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By Chrissie Brodigan

Hey there! Happy Friday!

For our Friday link roundup, we celebrate the best in “interestingness!” (lego constructs, stop-motion animation via YouTube, Flickr finds, Tumblrs, and much more)!

Wildcard news link: It’s your last chance to get a look at mars until 2012 (via. yahoo)


Winners from this week’s Carbonmade contest:

Spencer Fry and the Carbonmade team was really excited to get more than 50 submissions, and they made the hard choice to feature Josh Haygood @ joshhaygood.carbonmade.com. “He’s got the best complete portfolio. The dude is on his way to amazing!”

The feature is live on the Examples Page! (Thank you Carbonmade!)

Other winners who all have been upgraded to “Whoo!” accounts:

Let us give you link love! Send your links to news@thinkvitamin.com

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Chrissie (@tenaciouscb)


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