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The field of executive recruiting requires an understanding of the importance of the employment opportunities being filled. Indeed, finding the right leadership is essential to the health of a business or corporation, and without applying the proper strategy to an executive recruiting campaign—without attracting the right leaders, that is—an organization could face a wide range of management dilemmas in both short term and long term scenarios. Leer más “Executive Recruiting”

20 horas de trabajo para ayudar a Haití

20 horas de trabajo para ayudar a Haití

showerLos trabajadores de ShowerThinking han decidido colaborar para paliar los efectos de la catástrofe sufrida por Haití con su propio trabajo y sin salir de la oficina. Y es que la agencia ha ofrecido 20 horas de su trabajo para colaborar en la difusión de los mensajes de todas las ONGs que hayan puesto en marcha alguna campaña de ayuda al país donde ha ocurrido el terremoto.

“Nos convertimos en voluntarios de nuestro trabajo creativo para ayudar a optimizar las campañas de recaudación de fondos para Haití de estas organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro”, explican desde la agencia.
ShowerThinking ya trabaja con Cruz Roja y con la Asociación Española contra el Cáncer, pero está abierta a colaborar con las ONGs que lo soliciten para optimizar sus campañas de apoyo a Haití.


Now Hiring! Open Innovation Managers at Hershey and Intuit

I got curious when Hershey announced a newly created role in which this new hire should assist the senior manager, open innovation in establishing and optimizing The Hershey Company’s open innovation Program.

What kind of responsibilities comes with such a job? What are the required qualifications? Those were among the questions prompted by my curiosity and besides the Hershey posting (dated Dec 19), I also looked at a similar job posting from Intuit (dated Dec 23) to get some answers.

Here are some snippets from the two postings:

40% of the Hershey job responsibility is about assisting the facilitation of executive, business and technical leaders in ongoing development of open innovation as an efficient and effective organizational capability.

Another 15% includes specifying and administering the operation of open innovation specific IT and related support systems, such as portals for ideation, process workflow, external scouting and submission of proposals from the outside.

And yet another 15% is about facilitating innovation project leaders in operating the open innovation process for assigned projects.

I like this as I firmly believe the future role for innovation leaders will evolve around facilitation and integration internally as well as externally.

Hershey had a keen eye on candidates with 2-3 years of recent client project consulting experience in a well known consulting firm, assigned to open innovation projects and/or hands-on client-based experience of facilitating an open innovation process preferably in food or related industry.

As highly desired capabilities, they also looked for the ability to effectively interact across business and technical functions at various levels of seniority throughout the company, technical knowledge of open innovation best practices and the ability to build relationships internally and externally and the ability to interact with senior executives.

Hershey also stated that academic specialization in open innovation could be an advantage. Could this be due to the lack of seasoned practitioners?

Intuit sees open innovation as their next frontier for growth and they searched for a technologist to lead and manage their open innovation initiatives.

The responsibilities include driving internal awareness, understanding and adoption of open innovation across Intuit. This makes a lot of sense as you need to win over employees in order to defeat the not-invented-here antibodies that exist in most companies.

Other key responsibilities include nurturing external relations with several categories of innovation partners and planning and leading directed and undirected open innovation efforts that could include crowd-sourcing with customers, entrepreneur community events and exploration with technology and academic communities in order to identify new, leading edge technologies.

The list also includes partnering with the business units to develop a “shopping list” of business and technology solutions.

On qualifications, Intuit paid attention to technical academic education and strong experience in open innovation, either as a practitioner at a company introducing open innovation or as a consultant or in another role, helping multiple companies adopt open innovation.

It seems as if having a few years of open innovation experience is a great way to land interesting jobs in the near future as the supply – in my opinion – will have a hard time meeting the demand.

Intuit – of course – also expect the successful candidate to be able to effectively manage relationships (up, down, across) and as with Hershey there is quite some focus on being able to create outcomes for all stakeholders (external partners, employees, customers, shareholders) by connecting all aspects of the business to make innovations, businesses, and customers successful.

Hopefully, this summary gives you an idea of what it takes to work with open innovation at large, multinational companies.

You can check out the job postings to learn more and please also share your insights and experiences on job profiles for open innovation managers with our community.


INfo| Nova | Investigación, paradigma de las 3-Í(es)

(INfo| Nova | Investigación) = (INfo + INn + INve)



Modelo de interpretación y análisis. Basado en el trípode de las (Íes). Es una herramienta de orientación para el desarrollo pensado entorno del mercado, tendencias socio-digitales y su consecuente interacción. Leer más “INfo| Nova | Investigación, paradigma de las 3-Í(es)”