The New Alchemy: 3 Tips that Can Turn PowerPoint into Content Gold | Parte (3)

The basics: Make your slides viewable or downloadable online, using SlideShare or Acrobat formats

The easiest and most basic way to use presentations in content marketing is to place a downloadable PDF (Acrobat) file in an article or post, or to use a public slide sharing service to embed the slides into your web pages or posts.

PDF. Most presentation programs now offer a “Save as PDF” option that will produce a ready-to-view file that will work with just about any desktop or mobile device. When saving a file for viewers to look at, use this option rather than uploading the PowerPoint presentation itself, since Acrobat Reader is a much more universal viewing application than PowerPoint.

For many centuries and across cultures — long before chemistry was a science — alchemists pursued a famous quest: to turn common lead into gold. This ancient challenge piqued the interest of luminaries as notable as Leonardo da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Albertus Magnus, and countless others. But except for the brief experiments of a Nobel laureate in the 1950s, the goal of making common materials into precious metals has proven elusive.

Marketers: Searching for nuggets

Today’s marketers are pursuing a different kind of gold: the educated and ready-to-buy prospect. Much has been written here about the critical importance of fresh, original content to attract potential buyers, make them smarter, and move them closer to a choice that favors our products or services. Leer más “The New Alchemy: 3 Tips that Can Turn PowerPoint into Content Gold | Parte (3)”