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When you share a folder or a file in Google Drive with anyone, the shared links will stay active forever until you manually change the access permissions. There isn’t a way to set an expiration date for your shared files or folders that will make these links unavailable after a certain date and time.

You can however add an auto-expire feature to any of your shared folders in Google Drive with the help of a simple Google Script.

Google Drive Shared Folders

Set Expiration Dates & Temporarily Share Google Drive Folders

You create a folder in Google Drive and share it with Public or a small group. You then specify a date/time when you want that shared link to expire. The script, at the specified time, will create a copy of your shared folder and delete the original one. Thus the shared links would no longer work though the folder and files will stay in your Google Drive.

Let’s get this to work now. Leer más “Set Auto-Expiry Dates for Shared Folders in Google Drive |”

How to write universe-conquering proposals | 10/10 VIpost

This is a really long post. But before you TL;DR it, give it a quick skim. The first half is hand-waving stuff about answering ‘Why?’ The second half is specific tips on doing proposals that build imputed value.

Writing a great proposal is hard. The question you’re trying to answer is “Why should I hire you?” But we spend a lot of time ducking and dodging around that question, instead. Typically, our proposals translate to ‘because I said so!’. Which really doesn’t work. So, I gave this presentation at Distilled’s most excellent SearchLove conference.

I use the learning from a fantastic book called Starting With Why, by Simon Sinek. I cite it a few more times. You should just go read it now.

Kids: Nature’s way of teaching us to write great proposals

My son turned 12 in March. He’s a great kid, but he’s definitely hitting the “Let’s see what makes dad produce that ‘grrrnnpphhhh’ sound he makes when someone cuts him off on the freeway” phase of his life.

Harrison’s growing realization that I’m a festering dolt has led him to use one word a lot, in a tone that indicates his complete, biologically-inspired scorn at how stupid I’ve become:

Me: Harrison, stop playing video games.
Harrison: Why?
Me: Because you need exercise.
Harrison: Why?
Me: Because otherwise you’ll turn into a hairless tribble.
Harrison: That’s dumb. Really, why?
Me: Because otherwise (sound of plug pulled from video game)
Harrison: DAAAADDDD!!!!

To be fair, I’ve only hit the plug-pulling stage once or twice. Like I said: He’s a good kid. Usually I take a bouncy detour straight to “BECAUSE I SAID SO!” which in my mind is actually “BECAUSE I F-G SAID SO!” Leer más “How to write universe-conquering proposals | 10/10 VIpost” | Editors’ Picks

How to Be an Entrepreneur at Your Day Job
by Cristi Young | image credit: ShutterstockHow to Be an Entrepreneur at Your Day Job

As an entrepreneur, two things are probably true at some point in your career trajectory.

First, thinking like an entrepreneur is nearly impossible to turn off. If you’re driven to be a self-starter and creator, odds are that you’re constantly thinking and planning. Secondly, there will come a time — barring any unforeseen angel investors or trust funds — that you’ll need to take a job before fully branching out on your own.

Although startup costs vary, launching your own vision does come as some price, which means many budding entrepreneurs find themselves working a day job — planning for their dreams while feeling chained to a desk.

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Stressed Out? Relax With These 5 Free Apps
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While technology is supposed to make our lives easier, it has also left many of us feeling more stressed. We have emails rolling in at all times, phone calls in the car and, thanks to Wi-Fi, we can conduct business almost anytime from anywhere. The workday never seems to end — and that’s not healthy.Stressed Out Relax With These 5 Free Apps

It may be impossible to unplug your life, so try these five, free apps for your iPhone, iPad or Android phone to help relieve stress:

1. Breathe2Relax: This simple app guides you through a series of deep, controlled breathing exercises that can relieve stress and leave you feeling more energized. Breathe2Relax uses a combination of visual and audio cues to slow your breathing rhythm while soft music plays in the background. The app allows you to adjust the inhale and exhale length, as well as the number of cycles.

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