@TheDrum: Radium One infographic on winners of Academy Awards 2013 if voted for through social media

Oscar for Best Film if voted for by Twitter and Facebook users

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Ok, you’re a marketer, still trying to determine if Pinterest is right for you…

…and you heard a boogey man story about copyright problems. You’re asking,
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Is Using Pinterest Going To Get Me In Trouble?”

(Although I’m not a lawyer, and this should not be considered legal advice…)

Let’s review the facts, and then you can decide…

Let’s say we did violate someone’s copyright. What happens next? The copyright holder has 3 choices, according to a great Electronic Frontier Foundation article on this issue. The copyright owner can:

  1. Let is slide.
  2. Sue you.
  3. Submit a DMCA Take Down Notice.

We think Youtube is a good case study for this issue, so it’s helpful to know what the common practice has been there when copyrights appear to be violated. As a general rule, again, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation Article, a DMCA Take Down Notice is the most common response because it is 1) Fast and 2) Inexpensive.

So, could you be sued if you make a mistake? Yes. Does that happen in real life? The Electronic Frontier People said they don’t know of ANY cases except a couple rare one’s involving leaked movie trailers.

[If the Copyright owner is getting massive referral traffic & brand exposure via Pinterest would they even want to file one of these notices? No. But still, they could. Let’s think worst case.] Leer más “Ok, you’re a marketer, still trying to determine if Pinterest is right for you…”