How to Measure ROI for Networking Events


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Let’s face it—running a networking event is hard work. This morning, the rest of the team and I are attending Social Media Breakfast Tech Valley #11 (SMBTV), a bimonthly morning networking event featuring local and national speakers who present on a variety of social media-related topics. We’ve collaborated with several companies in the area, includingEnable LabsLinguaLinx, andMedia Logic, to organize and run the event. In the midst of finishing client projects and dealing with end-of-month responsibilities, running a networking meet-up can seem like madness.

To be frank, we didn’t decide to take on more responsibilities strictly out of the goodness of our hearts, although SMBTV is a great way to give back to our community. We see return on our efforts in the forms of branding, authority building, and most importantly, visibility to potential job candidates. The agency-to-talent ratio in Upstate New York is pretty daunting from a hiring standpoint, so we are eager to find opportunities to highlight our company and identify potential team members. In short, we’ve justified the ROI for our involvement.

Creating, organizing, or hosting a networking event can satisfy numerous business development needs in addition to building your team and giving back to the community. Before you jump in, start with a plan that helps you measure the ROI on networking events.

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This 27-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has A Google Drive Competitor, And He’s Not Even Worried

aaron levie 400

Google finallyunveiled its online storage service, Google Drive. You can store pretty much any kind of file on Google’s servers, with up to 5GB of space for free.

There are plenty of competitors, like Dropbox.

There’s also Box, an online storage service started in 2006 that focuses on the enterprise.

In fact, Box used to be a consumer-oriented online storage service like Google Drive, but CEOAaron Levie decided to focus on serving large companies becausehe was worried that Google would wipe out the competition in the consumer space.

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LinkedIn Rolls Out New Targeted Follower Tools For Marketers

LinkedIn will launch two new functions for companies who have followers on LinkedIn, both of which will be of interest to marketers and advertisers: “Targeted Updates” and “Follower Statistics.”Targeted Updates will allow companies to segment their followers by a range of variables such as industry, seniority, job function, company size, non-company employees, and geography. Companies will be able to send different status updates to different groups of followers, LinkedIn vp/North American ad sales Jonathan Lister told us.

Follower Statistics will essentially be an analytics dashboard that will allow companies to see how effective their updates have been.

Initially, only a handful of companies will be using the new products: AT&TSamsung Mobile, Dell and Microsoft. The new products will be rolled out systemwide in the coming months. Seguir leyendo “LinkedIn Rolls Out New Targeted Follower Tools For Marketers”

10 Things You Should Never Say To A Front-End Web Developer

Hunter Bridgesbusinessinsider.com22-year-old Hunter Bridges is a talented front end engineer who can make your dreams into a reality.

“Front-end” engineers are the people who build the parts of Web sites that you actually see.

That’s opposed to “back-end” engineers, who work on all the stuff behind the scenes — for instance, like storing information you enter (like your name) in a database, or making sure that an e-commerce site can take your order.

When working with someone like Bridges, you should know as much as you can about different types of technologies. You also shouldn’t assume a transition to another platform is easy.

“It is important to know what you want out of the developer so you can articulate your expectations clearly,” he said.

To help, he shared 10 things you should never say to a front end engineer:

10. I’m looking for a front end designer: “Designers tend to always work on the ‘front-end.’ If you’re differentiating between front- and back-end, you’re looking for a developer. Those “de-” words are tricky.”… Seguir leyendo “10 Things You Should Never Say To A Front-End Web Developer”

Here Are The Early Contenders For Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi’s Job

Kim Bhasin

PepsiCo continued its management shakeup today in a move that is likely paving the way for a successor to embattled CEO Indra Nooyireports the AP.indra nooyiThe company has been stagnant over the past five years, and lately it has been trying to mix things up internally to get it jump-started. For instance, it completely revamped its marketing wing last year, bringing in big-name hires like Brad Jakeman, former CMO of Blizzard Activision.

And all throughout, Nooyi has been getting slammed by both the media and Pepsi investors alike.

This latest move shows that Pepsi is “deepen[ing] its management bench,” says Martinne Geller at Reuters. One of these executives is likely being groomed to be Nooyi’s successor after she steps down or is forced out.

Here are the four most likely internal candidates for the CEO job, according to Geller’s report>>> Seguir leyendo “Here Are The Early Contenders For Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi’s Job”

Want To Make A Lot Of Money As A CEO? Fire People

CEOs who fire people tend to make more money. That’s been the trend recently, according to ‘CEO Pay and The Great Recession’ from the Institute for Policy Studies.


The 50 top CEO layoff leaders received $12 million on average in 2009, compared to the S&P 500 average of $8.5 million. Each of the corporations surveyed laid off at least 3,000 workers between November 2008 and April 2010. Seventy-two percent of the firms announced mass layoffs at a time of positive earnings reports.

At a time when we should be pulling together to strengthen our shared economic futures, CEOs should not be rewarded for slashing jobs,” says IPS Senior Scholar Chuck Collins. “Realigning the interests of CEOs with their employees and the rest of our country would be good for the economy and national morale.” Seguir leyendo “Want To Make A Lot Of Money As A CEO? Fire People”

What President Obama Can Learn From Steve Jobs

obama jobs

The sunlight of summer has begun it’s annual transition to equinox, and we are all reviving the pulse of the work-year.The President has returned from Martha’s Vineyard to face what will surely be a challenging fall.  It’s mid-term election season and the mood of the voting public is downright ornery.

ODS (Obama Disappointment Syndrome) a growing wave of depression, has created a huge anti-incumbent wave.  “Throw ‘em all out!” seems to be the mantra of the season.

In the last couple of weeks the number of negative op-eds on the President from both sides of the aisle have grown considerably.  The mildest theme seems to be “he is too smart to be in touch with the people,” or “we just don’t know who you are or what you really are about Mr. President.”  The really challenging ones drift into the inevitable issues of racism.
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Announcing The Business Insider T-Shirt Contest

T-sirt design contestUpdate: Lots of great entries already and lots of time left to enter. Good Luck!

OK, witty readers, here’s your chance to show how clever you are: help us create Business Insider T-shirts!

In July, we are opening a store on To stock it with great T-shirts, we are launching a reader contest. We will create a T-shirt with the best tag line for each Business Insider vertical:

The submission should be under 75 characters and contain no proper names of people, businesses, etc. and no (excessive) profanity. The tag line can be ironic, madcap, or just plain funny. Seguir leyendo “Announcing The Business Insider T-Shirt Contest”

Here’s The Real Reason Google Is So Worried About Facebook

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

Google is preparing another attempt to crack the social networking world owned by Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Twitter.

Why is Google traveling down this path once again? Aren’t the failures of Dodgeball, Orkut, Jaiku, Buzz, Wave, etc. enough for Google to realize that it just doesn’t understand social networking?

Maybe, but Google can’t afford to watch the web become social without it.

As Google researcher Paul Adams explains in a huge deck of slides getting passed around on the web, people buying things are more inclined to trust their friends than strangers – or search ads. Seguir leyendo “Here’s The Real Reason Google Is So Worried About Facebook”

 The 10 World Cup Players Worth More Than $25 Million

ronaldo crying soccerThe World Cup is happening right now in South Africa and with so many players from 32 different countries it’s a bit difficult to keep track of who is quality and who is not.

We’ve picked ten of the top players from the tournament who have been bought and sold for massive transfer fees in the last few years.

For those not in on the soccer lingo, a transfer fee is the price a club pays to purchase a player from another club (this includes an approximately 15% fee for agents, which inflates the market and makes agents pursue more and more transfers).

See the the 32 teams and our predictions here…

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CHART OF THE DAY: How Google Invests Its Cash

Google (GOOG) has an astounding $26 billion in cash. Brent Callinicos is the guy responsible for investing it.

Brent runs a 30-person trading operation at Google and is developing a more agressive trading strategy by the day, reports Douglas MacMillan at Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

The Complete Net Worth Of The American Presidents: From Washington To Obama

President Gerald Ford appearing at the House J...
Image via Wikipedia

24/7 Wall St. has examined the finances of all forty-three presidents. This article provides net worth figures for each in 2010 dollars.  Because a number of presidents, particularly in the early 19th Century, made and lost huge fortunes in a matter of a few years, the number for each man is based on his net worth at its peak.

See the net worths of the American Presidents  >

In the case of each president we have taken into account hard assets like land, estimated lifetime savings based on work history, inheritance, homes, and money paid for services, which include things as diverse as their salary as Collector of Customs at the Port of New York to membership on Fortune 500 boards. Royalties on books have also been taken into account, along with ownership of companies and yields from family estates.

The net worth of the presidents varies widely. George Washington was worth over half a billion in today’s dollars. Several presidents went bankrupt.

The fortunes of American presidents are tied to the economy in the eras in which they lived. For the first 75 years after Washington’s election, presidents generally made money on land, crops, and commodity speculation. A president who owned hundreds or thousands of acres could lose most or all of his property after a few years of poor crop yields. Wealthy Americans occasionally lost all of their money through land speculation—leveraging the value of one piece of land to buy additional property. Since there was no reliable national banking system and almost no liquidity in the value of private companies, land was the asset likely to provide the greatest yield, if the property yielded enough to support the costs of operating the farm or plantation. Seguir leyendo “The Complete Net Worth Of The American Presidents: From Washington To Obama”

Yahoo Wants To Double The Amount Of Original Content It Publishes

Google vs Microsoft  --Chrome
Image by michperu via Flickr

NEW YORK ( — Despite Yahoo‘s well-publicized strategy to corner a broad array of online businesses from advertising to search to content, it has more aggressively moved into the publishing space, increasingly looking like a content company.

Last week, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based portal dropped $100 million on articles aggregator Associated Content, and in so doing has effectively proclaimed its stake on a media model that in many ways is strikingly similar to AOL, a once-faltering digital business that recently underwent a massive transformation into a content-driven business.

Yahoo is the largest online content player in terms of traffic and audience, and it plans on doubling the share of original material it publishes with Associated Content, which manages a network of freelancers. Associated has built technology that predicts what kinds of content consumers want and seeds that content through natural search on engines such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft‘s Bing. Seguir leyendo “Yahoo Wants To Double The Amount Of Original Content It Publishes”

Why So Many B-School Grads Suck At Starting Companies

Stuart Wall
I began working on Postabon, a bootstrapped start-up, after I graduated from Harvard Business School last June. For eight months my co-founders and I slept on lots of couches, worked from coffee shops, and invested in a minimum viable product. Last month we closed our Series A round with a Boston-based VC.

It’s been an awesome experience. The past eight months changed my view of entrepreneurship, the value of a degree, and a few mistakes that recent grads (myself included) seem make. Here are a few observations from the left-most section of the start-up learning curve. Seguir leyendo “Why So Many B-School Grads Suck At Starting Companies”

Taking On A Business Partner? Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes

He points to a five-employee web-design company as a case in point. About five years ago, the founder decided to bring on a partner with more sales savvy. But, when business didn’t roll in as quickly as he’d hoped, the founder stepped in and started calling on his own prospects—without telling anyone else. Soon, he was arranging for deals on the sly, often agreeing to lower-than-normal terms the partner learned about only later. Eventually, trust between the two eroded and the partnership dissolved. Seguir leyendo “Taking On A Business Partner? Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes”


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