6 Tips for Improving Twitter Link Click Through Rate

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When it comes to sharing links through Twitter, what makes them click?

Dan Zarella from HubSpot set out to answer that question, analyzing over 200,000 link-containing tweets, and measuring several characteristics that appear to influence click through. Dan’s findings are presented infographically (WordPress tells me this is not a word, but I don’t care), which we will here break down tip-by-tip, along with some real-world examples.

Here goes…

1. Write tweets between 120 and 130 characters long

If you’re anything like me, your problem is trying to fit your message into a measly 140 characters. It’s reassuring that longer tweets don’t underperform shorter ones. But why would longer tweets get higher click through?

It could be that longer tweets have more context around the link. We’re not into random clicking for the fun of it. Short tweets can be vague, for example:


Does that mean never tweet short? No way. If you can evoke curiosity with a few words, do it.

2. Place links about 25% of the way through

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5 Fascinating Mobile Gaming Facts

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Woman playing game on mobile phoneThe widespread adoption of iOS and Android devices has led to massive changes in the retail portable game category. With smartphone and tablet sales on the rise, game app downloads hugely popular, and cloud gaming poised to take off, the future of mobile gaming looks very rosy indeed.

Here are a few entertaining facts and figures to celebrate the kick-off of our U.S. mobile phone gaming survey late last week. For a chance to win an Amazon Kindle Firecomplete the survey.

  1. Mobile gaming revenue will hit $1.5 billion in a couple of years.
    According to a study by market research firm Mintel, U.S. mobile phone and tablet gaming sales hit $898 million in 2010, doubling 2005 figures.

    Both Mintel and eMarketer are forecasting revenues to top $1.5 billion by 2014-15.

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Mobile Games: The Economics of Freemium [Infographic]

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Who creates a game only to give it away for free? Where’s the $$ in that?

The freemium business model is taking over — an estimated 65% of revenue generated by the 100 top grossing apps in the App Store, and an estimated 72% of total App Store revenue comes from freemium mobile games. In-game purchases like extra lives, special powers, virtual goods and personalizations are driving the revenue.

This week’s Infographic Friday is homegrown, featuring snippets of findings from our latest research report Cashing in on the Smartphone Gaming Boom that examine avid and causal mobile gamers’ in-app spending habits.

Click image to enlarge

Thank you for tweeting and sharing! And don’t forget to check out the report, with more juicy facts on avid and casual gamers.