Why a Networking Culture Is Important

by Stefan Lindegaard


The reason for creating a networking culture is obvious once you look at the current and future direction of innovation. Let’s start by disposing of the myth of the lone genius — the Thomas Edisons and the Alexander Graham Bells of yesteryear — arriving at a breakthrough innovation on his/her own.

This model wasn’t true then, and even if it were, it simply does not hold true in today’s complex business organizations. Technology and the challenges that must be solved have become so complex that many — perhaps even most — companies can no longer rely solely on their own internal innovation geniuses, no matter how brilliant those people may be. Leer más “Why a Networking Culture Is Important”

Stefan Lindegaard: The Equation of Open Innovation: A + B = C

by Stefan Lindegaard

I stumbled over an interesting paper, Sourcing External Technology for Innovation, by the Alliance Management Group which has developed lots of great content including the below Want, Find, Get, Manage framework.

• Want: What external resource(s) does the firm want to access from the outside world to meet its strategic intent?

• Find: What mechanisms will the firm use to find these external resources?
• Get: What processes will the firm use to plan, structure and negotiate an agreement to access the resources?
• Manage: What tools, metrics and management techniques will the firm use to implement the relationship?

The article focuses on the Want element of this framework and what I in particular liked is the equation: A + B = C.  I have inserted the below snippets from the article in order to introduce you to the equation. Leer más “Stefan Lindegaard: The Equation of Open Innovation: A + B = C”

Open Innovation Lessons from Big Pharma

by Stefan Lindegaard

I often catch myself thinking that big pharma companies have serious challenges on innovation – and open innovation in particular.It must be difficult getting beyond the R&D mindset of innovation when it takes 10-15 years to be able to market a product and even harder to open up to external partners given the high level of knowledge – and thus intellectual property rights – needed. Leer más “Open Innovation Lessons from Big Pharma”

Customers and Innovation: Not Only Advantages

by Stefan Lindegaard
I recently did some research that once again led me to this great report by Vinova; Managing Open Innovation – Present Findings and Future Directions.

Here I found some interesting insights from Enkel, Kausch and Gassman who states that there are not only advantages, but also negative sides of integrating customers in the innovation process. This is the abstract from the Vinova report.

Loss of know-how — Involve trustworthy customers, chose the moment and develop IP agreements.

Dependence on customers’ views — Chose the ‘right’ customers and work with a mix of customers.

Dependence on customers’ demands or personality — Avoid exclusivity agreements, work with HR to understand customers and their culture and apply open communication.

Limitations to mere incremental innovation — Work with lead users and indirect users, use the right method to include customers and chose an intelligent timing.

Serving a niche market only — Use different customers in different stages of the innovation process and pay attention to the search field process.

Misunderstandings between customers and employers — Develop solid relationships with customers, use the right tools and develop suitable incentive systems.

I found this to be good insights worth sharing with you.

P.S. – Thanks to Ralph Ohr you can find the full report by Enkel, Kausch and Gassman here: Managing the Risk of Customer Integration

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Special selection of Good Reads, Videos and Discussions on Innovation

by Stefan Lindegaard


Here comes a list of reads, videos and discussions on LinkedIn that I have enjoyed in the last couple of weeks. I hope you will enjoy this as well.

You can follow me on Twitter: @lindegaard Leer más “Special selection of Good Reads, Videos and Discussions on Innovation”