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You need to maintain an exciting online presence to keep up with those Jones, right? The old adage is no different when it comes to the hottest social networks – only the competition’s a whole heck of a lot more fierce.

That explains why you see so many new features pop up on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and other big shot social networks on a seemingly near-weekly basis. In fact, just a few days ago, Twitter overhauled its platform yet again with some awesome new features designed to keep things edgy for users. Good news, Twitter lovers – they rock. The big winners are the new header image options for individual and business accounts and the dynamic changes to the new Discover tab.

Changing Your Twitter Account’s Header Image

Twitter lifted a page right out of Facebook’s playbook, and it’s a cool new way to give your Twitter profile page a major facelift. True, the new header images you can add to your page have shades of Google+ and Facebook timeline. However, I nevertheless think this is a fantastic new addition if you’re into the whole online “branding” thing (by the way, if you’re not… you should be). Creating and maintaining a unified online presence is the single best way to create a network of peers in your niche and build your brand.

It’s easy to insert a new header image, and people are already hacking away at their Twitter accounts to create fun new designs to spice up their profiles. Just check out these cool pages created by some staffers over at

Image 1:


The cool thing about designing your new page is that you can do it via mobile app or directly through the Twitter website. When you do it through the website, you should first head over to your account’s Design page. Once you’ve navigated there, simply scroll down until you see the section labeled “Customize your own.” Then, look for the button labeled “Change header.” From there, you can upload your own unique header image directly to your profile.

You are free to shift and scale your header image to your heart’s desire. Keep in mind, though, that the original size of the image cannot be greater than 1252×626 pixels, and the maximum size of your file must be no greater than 5 megabytes. Although Twitter doesn’t offer specifics about size minimums, most design sites are reporting that any image with a width smaller than 640 pixels will look pretty rough – so make sure to size things up before you upload.

Once you get your header image uploaded and placed in the perfect spot, you’ll see it displayed behind your avatar. As you can see from the examples above, you can go crazy with the creativity of your design – you can even get a bit silly with it. Try out lots of different ideas and styles, and check out other profiles on Twitter for inspiration before you get started.

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Going Viral | via

Going viral is the holy grail of any online ad campaign, or really any effort at online exposure, period. It’s akin to a TV show becoming a hit, or a movie raking in blockbuster gross sales. It can even be compared to a toy or item of clothing becoming the “hot” thing for the season.

So are these all comparable, or really just the same thing?

What exactly is something that’s “gone viral” and why do some things “go viral” while others don’t? Can this be predicted, or is it completely up to a whim or some ethereal “x factor” that some things have and others just don’t?

The Facts of ( Viral ) Life

So what does viral mean? Viral refers to something that self-propagates, or in the marketing sense, something that spreads by word-of-mouth, peer-to-peer, as opposed to strictly from an official advertisement.

Going viral is valuable because the intended audience does all the heavy advertising work for you, ideally at an exponential rate. This saves money and resources in advertising costs and usually means more potent audience penetration; people are more apt to believe their peers than an advertisement.

People like to hear themselves talk, not be talked at. So when someone with similar interests whose opinion you hold in high regard recommends something, you are more likely to follow up on that suggestion than if you received that same call-to-action from some generic public advertisement.

Viral advertising or marketing is any specific advertisement or campaign that is ultimately intended to go viral. Usually these campaigns need to be highly unorthodox or creatively unusual in order for them to virally spread. In fact, many campaigns even appear as “real” or non-commercial in order to gain more viral effect. Leer más “Going Viral | via”

6 Steps to a Perfect Social Media Strategy | vía SiteProNews


Social Media Strategy

If you are seeking to increase leads, sales, visibility or all of the above, the first thing you want to do is make sure everything you do online and offline obeys these six principles, that Dr. Robert Cialdini covers in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

1. Scarcity: Run limited offers on your Twitter and Facebook pages that provide attractive reasons to register, enroll or buy right away. Offers exclusively for current or past customers can be effective but one adding the element of scarcity is really your secret weapon. Groupon has a countdown that shows you how much time you have left to purchase and it certainly encourages people to buy sooner than later!

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