Yes, we may all be living in the Matrix, say physicists |


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German scientists say they’ve found a way to tell whether or not our universe is a giant computersimulation – and that there’s evidence to suggest that it is.

The basis of the idea is that, if the universe is a simulation, then it would have certain observable constraints.

The laws of physics, which appear continuous, would have to be superimposed onto a discrete three-dimensional lattice which advances in steps of time.

This lattice spacing, says Professor Silas Beane of the University of Bonn, would impose an otherwise unnecessary limit on the energy that particles can have, because nothing can exist that is smaller than the lattice itself.

And, he says, precisely such a a cut-off in the spectrum of high energy particles exists: a limit to the energy of cosmic rays known as the Greisen–Zatsepin–Kuzmin (GZK) cut-off. High energy particles interacting with the cosmic microwave background lose energy as they travel across long distances. Seguir leyendo “Yes, we may all be living in the Matrix, say physicists |”

This Ultimate Toolbox helps customize your Android ROMs

Software modders know all too well that customizing an Android ROM can be a time consuming process – even for veteran users.

Fortunately, Despotovski01 of XDA Devs has coded the aptly named Ultimate Toolbox Pro to help fellow Android enthusiasts simplify their quest for the perfect mod.

As FallenWriter of XDA Devs notes, this utility helps eliminate the more tedious steps involved in customizing a ROM.

Key features include:

* creator
* signer
* Flash kernels
* Flash recovery images   >>> Seguir leyendo “This Ultimate Toolbox helps customize your Android ROMs


Researchers identify wild orgy gene

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Ménage à trois? Wild orgies? One night stands? Who says science can’t be sexy?

Certainly not Binghamton University researchers, who are hard at work uncovering the sultry secrets behind human sexual behavior.

The team – led by Dr. Justin Garcia – recently identified a dopamine receptor gene known as DRD4 that is purportedly linked to chronic infidelity and “uncommitted” one-night stands.

And wouldn’t you know it?

The very same gene has already been linked to alcoholism, gambling addiction and a predilection for really bad horror movies.

Oddly enough, another study claimed the mysterious gene was responsible for political liberalism, along with “openness” to new social situations.

“What we found was that individuals with a certain variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to have a history of uncommitted sex, including one-night stands and acts of infidelity,” Garcia confirmed. Seguir leyendo “Researchers identify wild orgy gene”

Google builds a bridge to the cloud

Google has introduced a Cloud Connect feature for the latest iteration of its Search Appliance that allows users to search across on-premise and cloud-based content from a single box.

“In the last year, businesses have started using cloud-[powered] applications from [us] and other technology providers at an accelerated rate,” explained Rajat Mukherjee, Google Enterprise Search product manager.

“While many organizations still have information that resides in on-premise systems, more and more important business information today is living in the cloud, in collaborative tools like Google Apps – now used by more than 3 million businesses – and services like Twitter.”

Google builds a bridge to the cloudAs such, Cloud Connect displays relevant, personalized results from Google Docs and Google Sites, alongside results from more traditional repositories, like file shares and content management systems.

This facilitates easier access to collaborative documents, spreadsheets, presentations and sites – while permitting users to search content via Twitter, blogs and websites.

The new version of the Search Appliance is also expected to optimize collaboration between employees with the addition of People Search – which makes it easy to locate experts and contact co-workers related to a search query, right from the search results page. Seguir leyendo “Google builds a bridge to the cloud”