Top 25 Fastest Growing YouTube Brand Channels

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An increasing number of CMOs have started to realize the importance of YouTube as an effective marketing strategy. Creating viral videos will get your brand under the social spotlight. Take a look at the following companies which understand this need and are actually very good at it!

Monitoring your brand on YouTube will get you great results!

For brands, a couple of things are of main importance. First, it´s the ability to show off new products via videos instead of conventional advertising methods. Second, the video quality and a clear message is what matters for most of the subscribers. And finally, make your content viral! The more subscribers you will get, the better your chances to reach more people with your video. This strategy is really powerful in promoting your business.

Recently, we have covered some brands that have rocked Socialbakers weekly YouTube statistics in terms of the number of uploaded videos. On the top, you could see RovioMobile, Angry BirdsNike and Red Bull. Now let us present the Top 25 brands that have produced the most successful viral video
content over the whole month!

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Which Smartphone Apps are the Biggest Data Hogs?

Which classes of apps eat the most data? Which single apps in each category are the least data-efficient? We tested various popular Android apps to find out.

Are you aware of how much data your smartphone’s apps are using up? Android phones are averaging about 583 megabytes (MB) of data usage monthly, according to 2011 stats from Nielson.

Some apps are far worse than others when it comes to data usage, and it’s important to know which ones are the hogs, especially for those on limited or low-end data plans.

And limited or capped data plans appear to be the wave of the future. For instance, AT&T offers tiered plans ranging from 300MB to 3 gigabytes (GB) per month. When you exceed your monthly allotment of data, your carrier either throttles down your speed or hits you with expensive overage charges.

We tested the data usage of popular apps in six different categories to find out which are easiest and hardest on data. If one of your go-to apps is a data hog, you may be able to find a similar app that does the same things but uses less data.

We tested the apps using a Droid Razr phone running on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, and used theMy Data Manager and Onavo apps to measure the data being used. Seguir leyendo “Which Smartphone Apps are the Biggest Data Hogs?”

5 noticias que tendrías que haber leído esta semana



La semana que hoy concluye ha tenido un claro protagonista: el iPad. No se llamó ni iPad 3 ni iPad HD, como todos esperábamos, y Apple se salió por la tangente bautizando a su recién nacido dispositivo de forma oficiosa ‘nuevo iPad’. Aún así, el iPad no fue el único gran tema de la semana. Estas han sido las noticias más leídas de los últimos días y los temas que no habría que dejar escapar para estar al día llegado el domingo.

iPad infografía
iPad 3: Lo que ya se sabe

Las noticias del iPad (previsiones, lanzamiento, consecuencias…) fueron con diferencia las más leídas y compartidas en redes sociales de la semana. La previa se ha alzado con el oro de lo más exitoso de la semana y la plata se la ha llevado la cobertura en directo de la presentación.

Apple App Store aplicaciones descargas

Las aplicaciones más descargadas de la App Store

La App Store alcanzó su descarga 25.000 millones esta semana y Apple aprovechó para desvelar cuáles eran las aplicaciones más descargadas en la historia de la tienda online. Angry Birds, Skype, Facebook o Whatsapp son las más populares tanto en iPhone como en iPad.

Don Draper, en Mad Men

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Mobile Marketing Association to Address Smartphone Privacy Issue

This post is part of our ReadWriteMobile channel, which is dedicated to helping its community understand the strategic business and technical implications of developing mobile applications. This channel is sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent. As you’re exploring these resources, check out this helpful resource from our sponsors: Cultivating a Developer Ecosystem: Understanding Their Needs 

apps_150x150.pngAs Apple faces a class action lawsuit where it’s being accused of sharing users’ personal information with advertising networks without their consent, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is now stepping in with plans to develop a set of mobile privacy guidelines for the industry.

The new guidelines will complement the group’s existing Global Code of Conduct, and will attempt to address the growing need for marketers and consumers to have a “transparent, accepted understanding,” in its words, as to how information on a mobile device is collected and what’s being done with it. Seguir leyendo “Mobile Marketing Association to Address Smartphone Privacy Issue”

Wallpaper: Full Moon

Halloween: A night of terror celebrated worldwide.

For many, it is also a night to let loose and explore their personal creativity. This creative energy fuels some unbelievable costumes, amazing parties, and usually some pretty unique libations to go with.

Almost everyone has something that scares the living crap out of them. One of my fears happens to be being lost in an ominous forest teaming with unknown creatures and… maybe even worse… undead MySpace pages!

This fear is what inspired me to create this “spook-tacular” Halloween wallpaper. Seguir leyendo “Wallpaper: Full Moon”