December 2012 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in Argentina |

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Local fan statistics for all Facebook Pages! Our Regional reports are now packed with competitive advantage, unwrap them NOW!

For the first time ever, you can now breakdown your competitors’ Facebook page fans by country. You are now able to see any brand´s fan distribution within any country you select thanks to our monthly Regional reports and our Facebook Page statistics section on our homepage. Just click on any Page you want and you will instantly discover its 5 most supportive countries on Facebook.

Argentina en FBook
Facebook Pages Now Ranked by Local Fans

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Facebook Pages Now Ranked by Local Fans

As you can see in the report below, we are now ranking Facebook brands and media by the number of their local fans. They are still accompanied by the number of their total fan base but now you can also see the volume of local fans Liking the Page in the selected country. It´s also expressed by a percentage from the total fan base so you can get the bigger picture. Seguir leyendo “December 2012 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in Argentina |”

What’s The Average Reach Of Your Facebook Post? |

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How many Facebook users does your post reach on average?

There has been a lot of commotion around Facebook’s reach metric in the past few weeks. Some page admins have been claiming that they can only reach a fraction of the followers they used to with each post since September 21st. This sudden decrease is supposedly caused by the social network altering the Edgerank algorithm (more on that later) controlling which posts end up in fan’s News feeds, but Facebook hasn’t made it clear if that’s the case.

We think that it’s too early to state whether the reach metric or Edgerank has been altered or not, we are collecting data for a longer time period to conclude whether the downslide is justified. For now, look at the table below to see the average organic and viral reach of your post according to your page size (the data have been gathered from July 1st to September 30th 2012).

The Bigger You Are, The More Challenging It Gets

Naturally, the bigger your Facebook page gets the more people your posts will reach. But the percentage reached will gradually decrease, as it will represent a smaller fraction of your fan base. Yes, the bigger you are, the harder it is to reach and engage a larger percentage of your fans. While a smaller page with less than one thousand Likes reaches on average 33.2% of its fan base with a single post, a bigger page with between 100 and 999 thousand fans reaches “only” 8.2% of them, but of course the actual number of fans reached is larger.

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Facebook Mobile Hits 543 Million Users [Update]

With the Facebook Mobile application becoming faster, how fast is its user base growing?

In May, the Facebook Mobile application for mobile devices had 488 million users. And by the end of June, it reached 543 million monthly active users. That represents a 57% Facebook mobile penetration from the 955 million strong user base.

Faster Application = Faster Growth?

The application has been often criticized for being too slow and unresponsive, but about two weeks ago, Facebook issued a massive update to its iOS app and it is now much faster and easier to use. Not to mention that iPads finally support Timeline and it looks great on the retina screen. Facebook for Android has also gone through a smaller update resulting in faster photo uploads.

Mobile Platforms – The Biggest Changes

North America continues to be the strongest Facebook Mobile continent with over 161 million monthly active users and South Africa, Nigeria and Japan still rule the ranking of the countries with the highest Facebook Mobile penetration. But check out the numbers concerning the penetration of individual mobile platforms! During the last quarter, Facebook for Android has grown the most in absolute numbers (22.5 million new users) and iPad increased its mobile Facebook base by 45%! Now that Timeline is available for iPad, it will be interesting to see how the numbers grow.

Facebook Mobile Infographic

Check out, Share and Like the infographic below and compare it to the results we issued in May.

TOP 20 Best Countries in Facebook Customer Service [UPDATE]

Recently, we presented the most Socially Devoted industries as well as individual brands. And to get the bigger picture, we are providing you with the list of countries that excel at social customer care according to our statistics!

[UPDATE]: You were curious about other Socially Devoted countries so we decided to update the list by another 10 devoted countries!

North Europe Is The Best In Social Customer Care… Seguir leyendo “TOP 20 Best Countries in Facebook Customer Service [UPDATE]”

Google+ Brands Grow Faster Than The Ones On Twitter

Jan Rezab

by Jan Rezab, CEO 

Once again, we ran our data and found out that brands on Google+ are growing much faster than brands on Twitter.

Our table below and the quick analysis of the TOP 15 brands on Twitter and Google+ include brands from our ranks on which are updated automatically every 24 hoursSocial­

The data clearly shows that Google+ brands grow faster than the brands on Twitter which is especially interesting after today´s annou­ncement of enhanced listings on Google+.

PRO Analytics for your Facebook Pages

Facebook’s Most Engaging Industries in Q1 [Global Analysis]

Facebook’s Most Engaging Industries in Q1 [Global Analysis] image

Some Facebook industries know how to grow fast while others do a much better job in engaging fans. Is there a recipe that would automatically transform the offline success of an industry into social media success?

Throughout the Q1 we have been analyzing the performance of individual industries on Facebook to bring you Socialbakers’ first quarterly rank of the most engaging industries.

The average Engagement Rate data was calculated on the sample of the TOP 100 brands in each Facebook industry.

Our quarterly results show that Automotive brands on Facebook have achieved thehighest average Engagement Rate (0.16%) of all monitored industries. It has increased by nearly 0.04% from September 2011.

According to our recent analysis, Tuesdays are the most engaging day of the week for automobile brands because that´s when their Fans interact with their posts and photos the most. BMWFerrariMercedes-Benz and Audi belong to the most successful global players in this sector. Seguir leyendo “Facebook’s Most Engaging Industries in Q1 [Global Analysis]”

Twitter’s Most Viral Brands Of The Month!

Twitter’s Most Viral Brands Of The Month!

These brands on Twitter had to do something right because they have gained the most followers in the past month!

Facebook And Healthy Food Grow Fast And Dominate Twitter!

Socialbakers statistics bring you an overview of 5 brands that gained the most followers in the last month. Facebook and the Whole Foods Market are dominating Twitter overall and they are continuing to grow. Facebook is in lead with almost over a million more followers than the Whole Foods Market. But Starbucks Coffee is breathing on their back so we will keep an eye on them and keep you updated! Seguir leyendo “Twitter’s Most Viral Brands Of The Month!”

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At Socialbakers, we have been setting the metrics in the Social media world. Our Analytics Pro product for social profiles is monitoring millions of social profiles out there and checking their individual growth, fans, Engagement Rate, and many other things.
We are also preparing new metrics for you, which we will share with you before we launch them.Do you do your social benchmarking right? image

If you have not seen our Socialbakers benchmarking features, here is a quick tasty screenshot of the summary & engagement of Lous Vuitton, and the Fashion on Facebook category.

We believe that Benchmarking is one of the most powerful features of Socialbakers Analytics Pro, and many of our clients that have a bunch of pages created their individual custom benchmarks based on many of their pages and are comparing individual pages, if they perform better than the company. If you want to use benchmarking, well you better start using Socialbakers Analytics Pro – check out the site and TAKE A TOUR.

Top Brands On Facebook Gainers

Brands on Facebook that we currently index in our database.
If you want to add new Brands on Facebook to this rank, please suggest it.

# Facebook page name Fans PTA ER RR Score
1. Coca-Cola Facebook Page Monitoring Coca-Cola 39171866 657063 Go PRO
2. Starbucks Facebook Page Monitoring Starbucks 28291830 327482 Go PRO
3. Red Bull Facebook Page Monitoring Red Bull 26759499 331110 Go PRO
4. Oreo Facebook Page Monitoring Oreo 24788145 213443 Go PRO
5. Converse Facebook Page Monitoring Converse 22818195 427015 Go PRO
6. Converse All Star Facebook Page Monitoring Converse All Star 22464019 271270 Go PRO
7. Skittles Facebook Page Monitoring Skittles 20430520 174441 Go PRO
8. PlayStation Facebook Page Monitoring PlayStation 19830456 326816 Go PRO
9. iTunes Facebook Page Monitoring iTunes 19718060 379304 Go PRO
10. Pringles Facebook Page Monitoring Pringles 17827815 271253 Go PRO
11. Victoria's Secret Facebook Page Monitoring Victoria’s Secret 17566465 345446 Go PRO
12. McDonald's Facebook Page Monitoring McDonald’s 15869998 658408 Go PRO
13. Angry Birds Facebook Page Monitoring Angry Birds 15618634 856992 Go PRO
14. Windows Live Messenger Facebook Page Monitoring Windows Live Messenger 15046492 127598 Go PRO
15. Xbox Facebook Page Monitoring Xbox 14739142 211005 Go PRO
16. Ferrero Rocher Facebook Page Monitoring Ferrero Rocher 14498641 312579 Go PRO
17. Monster Energy Facebook Page Monitoring Monster Energy 14293306 312602 Go PRO
18. Nutella Facebook Page Monitoring Nutella 13542685 313180 Go PRO
19. adidas Originals Facebook Page Monitoring adidas Originals 12710220 257319 Go PRO
20. Walmart Facebook Page Monitoring Walmart 12230727 525626 Go PRO
21. Disneyland Facebook Page Monitoring Disneyland 12192610 328768 Go PRO
22. ZARA Facebook Page Monitoring ZARA 12055498 168631 Go PRO
23. Dr Pepper Facebook Page Monitoring Dr Pepper 11378470 160419 Go PRO
24. NBA Facebook Page Monitoring NBA 11258434 278198 Go PRO
25. Victoria's Secret Pink Facebook Page Monitoring Victoria’s Secret Pink 11185196 163708 Go PRO
26. Burberry Facebook Page Monitoring Burberry 10701398 197477 Go PRO
27. Disney Pixar Facebook Page Monitoring Disney Pixar 10647448 95285 Go PRO
28. Levi's Facebook Page Monitoring Levi’s 10617805 197841 Go PRO
29. Subway Facebook Page Monitoring Subway 10549382 352476 Go PRO
30. Starburst Facebook Page Monitoring Starburst 10469525 57587 Go PRO
31. BlackBerry Facebook Page Monitoring BlackBerry 10146006 250113 Go PRO
32. H&M Facebook Page Monitoring H&M 9845695 182159 Go PRO
33. Nike Football Facebook Page Monitoring Nike Football 9680064 118063 Go PRO
34. Target Facebook Page Monitoring Target 8736995 184248 Go PRO
35. Reese's Facebook Page Monitoring Reese’s 8652397 75138 Go PRO
36. Starbucks Frappuccino Facebook Page Monitoring Starbucks Frappuccino 8573525 87856 Go PRO
37. Walt Disney World Facebook Page Monitoring Walt Disney World 8340907 200408 Go PRO
38. Taco Bell Facebook Page Monitoring Taco Bell 8166477 173287 Go PRO
39. Lacoste Facebook Page Monitoring Lacoste 8131608 251911 Go PRO
40. BMW Facebook Page Monitoring BMW 7932442 252186 Go PRO
41. WWE Facebook Page Monitoring WWE 7845635 277450 Go PRO
42. Mozilla Firefox Facebook Page Monitoring Mozilla Firefox 7746305 272638 Go PRO
43. UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship Facebook Page Monitoring UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship 7629227 102066 Go PRO
44. Skype Facebook Page Monitoring Skype 7574411 393770 Go PRO
45. Pepsi Facebook Page Monitoring Pepsi 7508966 136317 Go PRO
46. Google Facebook Page Monitoring Google 7461453 579338 Go PRO
47. DC Shoes Facebook Page Monitoring DC Shoes 7335782 231388 Go PRO
48. Hollister Co. Facebook Page Monitoring Hollister Co. 7323831 148794 Go PRO
49. Nokia Facebook Page Monitoring Nokia 7212899 286255 Go PRO
50. Sprite Facebook Page Monitoring Sprite 6806009 380080 Go PRO


Argentina Facebook Statistics


» Countries » Argentina
Facebook monitoring helps to improve your business and social media marketing strategy in every country. Currently, there are 17784380 Facebook users in the Argentina, which makes it #12 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by country.

Also, feel free to try our professional social media monitoring tool Engagement Analytics – monitor the situation on the market, track and analyze your fans’ engagement on your Facebook page, identify key influencers, response rates, and much more. Easily generate the data, compare them with your competitors or with the top brands in your field.

Argentina General info

Total Facebook Users: 17784380
Position in the list: 12.
Penetration of population: 43.02%
Penetration of online population 66.82%
Average CPC: $0.17
Average CPM: $0.07

TOP 5 brands in Argentina

Brands Facebook users
Quilmes Cerveza 1393344
Frizzé 1139046
Cindor 1034842
Garbarino 914664
Greenpeace Argentina 881756

LinkedIn Statistics BETA
On you can find LinkedIn Statistics from all their136787073 users. If you click on a country, you will be able to see LinkedIn statistics together with more details (currently in beta state).

Facebook Statistics: Top growing countries in January


Facebook Statistics: Top growing countries in January imageGet unique inside into the top countries with the fastest user growth on Facebook – brought to you by Socialbakers.

Socialbakers brings you social media statistics for all platforms, and especially the most important, our hottest Facebook statistics. Socialbakers measures the fastest user growth on Facebook in different countries. In January 2012, Colombia moves to the top while strong countries from previous months, such as United Kingdom and Turkey didn’t make it to the list of top 15 by growth this time.

Often times, Socialbakers social media country statistics point out on BrazilIndiaand Indonesia as top Facebook countries to watch. An astonishing absolute growth of ~1–3 million new users in January confirms these countries will remain among the world growth winners. Seguir leyendo “Facebook Statistics: Top growing countries in January”