When fear permeates Adland, it’s hard to do the things you should.

Let’s look at how dread manifests itself in the workplace. Specifically, our workplace. The economy blows; we all know that. Advertising is dying, or so we have been told…a thousand times. Maybe we’ve had a few bad meetings. Maybe the agency lost an account. And there it is: dread. Suddenly, our feet feel not so firmly planted on the ground. The air gets thinner. We begin to worry about our position within the company. Our future. So instead of doing the things we should do (focus and work harder), we become quarrelsome and defensive, pointing fingers, looking for scapegoats. Some of us hide, choosing to isolate. Because we feel things are falling apart we no longer feel a part of things. Sound familiar? Sadly, this is as natural as it is unhealthy. In the midst of fear, we react instead of act. We do what the primitive DNA commands. Fight or flight.


“I don’t know why sometimes I get frightened.”
-Split Enz

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

It’s spring. Time to turn on the fear. Leer más “When fear permeates Adland, it’s hard to do the things you should.”