Website Design: Ten Areas Where You Can Learn From User Behaviour

Effective and usable web navigation and design are some of the key crucial components of your website communication success. Build clear, easy-to-navigate web pages and people will be happy, click a lot and come back for more. In this report, you will learn about ten typical online user behaviors that can immediately help you understand how and where to improve your own website design, to keep your readers engaged and interested in your content.

Photo credit: Jesper Noer and mashed up by Robin Good

Whether you like it or not, other people don’t see your website the same way you do.

You might think that you have a perfectly-intelligible website design, whereas readers on your site struggle to find the information they look for.

The funny thing is that you and I are not different from the people that visit our websites. In fact, when you and I stroll around the web, we do exactly the same: we go straight to content, we want all the info right away, we often don’t care about reading all the extra stuff surrounding the article, and so on.

That is why you can learn so much from user behavior. It helps you realize what is wrong about your site that you normally cannot see by yourself.

In this report you will find a list of some of the most typical user behaviours taking place while visiting a web site, and while many of these should come as no surprise to you, becoming aware of them may greatly help you to identify what items to give priority to when you have the extra time and resources to do some design and navigation improvements.

10 Unexpected Online User Behaviours To Look Out For

by Alistair Gray


When designing a website, there are key user behaviours that should be taken into account. But in order to take them into account, it helps to know them.

Below are 10 of the more interesting and less well-known user behaviours that regularly occur in user testing. Leer más “Website Design: Ten Areas Where You Can Learn From User Behaviour”