Amaz­ingly cre­ative expres­sions – Graf­fiti cre­ative | vía

Vía: | Lily&Rose is the brain­child of sis­ters Ninene Steenkamp and Irma Oost­huizen, who com­bine their cre­ative and finan­cial skills to offer a turnkey ser­vice in the res­i­den­tial mar­ket.

Graffiti Creative

friend recently sent an email to me enti­tled ‘Amaz­ing Graf­fiti’.  It’s the type of email we all get from time to time; the one you leave for a day or two when you are really busy and where all ref­er­ence to the artist have long since been deleted.  Most of them have been around the block a cou­ple of times.  This time, I was pleas­antly surprised.

Graffiti - Abstract

Graffiti Eyes

Graffiti Todlers

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