Absolut London


Designed by Jamie HewlettUnited Kingdom.

Designed by London creative and visionary Jamie Hewlett, the bottle is a unique take on London’s style and fashion pioneers over the past 200 years. Set against a London backdrop, the bottle introduces key characters from the past who have influenced and shaped London’s present fashion scene. The seven characters encapsulate the city’s diverse heritage, spanning the ages from Dickensian and 18th Century Dandy, through to Pinstripe gent, 60’s chick, SKA, Punk and 80’s Casual…

London has such a fascinating and rich history which has inspired me over the years. For ABSOLUT London I chose to re-create 7 iconic characters from different eras who are largely defined by their style as well as their impactful contribution to London’s culture at the time.” says Jamie Hewlett.

Mekfartin Homebrewery


Designed by Martin FekSlovakia.

The homebrewery MEKFARTIN brewed another of its special lager. This time, during the primary fermentation, has been experimentally used roasted Oak chips. These Oak chips give the MEKFARTIN beer the unique taste and significant woody fragrance.

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Kiwi Eggs for Gentle Sex


Designed by POLARIS Brand Design & Development, Kyiv, Ukraine.

This project has been created as a gift to POLARIS clients on the Women’s Day.

Birds are flying back home, the first flowers are blooming, body is lacking vitamins and men are hectically looking for March 8 gifts. Every woman wants to get something special. And every woman has nesting instincts. All men want to make a not trivial, useful, and certainly inexpensive gift. These expectations have outlined the concept of the corporate gift. 

The idea based on the wordplay. The name “kiwifruit” comes from the kiwi — a brown flightless bird. The shape of fruit looks like an egg… The only thing left to pack the habitual fruits into the habitual egg packaging and – voilà – fun, tasty, healthy and exclusive. The premium “perfume” design in corporate POLARIS colors completes the ensemble – the original gift is ready!

Not only visual effects were used, but also verbal ones: spicy wordplay in the phrase “for gentle sex”. The average Ukrainian women would hardly get the expression. But word-for-word translation together with packaging design fills the message with new meaning.

So, Kiwi Eggs is a present with a spicy spring hint for woman. It looks expensive but costs a little. We have just found some additional value. The limited edition of Kiwi Eggs has been presented to Ukrainian, Russian and Georgian partners of POLARIS company. And some ardent fans asked for more.

The most important thing: no kiwi birds were harmed during this project.

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BoraBora | Para los amantes del packaging !

Designed by Vaulot&DyèvreFrance.

BoraBora – Exposition Miniflux – GALERIE ROGER TATOR

Moodiness, flaccid skin, looking dull, tendency to depression! You are obviously in lack of sunshine. Our range of supplements Kelvin Lumen restores the vitality you need. Sunset Laboratories offers a wide range of solar radiation, Borabora, the Maldives, Haiti and the Bahamas, ask your pharmacist. Read the instructions carefully. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This additional Solar should not totally replace natural exposure. Avoid abusive use.

For the Festival of Lights at Lyon from 8 to 11 December 2011.
MINIFLUX is an exhibition of very small lighting objects at design gallery Roger Tator. Walkers can discover in the windows of shops littles boxes, sorts of mini-gallery, containing the works of artists and designers. The variety of artists and projects will provide to wide audience moments of reflection, contemplation and magic.

Miniflux is probably the project of the Lyon “Festival of lights” which is the most energy efficient, the consumption of all the projects does not exceed that of a single flashlight.


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Grolsch (Redesigned)

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Today Grolsch and CARTILS will reveal the new graphic design for all bottles, cans and other packaging for the iconic Grolsch brand. The design will be introduced into the Dutch market this week. The new packaging will be hitting the store shelves worldwide beginning March. SABMiller teamed up with CARTILS, the well-known international branding and packaging design consultancy, in order to give the brand a more prominent look and feel. The primary focus was on the creation of a consistent worldwide visual identity, which emphasises the brand values as well as increasing the standout factor.

The most important solution was found in the development of the reinforced image carrier, the ‘Grolsch brand badge’. Gaston van de Laar, Group Director Client Services at CARTILS explains: “After winning the pitch we translated the brand strategy into a coherent design strategy, resulting in creative solutions that serve a strong international brand. The new image carrier reinforces the Grolsch brand values. It provides a more fresh, robust and dynamic look.” “And above all”, Ronald van Amerongen, Global Brand Director Grolsch continues, “Grolsch has a rich heritage and we believe the new packaging shows off the brand’s story of quality, attention to detail and pride in standing out from the crowd. In addition, we want to revitalise Grolsch to increase stand-out on the beer shelf.”

The ‘brand badge’, with the rejuvenated logo, embodies the values the iconic Grolsch brand stands for: independence, craftsmanship, authenticity and a premium feel. But more importantly, it shows a brand world that revolves around beer with character. To emphasise this world, the packaging consistently uses a vivid green background, in which the characteristic ‘G’ prominently stands out.

Van de Laar adds: “We were honoured to team up with Grolsch on the redesign of their iconic brand, a brand that we’ve worked for a decade ago in the Netherlands. It is satisfying that, with our current international expertise, we have been able to create a look and feel that fits this Global Flagship Brand.”   More images… Seguir leyendo “Grolsch (Redesigned)”