ACSI Benchmarks for Smartphone Brands 2013

ACSIThe American Customer Satisfaction Index - The voice of the Nation's Consumer

The American Customer Satisfaction Index independently measures customer satisfaction with top-selling smartphone brands available to U.S. consumers. The customer satisfaction benchmarks are based on randomly sampled interviews with current smartphone users. The study expands ACSI coverage of the cell phone industry to provide ACSI clients with detailed customer satisfaction data at the brand level for the rapidly growing smartphone market.

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July 31, 2013

Smartphone Customer Satisfaction 2013
Model Manufacturer ACSI Score
(0-100 Scale)
Galaxy S III Samsung 84
Galaxy Note II Samsung 84
iPhone 5 Apple 82
iPhone 4S Apple 82
iPhone 4 Apple 81
Droid Razr Maxx HD Motorola Mobility 80
Galaxy S II Samsung 78
Droid Razr Motorola Mobility 77
Curve BlackBerry 67
Bold BlackBerry 64

Facebook cae en el índice de satisfacción del cliente

De las 230 empresas analizadas por American Customer Index, la red social creada por Zuckerberg es una de las cinco con peor resultado

Facebook se hundió en el índice de satisfacción del cliente de este año. Así lo afirma la encuesta American Customer Satisfaction Index.

De acuerdo con El País, la red social sufrió una caída de un 8% respecto al año anterior: 61 puntos sobre los 100 posibles. Es una de las cinco compañías con peor resultado entre las 230 analizadas.

Los otros puestos
Google+ debutó en el ACSI con 78 puntos.

También Pinterest (69), Twitter (64) y Linkedin (63) quedaron por delante de Facebook.

Según el estudio, el usuario de Facebook se queja por:

  • Los frecuentes cambios de diseño.
  • La introducción de la Línea del Tiempo.
  • La privacidad de los datos.
  • La abundancia de publicidad.

Entre los buscadores y portales, la satisfacción del consumidor es mayor, ya que Google tiene 82 puntos, seguido de Bing 889), Ask (80) y Yahoo (78).

Apple, Amazon Rank High in Online Customer Satisfaction Survey | Moneyland

Chris Ratcliffe / Bloomberg via Getty

In an annual study tracking customer satisfaction ratings with the top 100 online retailers, perhaps the biggest takeaway is that Amazon is the world’s biggest e-retailer for a reason: It just plain makes customers happier than the competition.

In this year’s ForeSee E-Retail Satisfaction Index, awards for top satisfaction were named in various shopping categories, including apparel (L.L. Bean), computers and electronics (Apple), food and drug (Keurig), and more. Yet without a doubt, only one retailer can legitimately claim the overall crown.

“Amazon continues to set the standard for e-retailers,” the study reads. “Amazon’s score sets a record as the highest score ever attained by a retailer measured in this Index.”

The index uses a 0 to 100 scale, with scores based on four main factors: functionality, merchandise, content, and price. It’s difficult to get a handle on how, exactly, scores are tabulated, but an 80 or above is considered good. Overall, online shoppers aren’t any happier or more disappointed with e-retail this year: The average score has stood at 78 for three straight years.

Individual retailers, though, have demonstrated improvement. Netflix, which led all e-retailers in customer satisfaction two years ago with a score of 87, fell to 79 in late 2011 after a year of price hikes and cancelled subscriptions, only to rebound to 81 lately. Amazon, which netted last year’s highest score with an 86, registered an all-time high 89 this year.

What’s most impressive about Amazon is that it performs well across the spectrum of indexes and surveys such as the one recently published by ForeSee. According to one study released last summer, Amazon is tops for customer service. In the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which was released in February and incorporates online and brick-and-mortar stores alike, Amazon was named the best of the best.

These surveys also show that not only are customers happy with Amazon, online shopping in general is more satisfying than traditional shopping in physical stores. In the ACSI study, online retail clearly trumped brick-and-mortar retail in terms of customer satisfaction.

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