Our Top 5 Weird and Wacky QR Codes

QR codes on top of Cupcakes

QR Codes seem to be popping up everywhere these days, compelling passerby’s to whip out their phones and scan. As the QR code becomes more commonplace, we’ve also been seeing them pop up in some not so common places. We wanted to share our top picks for the wackiest QR codes we’ve came across.

1.  QR Codes on Tombstones…

This is about as strange as it gets. For $10,000 the Japanese company Ishinokoe will sell you a tombstone with a QR code that when scanned can connect family members and visitors to photos and other content about the deceased. Check out the content from this code:

QR code on tomb stone

2.  It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… QR code?!

This may be the most absurd QR code in existence simply because it’s the most difficult to scan. What were these marketers thinking? You can’t even tell who paid for the absurdity:

Airplane towing QR code

3.  QR Code Crochet Leer más “Our Top 5 Weird and Wacky QR Codes”

Smartphones can make you a “morning person” with QR codes to shut off your alarm

QR codes are now a part of the morning routine

Version 2 QR code example

Many people find it extremely hard to get out of bed in the morning, but a new Android app will help them using QR codes that must be scanned in order to shut off the noise of the alarm clock.

These days, it is rare to hear about people who are happy to spring out of bed in the morning. Instead, it’s more common to hear that they are such sound sleepers or get such a broken rest that even their alarm clocks aren’t enough to get them going. Often the alarm on the smartphone will go off, only to be shut off by a semi-conscious owner who goes right back to sleep again.

Many techniques have been attempted to overcome this problem, such as setting the smartphone outside of reach forcing the user to actually rise in order to shut it off. However, these techniques work only inconsistently – if at all. The new Morning’s Routine alarm app, developed by Agens for Android smartphones, is a unique way to wake up which requires that the users scan QR codes in order to shut off the sound. The only way that the alarm will be silenced is if a specific barcode is scanned through the app using the camera built into the device. Leer más “Smartphones can make you a “morning person” with QR codes to shut off your alarm”