Peek inside the mind of a community manager –

By Michael Sebastian

Have you thanked your community manager today? After all, it is the fourth Monday in January, which means it’s Community Manager Appreciation Day. 

Analyst Jeremiah Owyang created the holiday in 2010 to “recognize, and celebrate the efforts community managers around the world to improve customer experiences.” 

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12 fantabulous made-up words | | By Laura Hale Brockway


I write and edit for a living, so I often think of words as my currency. I love to share them, trade them, and stash them away for later use.

Though I don’t often get to invent words as part of my job, I love to read about words that others have created.

Below is a list of my favorite fictional words. You probably won’t find these in the Oxford English Dictionary any time soon, but let’s have some fun with them. Try using one in conversation with your co-workers or in your next staff meeting.

1. Beardspiration — a person whose beard is so inspiring, it causes others to grow beards of their own.

Example: That bartender’s goatee was truly a beardspiration. 

2. Beertastrophe — an event that leads to an epic loss of beer.

Example: A fire at the brewery meant beertastrophe for the tri-state area. 

3. Broetry — poetry for men.
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Facebook 101: How to earn fans for your brand page

There are essentially two ways to get people to like your brand on Facebook: the paid method and the earned method.

If someone simply likes your brand—in the actual sense of the word—and wants updates from the company, they will find you. That’s the earned method.

If you want to spread the word that your brand exists on Facebook, you can purchase pay-per-click ads and sponsored stories. That’s the paid method.

This story will focus on ways to earn fans. After all, anyone can see an ad or promotion and click “like” thinking they will get something free. Problem is, so many will never pay attention to your page again. But when you earn someone’s “like” you start to build the robust community that every marketer dreams of on Facebook.

For example, a costly pay-per-click campaign might attract 1,000 fans to your page, but there’s a good chance that many of them don’t care about your brand in the way you would hope. And that means they probably won’t become brand advocates who “like,” comment on, and share your posts.

However, if you earn those fans—even if its just 100 of them—you have a Facebook following that’s sharing, “liking,” and commenting. They’re recommending you to their friends, and soon your reach has grown. In fact, a recent survey found that companies with fewer fans often have a more engaged community.

Bottom line: Consider how you can get the right fans to “like” your page.

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How American Express is becoming the ‘social credit card’
It’s hard to put a price on a Twitter hashtag, but American Express is coming closer than anyone else ever has.

Starting in March, the credit card issuer encouraged customers to “tweet your way to savings” through a relatively simple process: Customers link their credit cards to their Twitter accounts, then start tweeting special hashtags to get discounts automatically applied to their cards.

“We want to be everywhere our card members and merchants are—and that is increasingly online and on their mobile devices—to deliver the unique experiences and offers that our customers expect from us,” says Bradley Minor, vice president of social media communications at American Express.

That perspective led Fast Company to call American Express “the social credit card.” Minor says that label is fine with him.

“In digital, and especially mobile, the simplicity and non-clunkiness of the user experience is key, and we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from card members,” he says.

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10 happiest companies for young professionals

Feel like you’re too young to be so cynical about work? Consider a job with one of these 10 organizations that Forbes highlights as the happiest companies for young professionals.

Forbes also looked at the 15 richest fictional characters, from C. Montgomery Burns and Scrooge McDuck to Jed Clampett and Bruce Wayne. All told, these 1 percenters have enough money to provide everyone on the planet with $30.

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Speaking of Bruce Wayne, check out this viral “Wanted” campaign to tease the upcoming installment of the Batman franchise, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

If we could actually cash in on the money Batman and his wealthy pals hold, I’d donate my $30 to fund a new Obama campaign mantra. Judging by the response to his new reelection slogan, “Forward,” I’d guess our President wishes he could rewind and do it over. At least he has the First Dog on the trail, too.  Leer más “10 happiest companies for young professionals”

Infographic: 5 digital tools to boost your brand in 2012

By PR Daily Staff
From gamification to mobile photo sharing, these tools can help your brand get a leg up this year. This infographic from online coupon retailer explains how—and offers examples of brands that are using them.