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  • We take a look at some of the most-viewed and most-shared videos on the web. This week features some Oscar-worthy performances from cute animals, the commander of the dark side in the happiest place on Earth, a safety briefing everyone will want to listen to, some manly encouragement for Movember, 250 movies in two and a half minutes and the only way to settle things – hoop-off!  | >>>>

  • Tech start-up of the week: iGeotecOur tech start-up of the week is iGeotec, a geospatial technology spin-out from NUI Maynooth that has developed a geoinformatics platform based in the cloud that handles GPS, digital mapping, sensors, spatial analytics, mobile and web-location enabled services.  | >>>>

  • Spot the International Space Station with new NASA serviceUS space agency NASA has announced a new service to help earthlings spot the International Space Station when it is overhead.  | >>>>

  • OPINION – Ireland’s public sector needs greater direction on legal implications of cloud computingIreland’s public service needs to develop a greater understanding of the legal implications of cloud computing in terms of where the data resides, argues Dr Bob Strunz from the University of Limerick.  | >>>>

Supply chain management critical to the bottom line and business survival

Supply chain management critical to the bottom line and business survival

Supply chain management critical to the bottom line and business survival

From economic disasters to natural disasters across the world, the importance of supply chain management (SCM) has never been more critical to the bottom line of a business, a survey by PwC claims.

The survey suggests supply chain leaders deliver better than average financial results, enjoying twice the profitability advantage over laggards and a 17-point on-time delivery percentage advantage.

Interest in next-generation technology is growing and more than 50pc of survey respondents are planning to implement new process automation or transparency.

More than two-thirds think sustainability will play a more prominent role in supply chains in the future. Leer más “Supply chain management critical to the bottom line and business survival” | Latest Stories
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Google+ to hit 400m users by December 2012 (infographic) |

Google+, the numbers

A new info graphic charting the rise and rise of Google+ predicts Google’s social network will hit 400m users by 31 December 2012.

Some 20pc of Google +’s users are students, followed by software engineers (2.6pc) and consultants (1.9pc). Pop star Britney Spears has the most followers on Google+ with 1.9m followers, according to a new info graphic on

The info graphic reveals that 42pc of Google+ users are single, 19.2pc are in a relationship, 27.3pc are married and 4.3pc are engaged. >>>>  Leer más “Google+ to hit 400m users by December 2012 (infographic) |”