Intelligent email marketing that drives conversions: infographic | by David Moth

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Email marketing is an important channel for maintaining a relationship with customers and driving conversions through targeted messages and offers.

We’ve recently blogged seven tips for managing email marketing campaigns, as well as looking at stats which show that consumers open just 20% of email messages.

Then there’s also the pressing issue of mobile email, as while stats show that 27% of emails are opened on mobile devices results from our Email Marketing Census 2012 reveal that a large number of companies do not have any strategy in place for optimising emails for mobile.

This infographic from Monetate looks at the conversion rate for email marketing compared to Twitter and search, as well revealing ways of increasing sales using email.

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Crowdfunding in numbers: stats

The global edition of our Internet Statistics Compendium saw further expansion this month as the e-commerce chapter grew to accommodate fresh data looking at the rise of crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding platforms (CFPs) such as KickStarter, Indiegogo and Sponsume are providing another option for musicians, social enterprises, writers, artists and start-ups to raise capital for their projects.

During a month which saw a number of high-profile crowdfunding milestones – including cult musician Amanda Palmer reaching $1m to fund her new record via KickStarter and Indiegogo closing a $15m series A funding round – industry website have also published a report bringing together data from themselves and Massolution, as well as from 130+ CFPs.

CFP numbers grow

The emergence of CFPs around the globe is accelerating. By the end of 2012 there are expected to be more than 530 platforms, up 60% since last year. breaks these down into four categories: Donation-Based, Reward-Based (accounting for the majority), Lending-Based and Equity-Based.

Number of CFPs worldwide,

The US leads the crowdfunding trend, with 191 CFPs currently based in the country. However, crowdfunding is also booming in Europe too, with 44 CFPs in Britain and 100+ in existence across the rest of the Eurozone.

Number of CFPs, 2012,

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Music and marketing: five tips for being heard in a noisy space

The other day I eavesdropped as a pretty girl faced the teenage boy seated across from her and sang, “Tonight / We are young / So let’s set the world on fire”.

Frustrated by his blank stare, she said, “Don’t you know the song? It’s from that Chevy commercial”.

If that example doesn’t convince you of the power of music and marketing, nothing will.

Sure, marrying the two isn’t easy, but Susan Stone of Tonic Music and Jedd Katrancha of Downtown Music Publishing kindly shared their expertise at Internet Week last Wednesday and offered the following tips on how marketers might best integrate music into their campaigns.

1. It’s okay not to know

In 2008, Santigold (then called Santogold) was a relative unknown, but Bud Light took a chance with her “Creator” for its Bud Light Lime campaign. The gamble netted the company cachet when the musician went on to win Best Breakthrough Artist from NME that year.

“If you wait until something is certified ‘cool’ with the public, you’ve probably missed the opportunity to launch something new and benefit from that because it’s too late,” Stone wrote later in an email.

2. In the age of “like,” be in the business of love

While you can’t predict with certainty which new artists the public will embrace, you want to make sure that your audience has its ears pricked to the music you’ve chosen for the campaign. You or your client won’t always love the song or artist, but it’s more important for your audience to be the one that loves it.

You’ll have a better chance of playing matchmaker between the two if you’ve been listening to your target group and know which artists, songs, or genres have been moving them, be it classic tracks or newest subgenre.

Stone pointed to the recent example of Depeche Mode’sEnjoy the Silence” featured in Dior Couture’s Secret Garden campaign, which counted 22m views in just two weeks. It’s an oldie from an established band, but it fit the brand and its fans, who used social media to praise the musical choice (55 tweets per day).

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Twitter hits 10m UK users, 80% use mobile

Facebook may be the subject of all of the headlines with its public debut looming this Friday, but another major player in the social networking space is reminding the world that it’s still growing too.

Twitter, which has built a company that one day might go public too on the back of 140 character messages, has waived its hands in the air by announcing that it has surpassed 140m users worldwide.

As reported by The Guardian, 10m of those users are in the UK. That’s good enough to make the UK Twitter’s fourth largest audience behind the US, Brazil and Japan, and explains why the company has a 30 person strong office in London.

Although Twitter’s userbase can’t compete with Facebook’s, the service’s impact on society has arguably been nearly as significant, and in some areas, perhaps even more significant. As The Guardian’s Charles Arthur notes, “over the past year [Twitter] has been blamed for inciting riots – a charge that was disproved – and of undermining superinjunctions involving, among others, Ryan Giggs and Jeremy Clarkson.” And, as Arthur points out, Twitter has become a key platform for prominent figures, celebrities and brands to interact with the public. Leer más “Twitter hits 10m UK users, 80% use mobile”

Making tag management work for you: new report & infographic

The digital world is complicated and website tags sit at the heart of online businesses and marketing. In fact, effectively managing website tags, or tracking pixels, is fundamental to digital marketing

In the ROI of Tag Management, a new report released today in partnership with Tealium, we explore the role, challenges and opportunities for technology in handling vendor website tags.

The tracking pixel enables communication between vendors and websites and is key to most digital marketing technologies. Site analytics, optimization and personalization all depend on them, and while these technologies provide valuable data and capabilities, they also create complexity and work for the marketing department.

The ROI of Tag Management Report looks at one of the rare opportunities to increase ROI and simultaneously simplify life for the marketer, while giving them greater control over digital assets.

Tag management systems (TMS) were developed to counter a number of challenges, especially those brought about by the reliance on technology department resources. Survey respondents cited the top issues with manual tagging, including:

  • Delays in implementation as the tech department is overworked
  • Product and site development is slowed
  • Tag implementation is often incomplete
  • Tags slow down the website

    Some of the top findings from the report have been captured in this infographic:

What are the benefits of managed tag implementation? Leer más “Making tag management work for you: new report & infographic”

Soft skills still outweigh education in entry-level hires: infographic

The marketing world is known for its love of hiring interns but with unemployment rates on the rise, are internships really going to lead to new jobs for graduates? And what are employers looking for?

A new study by Millennial Branding and Experience reveal an employment gap between employers and students. Even though 91% of employers think students should have between one and two internships before graduation, 50% haven’t hired any interns in the last six months. In fact, over three quarters of employers have hired 30% fewer interns into full time positions of late.

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