities around brands and items via barcodes.

Stickybits lets users add video, text, photos and audio to the barcodes they scan in the physical world via iPhone and Andriod apps. It’s a clever way to use barcodes to help people tag, share and connect around items. It has also recently become more brand-friendly. “Official bits” are barcodes that brands can claim in order to highlight their own content. New social features allow for user response in the form of threaded conversations, and voting to ensure that the best content attached to the code rises to the top.

Bakodo’s iPhone app began as a barcode scanner primarily for comparison shopping, but it’s evolving to add social scanning functions as well. App users can scan barcodes of all varieties to review items and check out recommendations from friends. The barcode intelligence search engine combines a wealth of product-related data and socializes the process for a comprehensive product-driven experience.

As scanning becomes a more socially acceptable practice, the barcode scan will only become more social in nature. Expect future QR code marketing efforts to tap into the social opportunities, and for brands to explore ways to engage with consumers at the scan touch point. Seguir leyendo “5 Huge Trends in Social Media Right Now”

Put All Your Club Cards on a Digital Key Ring

Key Ring

Quick Pitch: Never carry plastic loyalty cards again. Download “Key Ring Reward Cards” for free on your iPhone or Android device.

Genius Idea: Key Ring, a mobile loyalty card application for iPhone and Andriod made by Mobestream Media, serves the same purpose as other apps such as CardStar — mitigating loyalty card buildup.

Consumers tend to carry around cards for retailers or venues they frequent on a regular basis, including gyms, boutiques, drug stores and grocery stores. The Key Ring Rewards Card application makes a digital copy of those cards so that you can leave the physical cards at home.

You can download the free app and use it to scan the barcodes on your loyalty and club cards. To get started, select “Add Card” and click yes or no to specify whether or not the card in question has a barcode. If it does, the app will then let you scan the barcode, identify the retailer and create a digital copy. If the card doesn’t have a barcode, you can manually input the membership ID in lieu of the barcode scan. Seguir leyendo “Put All Your Club Cards on a Digital Key Ring”

Custom barcodes

If you’re looking for a more exclusive option than a stock Vanity Barcode design, we offer a customization option.

Custom barcodes are perfect for companies that want to own their design and be sure no one else out there has the same thing. It also allows you to tie your barcode design directly into your brand identity, giving you limitless possibilities for creative tie-ins.

Case Studies:
1. Elyon® Marshmallows

elyon marshmallows custom vanity barcodes

To carry through the fun personality of Elyon® Marshmallow’s new “mallow” mascots, we developed a series of three custom Vanity barcodes for their packaging. The barcodes alone captured the imagination of designer bloggers and got the attention of national chain store buyers who are now carrying the products.

2. Sara Snacker™ Cookie Company


Sara Snacker™ cookies packaging had very little design space, consisting of simple clear plastic containers and labels. To add some personality to the back informational labels, we designed a barcode with a “bite” taken out of it. The fun barcode also reinforces the tongue-in-cheek tagline, “You Know You Want One!”. The newly packaged cookies got a lot of media attention including Snack of the Day on The Rachael Ray Show. They are sold in upscale stores like Zabars and Westside Market in NYC.


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Businesses take advantage of the little-known marketing potential of decorative

It’s been more than three years since we wrote about Japanese Design Barcode, with its clever and whimsical UPC designs. Proving that the idea still has plenty of merit, New Jersey-based Vanity Barcodes just launched a similar service to help businesses take advantage of what it considers the little-known marketing potential of the decorative barcode. Seguir leyendo “Businesses take advantage of the little-known marketing potential of decorative”