The future of integration platforms is prescriptive rather than descriptive – @gigaom

SUMMARY: The current middleman services that link connected devices and different web platforms are just the first step in building out a context-aware internet of things.

by Seema Jethani, Enstratius

The next generation of integration platforms will be prescriptive where they will be able to observe our behavior across various facets of life and automatically build or recommend integrations for us.

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The popularity of APIs today has given rise to vendors such as IFTTT and Zapier that help us tie various services together very easily, without requiring us to program to the APIs ourselves. Gartner likes to call such vendors iPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service providers.

The beauty of Google NOW is that it passively delivers information to us that it predicts we will want, based on our search habits… Leer más “The future of integration platforms is prescriptive rather than descriptive – @gigaom”

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Hot Infographics on Visually (II) – Thnxz to @Visually (again)

The Tech Industry’s Most Obnoxious Tweeters

The Tech Industry


5 Science Infographics Everyone Should See


he best science infographics make data digestible, accessible and visually appealing, without skimping on the relevant facts. Some are for scientists, organizing massive amounts of data in a way that’s powerfully useful; while others are designed for a lay audience, illustrating complex concepts simply, like the science behind the Higgs Boson or evolution. It’s in this latter category that science infographics are making the most obvious widespread impact.

Here are five science infographics for non-scientists that will change the way you see the world.

The Scale of the Universe

Visiting the Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History in New York City can be a life-changing experience. Their keystone exhibit – a giant spiraling timeline of everything – makes scale astoundingly accessible. Using models, the viewer experiences the infinitude of an atom and the enormity of a galaxy. By the end, the size of the space inside the viewer’s head is the size of the universe.

Scale is inherently difficult to comprehend. We live in a macro world and most of the time we’re imprisoned by the size and scope of our bodies. But sometimes, a truly ingenious exhibit or (in the case of the interactive infographic below) a graphic representation, can demolish the walls around our puny little minds. And understanding scale is such a fundamental part of science appreciation. Why is it amazing that we have a rover on Mars? Because Mars is so incredibly far away. Why should I be impressed that we understand atoms and quantum theory? Because something that small should be completely incomprehensible to a human being. The achievements of science are never more obvious than when the scale of the universe is understood. (To view the interactive infographic below, click on the image.)

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The Wonderful World of Energy

Energy: the life force. Without it, we’d be inanimate nothings. We wouldn’t have cells that generate new tissue or minds that fire signals from neuron to neuron. We wouldn’t have sunlight to warm us or to feed our plants. We wouldn’t have plants. Life depends on energy. Motion depends on energy. And, on a less fundamental level, our lifestyles depend on energy too. Having a basic understanding of energy – what it is, how it works, and why it’s important – should be something we all aspire to. The below infographic is an excellent place to start.

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Hot Infographics on Visually (I) – Thnxz to @Visually

Gay marriage chronology

For more than a decade, the battle over same-sex marriage and other rights for gay couples has been hard fought in U.S. courts and legislatures and at the ballot box. Use this map to view milestones in the fight and how state laws have changed since 2000.

Timeline: Gay marriage | Full-coverage: Prop. 8 and DOMA

Gay Marriage Chronology

24 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

24 Things You Didn

Steps to Breaking Your Procrastination Habit – thnxz to @PickTheBrain

1. Write down the dreaded task. Writing down the task you’ve been putting off brings the project to the front of your mind so it can’t easily be ignored.

2. Identify the underlying feelings. According to psychologists, procrastination is an emotional reaction. One of three core emotions is always driving it–fear, anger, or sadness. For example, you might be worried that you won’t get the job done well enough and on time (fear). You may feel resentful because you have to do something you hate (anger). Or you might feel inadequate or ill-suited for the task (sadness). Dig down deep to identify which emotion is causing you to drag your heels.

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3. Move the emotion out of your body. Emotions are pure energy; they either flow through our body when we express them, or get stuck when we don’t. If they’re not expressed constructively and physically, they build up inside us like a pressure cooker. In a private setting, do exaggerated shivering to move out the fear; punch a pillow or stomp around to release anger; or watch a movie that makes you cry to express the sadness. It may sound silly, but it works.

4. Find an antidote to each negative thought. What negative thought pops into your head when you think of this task? You can neutralize such negative thinking by replacing each one with a “truth” that contradicts it. For example, if you think “I’ll never be able to learn all this,” you might say to yourself, “If others can learn this, so can I.”

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20+ New Brochure Design Examples – thnxz @topdesignmag


Finding a new brochure design that can inspire you can cause a real headache that can ruin you your time. That’s my reason for collecting for you more than 20 brochure designs that rock. Getting inspiration from these examples will help you pass the first step and start designing.


#INFOGRAPHIC: Guide to Finding The Right Social Influencers – thnxz @Sociable360 !

A guide to activating your social advocates and influencers.
How do you find the right influencers? MSL Group teamed up with SocialChorus to talk about the value of the Power Middle in this infographic.

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