How Good Executives Manage: 15 Success Stories |

Publisher: Pearson Educación
Original document: Qué hacen los buenos directivos
Year: 2012
Language: Spanish

The travails of the average workday mean that important questions like “What are our goals?” or “How do we want to compete?” get put on the back burner. This weakens executives’ ability to rise up and meet the challenges facing their companies.

But there are ways of incorporating a forward-looking vision into day-to-day tasks, as a new book by IESE professors Jaume Llopis and Joan E. Ricart reveals.

The book shares the stories of 15 top executives from Coca-Cola, Codorníu, Ficosa, Fnac, Ikea, ING, “la Caixa”, La Fageda, LVMH, Merck, Microsoft, Nestlé, Telefónica, Unilever and Vodafone.

Their stories contain common threads that the authors have also observed in their studies of 200 other executives.

The executives give three issues top priority: the business model, the future and people.

Executives are no longer just strategists who seek to compete and gain value through suppliers, clients, society and employees. Their portfolios have become much broader, and to manage well, they need to have a clear list of priorities.

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