Why You’re Failing If You Ignore Social In CRM


You’ve heard all the hype about social media. Just about every business has a Twitter account these days, and blogging has long since become a venue for businesses looking to connect with customers.

Why You're Failing If You Ignore Social Media in CRM

But in their thirst for new tools, many businesses fail to understand just what role social media should play in CRM. Here is a guide full of tips for changing that…

Nurture real relationships, have a personality and a voice

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about converting conversations into sales. Well, so is social media. Used correctly, social media helps a company establish its own personality and voice, showing a relatable side to its customers and increasing brand loyalty in the process.

But it also goes deeper than that. Social media represents a fundamental shift away from a linear sales model, where customers contact a company before, during or immediately following a sale. Now customers – both the loyal and those that are just beginning their search – expect constant accessibility, whether or not a purchasing decision is pending.

In other words, customers want a true relationship, not one in which they feel constantly pitched to. Sure, they’ll get excited about a company’s 50% off promotion, but they’re just as likely to retweet a company’s witty joke about Lady Gaga. Have a personality, have a voice, and go beyond pitch. Take a look at ModCloth’s Twitter feed for a great example.

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