Juegos sigue siendo el Rey del store – vía @nicolasfalcioni

El último informe de Distimo, una empresa que analiza las principales tiendas de aplicaciones (es el de septiembre), está dedicado a los juegos. La categoría concentra la mayor cantidad de descargas y de los volúmenes de ingresos.

El resultado no es sorpresivo, pero ayuda a confirmar y a ponerle números a cosas que pueden intuirse.

Si tomamos los ingresos combinados del App Store y de Play como un todo, la gran mayoría (63%) se generó en la tienda de Apple, mientras Google sumó el 37% restante.

Así, para generar dinero por descargas Apple sigue siendo el mejor socio de los desarrolladores. Hay que considerar que el trabajo de Distimo no evalúa los ingresos in-app vía los modelos freemium.

Puntualmente en el iPhone, el 33% de todas las descargas son juegos, pero en el iPad ese porcentaje fue aún mayor, hasta alcanzar el 48%…  Vía Continuar leyendo «Juegos sigue siendo el Rey del store – vía @nicolasfalcioni»

Anuncio publicitario

Usuarios de iPhone tendrán que pagar por Whatsapp anualmente – Vía @expansioncom

La aplicación de mensajería instantánea Whatsapp lanzó ayer su última actualización para iOS que permitirá la descarga de la app de forma gratuita pero en forma de subscripción, es decir a cambio del pago de una cuota anual.

Whatsapp iPhone

El nuevo modelo de subscripción adoptado por la compañía no es ninguna novedad. En marzo de este mismo año, Whatsapp causó cierto revuelo al anunciar que comenzaba a cobrar 0,89 céntimos al año a los usuarios de Android por el uso de su aplicación. En un primer momento, en Apple se libraron de este pago anual, al ser los únicos que pagaban por la descarga inicial.

Pero esta diversidad de opciones ha terminado. Desde ayer, la descarga de Whatsapp en la Apple Store es gratuita, pero el mantenimiento de la aplicación tiene un coste anual de 0,89 céntimos.

App aims to be Pandora for restaurant recommendations, and more – vía @springwise

The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. While Nara is currently concentrating on the restaurant vertical, reports suggest it is looking to move into doing the same for other fields, such as the hotel sector.

Vía springwise


Created by a team consisting of “neuroscientists, computer scientists, astrophysicists, artists and entrepreneurs”, the app first asks users a few questions about the kind of eateries they like, based on food types, atmosphere and demographic, among others. When a suggestion is made, it can either be upvoted or downvoted depending on the user’s opinion, which can be logged either before or after they’ve tried it out. Foursquare check-ins are integrated to keep track of where users have been before, and which restaurants they like to go to regularly. By checking this against the decisions made by every other Nara user, the system quickly begins to intuit the kinds of decisions made by those with similar tastes. 


Spotted by: Murray Orange

No hay marca sin producto // gracias – @soymimarca

Definir el producto no es fácil. A menudo hablamos con personas que no tienen claro qué ofrecer porque sus CV están plagados de experiencias distintas, sectores diferentes y estancias cortas en empresas. En ese momento lo que se requiere es utilizar una herramienta de la que todos los seres humanos estamos provistos: la creatividad.

La creatividad no se sustenta únicamente en tener una idea: debe ser nueva, no partir de un referente excesivamente cercano.

Como dice el especialista en marca Antonio Monerris“…La creatividad o la innovación tienen que partir de un nuevo sistema de referentes. Una transformación que puede ser cognitiva o decididamente emotiva: un cambio en lo que sabemos y pensamos, pero también en lo que sentimos y en lo que implica para nosotros…”

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Soy mi Marca

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Personal Branding Plan | ¿Quieres progresar profesionalmente?

How Long Does It Take To Build A Native Mobile App? [Infographic] |

by Dan Rowinski |

The last several years have seen an explosion in mobile applications. By the end of 2013, both Android’s Google Play and the Apple iOS App Store will be hosting a million apps – and we have only seen minor signs of slowing growth.

Where the heck are all these apps coming from? Thousands upon thousands of developers are working hard to pump out games, social networks, utility and productivity apps, news readers… if you can dream it, someone is building an app for it.

So, how much time and effort is going into feeding this beast? Exactly how long does it take to build a quality native mobile app (not a mobile Web, HTML5 app)? Boston-based Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) mobile-cloud-platform vendor Kinvey set out to answer just that question.

More Than 4 Months!?  >>> Continuar leyendo «How Long Does It Take To Build A Native Mobile App? [Infographic] |»

Do More Faster: 10 Best Apps & Tools - The Daily Resource for Entrepreneurs

Five-time entrepreneur Frank Addante lists the digital gems that help him be organized and save time.


1.  Organize your email: Sanebox

Sanebox uses algorithms to organize your email into what’s important and what’s not. I was skeptical and had trouble giving up control of my inbox, but now I’m hooked.

Tips: Trust it. Check @SaneLater twice a day, @SaneBulk whenever you feel like reading newsletters or promotions, and @SaneBlackHole for all the junk you never want to see again.

2.  Keep track of all your notes: Evernote 

Evernote stores your notes in the cloud, so you can access them from any computer or mobile device.

Tips: Use Evernote for both business and personal reasons. I take all of my business meeting notes directly in Evernote and scan or fax documents to Evernote that I want to keep. On the personal side, I take photos of wine that I like and store them in a notebook called Favorite Wines and keep copies of all critical identification (like my driver’s license, passport, and insurance papers) in a notebook called Wallet.

Download App: iPhone | Android

3.  Store your documents in the cloud: Dropbox  >>

Securely file away your digital documents in the cloud, so you can find and work on them from any computer or mobile device later.

Tips: I created two Dropbox folders–~Working Drafts and ~To File–and put them on my Mac in my Finder Favorites and on my Dock. I set the default sort order to be by Date Modified. This way, my most recent documents show up at the top of the list, and I can quickly drag or find documents there. I use ~Working Drafts as if it’s my desktop and never actually store anything on my computer desktop. When I’m finished with a document, I drag it to ~To File, and every once in a while, I go into the folder to organize folders that make more sense long term. Note: I include the tilde (~) in the filenames so that, when sorted alphabetically, these folders always show up at the top.

Download App: iPhone Android

4.  Prioritize your to-do list: Action Method

It’s an online app that helps you organize to-do lists and track and delegate tasks.

Tips: Use Action Method’s three color codes to set your priorities. Use orange for tasks that must be done on the scheduled day, blue for tasks that should be done that day but can push a day if necessary, and grey for tasks that you’d like to get done that day but will push if there are other deadlines. I follow the same color code in my calendar. The website is great, but definitely download–and set to open at login–the desktop, iPad, and mobile apps. Start every «to-do» item with an «action» word. The only negative about the Web application is that it can’t be used offline. I use either the iPad or iPhone app while on a plane and sometimes will print a PDF of my to-dos before I take off and leave it on my desktop.

Download App: iPhone Android

5.  Assemble your travel plans: TripIt

TripIt files all your itineraries in one place. You can even have it automatically send your itineraries to your significant other, kids, or always-worried mom. The Pro version alerts you of flight delays and gate changes.

Tips: Download the mobile app and put it on your home screen. Create a contact for and forward all itineraries to that contact.

Download App: iPhone Android

6.  Automatically transcribe your voice-mail messages: YouMail

This voice-mail service transcribes your voice-mail messages and sends them to you by email or text (or both). The mobile app makes it easy to view, listen, read, and forward your voice mails.

Download App: iPhone Android

7.  Consolidate your social network accounts: HootSuite 

This website allows you to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer, and others all from one place.

Tips: I tend to have pockets of time when I can read and post on social media. Try HootSuite’s new «auto schedule» feature, so you can spread out your posts and don’t flood your networks with many in a row.

Download App: iPhone Android

8.  Communicate in real time with your whole team: Yammer

Yammer is like a private Twitter stream just for your company.

Tips: Get everyone in your company to sign up, and then use it as your main means of communicating information. This way, everyone will adapt to Yammer, because no one wants to miss out. Allow employees to post things that are «business» material and «fun» material. The fun material makes it more entertaining, and, in turn, the business material is more likely to be read.

Download App: iPhone Android

9.  Stay fit: miCoach

Exercise keeps your mind sharp. The miCoach iPhone app acts like your personal trainer. I lost 20 pounds using it at home and while on the road.

Tips: Set up your workouts in advance. I selected Get Lean for running and Get Fit for gym workouts. Buy the heart-rate monitor and stride sensor; it’s worth it. What gets measured gets done.

Download App: iPhone Android

10.  Sleep better: iSleep

It’s important to get a good night’s rest. If you’re like me, your mind is constantly racing, and the day’s work never ends. The iSleep meditation app helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s particularly helpful when you have jet lag or can’t fall asleep. I use the Deep Sleep playlist at the end of a long, stressful day.

Download App: iPhone Android

Nokia Here ya disponible en iOS |

Aunque quizás no eran tan conocidos como Google Maps, Nokia también tenía un servicio de mapas disponibles vía web y que, en su haber, contaba con un conjunto de datos geoespaciales de bastante calidad (de hecho, uno de los aportes de Nokia a su alianza con Microsoft eran, precisamente, los mapas). La semana pasada, Nokia “rebautizó” su servicio de mapas con el nombre de Nokia Here y, además, anunció que el servicio estaría disponible en forma de aplicaciones para Android e iOS. Lo prometido es deuda y, una semana más tarde del anuncio, Nokia ha lanzado ya la versión iOS de Here.

nokia here

Here para iOS ya está disponible desde la App Store y, con este movimiento, Nokia también entra (con fuerza) en ese vacío que ha dejado la salida de Google Maps de iOS 6 y los no muy solventes resultados del servicio de mapas de Apple que incluyó en sustitución del servicio de los chicos de Google (que parece que andan preparando una aplicación para iOS).

Artículo Completo

Strategy: know your customer, release early, listen and learn |

The Drum takes a look at the key ingredients for creating a successful app strategy that will deliver.

Top tips for applying app strategy: know your customer, release early, listen and learnTop tips for applying app strategy: know your customer, release early,

With the exponential growth of mobile comes the wealth of opportunity for brands to enhance consumers’ lives by providing useful or relevant information, entertainment, or simply enabling them to complete concurrent tasks more seamlessly. This is where apps come in.

But with over 700,000 apps in Apple’s app store alone, and apps to inform, educate and entertain, it can be difficult for brands to understand how to implement an effective app strategy. Here, The Drum speaks to individuals from the app development sector to determine their top tips for applying apps successfully.


At the heart of an app is its user, therefore it is crucial for brands to understand their customers. “As with all marketing, it’s essential that the consumer is always at the heart of the creative idea,” says Mark Hadfield, senior planner, Weapon7. “This ensures relevancy and gives the app a real role in their lives.”
Kevin Galway, business development manager, bss digital, stresses the importance of understanding customers. “What do your customers want and what technologies do they use? Will they be prepared to pay for the app or do you need to deliver a native app and a web app to reach more users? Ultimately an app needs to be useful, enjoyable and informative to the customer – this is paramount to keep them coming back for more.”

Grapple CSO Adam Levene also emphasises the importance of harnessing the potential of mobile to make their lives easier. “It’s all too easy to borrow from what a brand is doing online. The smartphone is the most personal device in the world, always with customers and always on. As such, brands must get into the mindset of providing a first-class experience that provides ongoing value, solves customers’ pain points and makes their lives easier. More than any other channel, mobile has the potential to build deeper connections between a brand and consumers.” Continuar leyendo «Strategy: know your customer, release early, listen and learn |»

Sound QR codes offer new advertising possibilities


Is Real Time Social Media Destroying Our Entertainment Industries? | by

Written by  –


The web is changing the world as we used to know it.  You can see it every day if you take the time. You book your taxi using an iPhone app, you read your news or play a game using an iPad or an iPhone on the train on the way to work and you watch a video from the net and not a rented DVD from the video store down the street. I personally saw the effect on business on the weekend as I passed our local record store that had announced in its window that it is ceasing to trade next week. Continuar leyendo «Is Real Time Social Media Destroying Our Entertainment Industries? | by»

Camera +Turned Down Acquisitions From Adobe, Google, Twitter; Also Says “F*ck The VCs”

Camera+ …the-ultimate-photo-app-e1292981987493

Two years ago, app developer tap tap tap launched Camera+ onto the App Store. For only a buck, users could get way more mileage out of the mobile photography experience, bringing 27 color effects and granular controls to their iPhone cameras. These features have made it one of the most popular camera apps out there. So popular, in fact, that Camera+ rang in its second birthday today with its 8 millionth download, tap tap tap founder John Casasanta said in a blog post.

As part of the celebration, Casasanta reflected on his company’s journey over the past two years. In his post, he reveals that tap tap tap received a handful of acquisition offers from several notable names: “It started with Adobe, then went to Zynga (for The Heist, not really for Camera+), then Google. And most recently, Twitter.”

The startup has also apparently had plenty of interest from VCs and was recently close to the finalizing its first round of financing. However, the team decided against closing the round, Casasanta says, because they “didn’t like the direction the investors were trying to push us in,” and instead chose to remain independent.

In a rallying cry for all those who forego outside investment, the founder then exposed his middle finger to the world’s venture capitalists, saying, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … f*ck the VCs!”

In a post from 2008, which he links to, Casasanta outlines his quarrels with VCs, saying:

In a nutshell, VCs will give you just enough money to get the ball barely rolling, but then repeatedly force your hand in later funding rounds (if you even make it that far). They’ll have you by the cojones and you’ll have no choice but to give up more and more of what you’ve built through your blood and sweat. And what’s worse, VCs typically bet on a large group of startups with the expectations that one will hit big (the 1 in 10 guideline).

So what about the ones that don’t make it? Well, the founders may very well care about their creations deeply. But the VCs will be

quick to amputate and cauterize. They’ll cut their losses in a heartbeat no matter how this would affect the people who’ve poured their souls into their babies. I’ve known many people who’ve been in this predicament over the years and it’s unfortunate to say the least.

He sounds bitter, like someone who’s been scarred by a deal or two with investors turning sour, but his note of encouragement are words for all punk and indie developers to live by — although it’s probably not advisable for all to follow the same path. Clearly, there are more than a few startups that would kill to have been in the same fortunate position, and would have gladly taken the money. Continuar leyendo «Camera +Turned Down Acquisitions From Adobe, Google, Twitter; Also Says “F*ck The VCs”»

23snaps, la nueva red social para padres

Autor: Lincinews | |

Existe una nueva forma para que los padres puedan disfrutar de sus hijos y mostrarle a sus amigos y familiares, cómo crecen y avanzan. A veces en Facebook, cuando quieres postear una foto de tus hijos, te gustaría que sólo algunos pudieran acceder y para hacerlo, debes poner filtros y un sinfín de cosas. Ahora, “23snaps” la red social “privada” más reciente disponible en la App Store de Apple, te permite capturar, compartir y atesorar todos los momentos más especiales de la vida de tus hijos.

Es ideal para todos los padres que prefieren no postear ese tipo de cosas en Facebook. Simultáneamente, evita el bombardeo de fotografías de las poses de bebé que pueden agobiar a tus contactos… Continuar leyendo «23snaps, la nueva red social para padres»

How to fix your Twitter @ mentions if they are not working on iPhone

Via Scoop.ithuman being in – perfección

For anybody using the official iPhone app over the last couple of days, you will have noticed a major bug
that is not allowing people to see their @ mentions. The bug is still in place for many people today, rendering
Twitter fairly useless as a conversational tool.

Luckily, the good news is that even though Twitter are busy fixing the bug, there is a quick fix that you can do yourself which involves the oldest trick in the world: the old off and on switch. Continuar leyendo «How to fix your Twitter @ mentions if they are not working on iPhone»

Publicidad divertida: 25 creativos anuncios rebosantes de ingenio y humor | Advrt. de BEST (Para reir un cacho)

Como en otras muchas veces hemos puesto de manifiesto, la publicidad puede ser divertida, y por ello en esta ocasión, volvemos para ofrecerte una nueva selección con 25 creativos anuncios rebosantes de ingenio y humor que seguro no te dejarán indiferente. No te los pierdas!

por Redacción

Una vez más, regresamos con aquello que más nos hace sonreír. La publicidad creativa que recurre al humor para transmitir su mensaje. Anuncios rebosantes de ingenio y creatividad que de forma inteligente son capaces por si mismos de arrancan una sonrisa o carcajada, generando un impacto positivo en el consumidor.

Como en otras muchas veces hemos puesto de manifiesto, la publicidad puede ser divertida, y por ello en esta ocasión, volvemos para ofrecerte una nueva selección con 25 creativos anuncios rebosantes de ingenio y humor que seguro no te dejarán indiferente. No te los pierdas!

FLUD: How Two Small Design Changes Tripled User Engagement

These two simple design changes boosted our engagement like crazy. The proof is in the chart above. Yes that’s the real chart with the real jump in engagement. It’s not brain surgery, but being smart with your design will determine if your app fails or succeeds.

So how can you make this happen? Start with data. Make sure you use established data and analytic tracking products like Apsolar or Flurry in your application. They’re very simple to implement and will make all the difference when trying to track your progress. Secondly, set benchmarks before hand. It’s OK to be aggressive. Choose numbers you’ll be ecstatic about. Don’t settle for something you know you’ll reach. Lastly, determine your key aspirations. What are goals? If you’re a travel app maybe you want to increase bookings so you make the “Book Now” bigger or change the color. If you’re a location-based restaurant app, maybe you want your users to run more searches, so look at things like how easy is it to find your search bar or how quickly can your user scan results in order to make a decision. If you’re a photo sharing app and you want more uploads, consider the steps it takes to find the share buttons. Are they hidden in a menu or do they automatically pop-up when a new picture is taken? Little things like these change your application drastically and help you reach your engagement goals. After all, that’s why you built the app, right?

Its too easy to second-guess many decisions you make when you design anything. Even the best designers in the world don’t get it right the first time, they rarely get it right the second time, and most need four or five iterations to hit the spot. Final note, as the wisest in our industry would agree – iterate quicker and fail faster.


You built an app, it’s great, but still, there’s something missing. You’re not getting the user engagement you had hoped for. The good news is, you don’t need to spend a whole lot of time and money trying to boost your numbers, all you need to do is take your existing app and test out a few design changes. A lot of the time it’s small tweaks in design that can really transform your app and boost user engagement.  Before you start overhauling the design and making plans to build the next big thing, remember to keep it simple. Don’t waste a lot of time tweaking too many pieces at once. Not only will it be a nightmare to measure which changes have proved successful, it will take too long — too long to design, too long to implement, and too long to test. Test quicker, faster, smaller things and you can make better design decisions.

Case in point, here’s what happened at Flud. When we launched Flud 2.0 in December 2011, everything seemed great from the outside. People were downloading the app, reading articles and adding sources, but we were expecting more in app engagement as well as more engagement with the Flud Stream and Flud 2.0’s most important social feature — the Activity Stream. Before our launch, we set a benchmark. We wanted x number of users to open the app y number of times, read z number of articles and influence i number of users. When we didn’t reach that benchmark we asked ourselves what was wrong — why weren’t we getting engagement we wanted? Continuar leyendo «FLUD: How Two Small Design Changes Tripled User Engagement»


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