Self-employment: seven steps to success

Self employed need public liability insurance

  • By Rosie Beasley |

Self employed entrepreneurs need the right business insurance

Climbing out of your comfort zone is always a big step, but the rewards of setting up as self-employed persuade thousands every year to go it alone.

Autonomy, hours to suit and the chance to steer your own career are just part of the attraction. Success however needs a firm foundation, so before you take on the big boys, make sure you’ve crossed your ‘t’s, covered your back and polished up your permits.

1. Plan for perfection

Even if you plan to work alone on a freelance basis, you should still treat your new situation as a business – therefore a good business plan is essential. Setting out exactly what you’ll be doing, who your target customers and competitors are, how you’ll promote yourself and where you hope to be in five years time will help you think strategically, and address any weaknesses in your plan before they become problems. You should also try and forecast what your expenses will be and how much revenue you’ll need to turn a profit.

Bank managers or other investors will need to see this business plan if you want to raise money – and in this case you should also detail exactly how much money you’ll need, what it will be used for, and how quickly they can either have it back or start to see returns.

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The Simply Business Productivity Series

 By Jasper Martens / Hannah Smith |

A series of tools and resources to help you to increase productivity

Increasing productivity is a challenge – whether your primary objectives are to increase the profitability of your company, to grow and expand; or if you’re just trying to spend a little more time with the people you love and a little less time battling with your inbox!

 A key part of the challenge is the sheer amount of information on productivity there is out there – blog posts, books, videos, tools and apps – who has the time to evaluate this stuff?

Well, help is at hand

 We’ve put together a series of tools and resources to help you to increase productivity:

How to increase communication and collaboration between individuals and teams.

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